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Breaking News: The Philippines does not exist

“In what is being touted as a world first, Kenya’s biggest mobile operator is allowing subscribers to send cash to other phone users by SMS” at least that’s what the Guardian is saying.

The service is a world first? I guess this means that the Philippines doesn’t exist in this world. If it did exist, Globe G-Cashâ„¢ would be touted as the first service to allow this. Heck, if the Philippines did exist, Kenya’s cash remittance service still wouldn’t be the second such service – it would be the third, behind Smart Padala, also from the Philippines.

Our problem is that we don’t exist. Our country doesn’t exist, and consequently, Globe G-Cashâ„¢ and Smart Padala don’t exist. Therefore, Kenya’s M-Pesa service really is the first of its kind.

If we don’t exist – no matter how much we complain, we won’t be heard, right? If that’s the case, I guess none of you are reading this either. Oh well…

{via JessicaRulestheUniverse.com}

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  • Now that’s what I call a rant.

  • It’s being powered by Verizon. I wrote about that in my blog a week ago, here.

  • Eep, sorry about the typo … I meant to say Vodafone.

  • romaine

    Wow.. my head is coming to a slow boil.

  • I think those that belong to the Mobile Phone Industry know the Philippines exist and already has established a reputation as an innovator in mobile phone technology.
    It’s just our mobile phone networks are not prominent googlewise…

  • Kates: Thank you – ranting is an art form that I try to improve at every chance I get. I wish all my writing was as eloquent as this.

    Dusty: I remembered reading that post when I saw the post on the Guardian, but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen it before. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Oops… I didn’t see the other two comments. I should’ve reloaded before I typed in my own replies. Anyway…

    romaine: Take it easy – this was meant to be a funny rant. If you want, you can send the people at The Guardian an email telling them off.

    spidamang: Yeah, maybe they need to hire some SEO and SEM consultants.

  • banksxs

    I’m annoyed.

    Can someone kindly send The Guardian an e-mail?

    This is like a Manny Pacquaio match. We need to come together as one.

  • heck, neither G-Cash or Smart Padala is the first to offer this service in the Philippines. That is the real rant.


  • Perlseven

    holy hell..what are they even thinking? And kenya doesn’t even match up to philippine expertise in technology how can it even proclaim itself as the world’s first?

  • lav ya Pilipinas!

  • dale

    I think services like load share are also a Philippines 1st. Just look how many ways there are today on sites like http://www.sendloadtothephilippines.com. The Philippines always leads in mobile first with load than with mobile wallets. We should be recognized!

  • Aw give us a break, it’s just some reporter not doing their research.

  • leo zaldivar

    c’mon relax, the guardian says kenya’s got the first cash remittance service. boo hoo pal, so what. we do exist, and to think this is news about kenya? Kenya? Sell them condoms or something…

  • juantanamera

    It sucks to see misleading titles. That’s a honest opinion.

    Now, let kenya take the glory. who cares anyway? what does it benefit if they we’re called the first?

  • Countries that belong to the commonwealth oftentimes narrow their news to member countries. Perhaps that explains the oversight. Hehe.

  • What a catchy and controversial title.

  • The researcher on that is not really good. Also, I would like to think that it’s a part of their “marketing”.

  • Christopher Quijano


    Dont worry… you have been heard. Just check again the article and this has been corrected.

    To quote:

    “The following correction appeared in the Guardian’s Corrections and clarifications column, Saturday March 31 2007

    The claim in the article below was wrong. The mobile banking system may be the first in Africa but two companies, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, have been operating money transfers in the Philippines since around 2005.”

    Cheers! ^_^


  • I know that both Smart and Globe were both #4 and #5 in Fast Company’s Annual Fast 50. The Philippines isn’t forgotten.



  • Daphne

    It was great to know that correction has been made. WE EXIST!!

    By the way sending cash through sms is interesting. But I think it is more handy to use an online portal like http://www.remit2home.com if you want to send money regularly and maintain that discipline. Know what I mean. Remit2Home will automatically debit a fixed sum (fixed by you) every month or quarter and send it to Philippines.

    Great way to transfer money for OFWs.