Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear Headphones Review

Bose Welcomes Color with the SoundTrue Around-Ear Headphones

Finally a pop of color from Bose! I never complain much about Bose products especially with the quality and comfort, but somehow I always wished that it loosened up a little bit by experimenting with color. While the colors black, gray, and white are always elegant looking, these tend to limit consumers to more mature audience. These new color options make it more attractive to younger people. It’s a dream come true for me.


Build and Design

Right out of the box, this around-ear teal or mint color headphones looks nice and its build is extremely light. The headband is made of hard adjustable matte plastic-coated metal with a soft, gray cushion (mixed of both leatherette and polyester coat) at the crown. The earcups are oblong-shaped, surrounded by thin, plushy leatherette pads for a really comfy feel. The outer portion of the earcups is a mix of matte and shiny plastic. Also, the earcups are held by the headband in such a manner that it can swivel in all directions to fit perfectly on your ears.

The detachable cable, which is about 170 cm long, connects to the left side of the headset. I find this a little peculiar as the standard cable length of most earphones are about 92-122 cm (about 3-4 ft). The extended cable length gives allowance for taller people.

The built-in microphone with volume buttons are located a little higher so it is positioned near your mouth so you can speak hands free. I think it works well as a headset but when you are using these controls to navigate through your playlist, it takes some getting used to.


Sound Quality

I like how the sound is very well-balanced with the Bose SoundTrue around-ear. I have reviewed some other Bose units and quality and balance of sound is consistent. The bass is not too much, which I appreciate because I’m not really a fan of those with a strong bass feature.

I usually have some default music to test the sound quality of earphones. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities has a pretty good mix of bass and the SoundTrue produces full bass that does not overpower other elements of the sound. Bruno Mars’ Gorilla and Temper Tramp’s Love Lost are also naturally bassy and sounded great with this pair.

As for the midrange frequencies, I’d like to listen to songs with great vocals such as Sara Bareilles’ because of her wide vocal range. The mids are good because even at maximum volume, high-pitched vocals do not break and the presence is not overpowering. John Newman’s Love Me Again has very powerful vocals and I enjoyed how his voice stands out but is not recessed at the same time. Meanwhile, Jason Mraz’ rendition of It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday (originally by Boyz II Men) is an acapella. This pair does a wonderful job in terms of vocal precision or the way an artist’s voice renders on the microphone as he or she enunciate words. These are very critical details that probably not everyone notices. I like how I feel close to Mraz whenever I hear that song.

To test the highs, I’d like to listen to songs that are usually full of synths. Tightrope by Walk the Moon, Celebrate by Empire of the Sun and Summer by Calvin Harris sound great but I think the highs are a little muted. I am not an audiophile but having tested quite a number of headphones/earphones, I am now able to tell the slight differences in the sound being produced by different headphones. Even if it is weak on the high frequency sounds, I think it’s an acceptable flaw.



If you were to consider a pair of headphones for its comfort, then go for the Bose SoundTrue Around-ear. It is very lightweight so it won’t make you feel like you are wearing something in your head as compared to some models at its level. You can surely use it for longer hours without feeling uncomfortable or fatigued, like for example the TDK ST800 that feels really heavy after using it for a couple of hours.

As I always mention in my headphone reviews, one of the main problems I always have with headphones is the pressure it gives my ears. I honestly never had the same issue with this pair except for a slight discomfort when I have my eye glasses on. It was bearable with a few breaks.

Another issue I have is the heat build-up in my ears. The earcups Bose SoundTrue Around-ear headphones is ergonomically designed to give you some room for your ears to breath. The soft cushions of the earcups are significantly thinner compared to other brands. I would also attribute the added comfort to the quality of the cushions. Comparing it with the AudioTechnika ATH-SJ11, one of the pairs I consider the lightest, has firmer cushions compared to the Bose SoundTrue. I also compared it to the cushions of Urbanears Plattan, SOL Republic Master Tracks and the TDK ST800 and nothing really came close to the soft, plushy cushions of the SoundTrue.



Generally, the Bose SoundTrue Around-ear is a great pair that I highly recommend especially if you’re like me, who prefers comfort as its topmost criteria when buying headphones. This pair is astoundingly lightweight; it almost feels like you’re not wearing any headphones at all. I can wear it for longer hours than most of the headphones I have tried. It is perfect for everyday use.

You can never go wrong with the sound quality. It produces a very natural and well-balanced sound, with great but not overpowering bass (a plus for me). If you love a bassy feel of your music, then this may not be for you. Vocals rendered are precise and clear. Build and design is also great although because it is very lightweight, you might think that a possible trade off for being so comfortable and light is its quality of the plastic.

At Php 8,500, the Bose SoundTrue Around-ear seals the deal for me. The SoundTrue also comes in an on-ear variant for those who prefer more compact and even lighter headphones for the same price.

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