Brainbench: Global Skills Report 2006

I just got in my inbox; a link to my complimentary copy of Brainbench’s 2006 Global Skills Report. Brainbench is an online testing company which is known for its innovative, yet easy-to-use online assessment solutions (quoted from their site.)

The report, which was created by Brainbench’s research staff, was based from their data on information technology and workplace skills, categorized by country, state and US region. They also track the changes in the demand for some particular knowledge areas and skills.

In their list of Top Ten Countries in terms of overall certification, the Philippines secured the 9th spot (4594 total cert). Same rank it had in 2005, but with a -4% drop. Other countries who are on the list are US(1), India (2), Russian Federation(3), Ukraine(4), Romania(5), UK(6),Canada(7), Belarus(8), Bulgaria(10).

In IT, the number one spot in the top ten skill certifications around the globe belonged to C#. Also included in the list were Software Testing, C++, .NET Framework, Computer Technical Support, ASP.NET, RDBMS Concepts, Project Management, Java 2 Fundamentals and Linux Administration. Just goes to show how popular C# is right now and is therefore a must skill to have.

For non technical skills, the Philippines landed in the top five most number of certifications awarded for: Accounts Payable Fundamentals(4); Accounts Receivable/Billing Fundamentals(5), Financial Accounting-US(5), Typing Speed and Accuracy(4), ICD-9 and CPT Coding(4).

In line with this, having a certification will not always translate to an easier job interview as interviewers might gear themselves to dishout tougher questions. But hey, if you didn’t cheat on your exam, you have nothing to worry about.

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  • I’m not sure how certification exams can guarantee good skill. Sometimes I think of them as money-making schemes.

    Is there any other data on the report that isn’t based from certifcation results?

  • Hi jp_loh!

    At some level, I believe that they can guarantee good skill… more on the fundamentals… but for expertise, I think a portfolio of projects might be better and a code review…either way… as a company, you’d be better off giving your own exam if you really want to be sure.

    There were a lot of external sources sighted in the report which they correlated with their certification data.


  • Thank their free certifications for us hitting the #9 spot. I’ve taken some.

  • That’s a good point Migz! hahaha. Take advantage of free certification 😀

  • That is right. I remember taking more than 20 exams during their 1 week free certification run. I even got a year subscription to all their exams. Maybe, they should have that free certification program more often 😉