BOTD – Blogs of the Day

A nifty blog traffic ranking and aggregation system, Blogs of the Day (or BOTD) is a WordPress plugin which ranks your blog and all fresh new blogs against every other WP blogs on its list (currently 953).

Blogs Of The Day is not just a plugin; it is a WordPress community website fueled by YOUR site’s traffic. Much like any other hit counter, BOTD keeps track of visits to your homepage, posts and pages. The difference is that BOTD works as a blog directory, listing popular sites, posts and pages. Unlike spider-style directories and search engines, Blogs Of The Day computes popularity from actual traffic, not incoming links.

It’s also a good place to go when you’re looking for something to read. The lists are refreshed every minute and we clear out any items that haven’t been visited in 24 hours. As unpopular posts lose traffic, they are replaced by more popular posts.

Download the plugin, drop it on your WP plugins folder, activate and it will start tracking your blog. No numbers here, just rankings amongst other WP bloggers in terms of unique hits. It’s more like Digg but without the re-posting. Allows you to check out the more popular posts in the last 24 hours and the blogs that generate them.

It’s also a good way to spread word about your blog. PTB uses it and has been on the top 10 list for quite some time now. Get your BOTD 1.5 here.

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  • i just checked it and we’re on number 25. 😀
    this should be a nice indicator 😀