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Broadband and Malicious Software

One of our reader pionts us to an article recently published in Manila Bulletin which states:

If you’re reading this and already have broadband access at home, it would be wise to disconnect from the Internet and turn off the switch after use because even if the PC is off and the connection is not, malicious software can still creep into your PC’s system.

This advise was given by writer Peachy Limpin on her article Internet Security 101, with full copy you can read here. Our reader wants to know if the statement is true.

Personally, I have not encountered any case of such nature nor have I read any materials which might suggest that such scenario could occur. The closest I can remember would be those Cisco routers with backdoors embedded in the hardware itself. My DSL router has always been on 24/7 for the last couple of months but I have yet to experience anything like that.

We’d like to hear your comments and opinion.

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