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Broadband provider’s performances after the quake

We’ve all been experiencing the effects of the recent Taiwan earthquake. Our internet connections are mostly down if almost unusable.  Here’s my own experience with the 3 major broadband providers.

Location: Mandaluyong, residential
While I’m not a heavy user at home, it is still annoying to crawl through websites.  My connection speed is almost, if not slower than, a typical dial-up connection.  There are some websites that are inaccessible.

Globe Broadband
Location: Mandaluyong, business
As our primary internet connection at the office, this one’s useless — unusable. Period.

Smart Bro
Location: Mandaluyong, business
Surprisingly, this provider as our back up internet connection, is the one that’s keeping us alive.  It seems to me that it’s delivering the expected speed as if it wasn’t affected by the recent problems. In my mind, Smart Bro and PLDT must be using or sharing the same infrastructure, but why is the Bro working good and PLDT MyDSL isn’t?

What’s your broadband experience at this time? (please state location)

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  • Smart Bro – working well for me in Mandaluyong as well as for my brother’s office in Baguio.

    Airborne Access – I was in Baguio the days after the earthquake and Internet connection at Airborne Access hotspot (John Hay, Filling station) was normal, up-and-running.

  • Bayantel/SkyDSL worked for me.

  • PLDT has lots of upstream connections, so they can manage their routing to have different policies for different networks they own.

    Eastern Telecoms Business DSL – seems normal

    Belltel iCable – a bit slower but I can still BitTorrent at a good speed. I see that they rerouted from their IPVG connection via HK, to Teleglobe who uses capacity from Bayantel I think.

  • PLDT MyDSL and Globelines Broadband in Sta. Rosa (Technopark area), Laguna are affected. Some sites are accessible while some are not. I switch from two providers when I can’t access something or the connection is slow. Most of the time, the other provider has better connection to a certain site.

    My friend using Smart BRO (in the same area) seems to be unaffected. How is the Globe counterpart doing?

  • Destiny Cable
    location: Makati City

    It’s not the fast speed I normally enjoy. At times, sites crawl to dead but it’s up 90% of the time. My usual work that takes me only 10 minutes is now 30 minutes.

  • Globelines Iloilo is crawling. Slower than dialup.

  • BayanTel/SkyDSL is working fine, but some sites (i.e. Yahoo!, Friendster) are sometimes inaccesible…although download and upload speeds are normal

    Location: Q.C.

  • Makati, Rockwel:
    PH and US Eastcoast servers OK but bad on UK and US Westcoast servers.

    Im running a tunnel server located on US Eastcoast to speed up my connection on slow sites. It seems there are problems with the routing from east to west coast but it doesn’t affect me (slo wdown) if im accessing them via the tunnel. I installed Firefox Proxy Switch addon to change proxies when ever i hit a slow site.

  • Makati, Rockwel:
    PH and US Eastcoast servers OK but bad on UK and US Westcoast servers.

    Im running a tunnel server located on US Eastcoast to speed up my connection on slow sites. It seems there are problems with the routing from east to west coast but it doesn’t affect me (slo wdown) if im accessing them via the tunnel. I installed Firefox Proxy Switch addon to change proxies whenever I hit a slow site.

  • Smart Bro: Bulacan

    Really bad on New Year’s eve and New Year’s day, especially uploads. Been decent since yesterday.

  • mz

    Both gmail and yahoo mail is accessible but very slow. Some sites are not accessible.
    Has been slow the past few days but tonight, it seems to have speeded up. most sites are accessible with decent speed but not 100% yet.

  • zoegod

    Smart Bro :Valenzuela

    Since the incident, my speed has been ranging from 50-150 kbps from a 348 kbps Plan.

    been experiencing 200+ Ping time in playing CounterStrike games via PLDT server from former 0-20 ping time.

  • rainbow

    PLDT myDSL – Quezon City

    slower than usual. erratic.

  • Bupkus on PLDT MyDSL. I have no internet connectivity since December 27th, 2006. “Connect to Server Failed” error message. If anyone can help me out, I’d appreciate it. Have fun!

  • globe broadband here in bacoor cavite

    the speed is not normal.
    i feel like that im running on a 64kbps-something speed…. like a dial up.

    and i can’t use this crappy ISP for my website upload for work in the USA.
    and it affects my work bigtime.

  • POI (People On Internet) – Makati, Business.
    very slow.

  • PLDT MyDSL very slow and erratic in Pasig area, but quite good in Calamba, Laguna — it’s *almost* as if normal.

  • jash

    pldt dsl – pasay
    our connection is gasping for life. downloading a yahoo email attachment at 0.3kb/sec

  • Globe has been dead slow for a week. Good thing our ETPI connection has been keeping our call center up and running.

  • Yeah even a traceroute from a US traceroute gateway to Globe’s network is bad. This is really nasty. I went to Innove’s website looking for an advistory, but I found nothing.

  • PLDT Ortigas – Slow to No Connection

    Smart Bro – Makati – Amazing! This is my second try with them, the first try was horrible, but now.. it’s great. I can even make Skype calls with no drops.


  • banana

    PLDT – sta cruz
    working at acceptible speed but not at full

    Eastern – sta cruz
    performing like nothing happened. =)

  • SSL

    Globelines – Mandaluyong

    Been experiencing the same. Slow to no connection.

    Globe didn’t even post an advisory about what is happening on their site, but when you call up their CS (customer service number)(171) there you will hear an advisory that subscriber will be experiencing slow connection and difficulty in calling international calls (IDD)

    Hope that this problem will be fixed soon.

    We are paying here, hope that they could compensate for what consumers are experiencing now, even though its not there fault.

    Cheers !!!

  • Globelines broadband – Silang, Cavite

    There are ‘peak hours’? Last night from around 7pm to almost 11pm it was useless. by midnight up to now which is 8am it’s as fast as dial-up.

    It seems, based on the earlier comments that Globe is the looser or the worst affected by the earthquake. Tsk tsk tsk

  • b2bee

    PLDT MyDSL in Bacolod is good in the evening but in the morning, especially from 9 until 12 noon, it’s really really bad. Useless to surf.

  • Bayantel/SkyDSL’s been zippy a day after the quake (QC)

    Eastern’s speed seems to be ok. Although connections to some sites are erratic. At times I’m losing packets. They must be rerouting or something (Makati)

  • PLDT myDSL (Sta. Mesa, Manila)

    Still and has been “surf-able”

  • smart bro, imus, cavite

    been enjoying fast Internet since the earthquake hit Taiwan. In fact, during the holidays, I was chatting using Google Talk and YM! with video, and there were no hitches.

  • For Globelines Broadband customers having problems with some pages, you can try this proxy: It fixes the problems for most sites that I can’t visit.

    Use it at your own risk.

  • PLDT myDSL
    location: caloocan, residential

    with yahoo mail, I cant even attach 900kb jpg file! terrible. connection speed is on a roller coaster, sometimes fast yet more often slow. tsk.

  • Netsektor

    Bayantel/skydsl for work
    some sites are spotty but overall the experience is ok, latency is bad but for normal surfing and non realtime apps, all is ok.

  • MyDestiny Cable – Manila

    It looks like I’m having a dial up connection ( most of the time ) in a cable internet.

  • PLDT DSL at Cainta is still quite slow, but I haven’t compared it to dial up yet. I have a hard time accessing Livejournal, Multiply and some blogs, although Google is okay. And I still can’t connect to my domain via FTP.

  • I have an Globelines connection both in Samar and Cebu, 768kpbs and 512kpbs respectively.. and Its Terrible!! i got download speeds of 1kbps to 500bps ever since the taiwan quake, but it seem ok when accesing local internet and some .ph sites, hope they fix this problem asap!

  • Dasmarinas Cavite:

    Internet shop with PLDT myDSL — almost zero Internet
    Internet shop with Globe — normal Internet connection

    Mandaluyong Internet shop with PLDT myDSL — like a 28kbps dial-up connection

  • wow, surprisingly, my internet connection is smart. And i guess its working perfectly fine. You’ll never even say that Smart Bro was among the providers hit by the Taiwan Earthquake. I say that smart is the best, and smart keeps me going as a wed master and as a student.

  • I’m from Cagayan de Oro, and almost all of my friends use Smart Bro, as of the moment, we experience no internet delay. This gives me and my friends, much assurance. As web masters, smart bro keeps us going also! We’d say as if Smart wasn’t among the providers hit by the Taiwan Earthquake!

  • Liza

    Smart Bro — Dagupan City Pangasinan.

    I have been experiencing intermittent speed since Monday. I have couple of questions. First, I have a VOIP and I cannot use it, this is because of the speed problem right? Second, if I cannot load my VOIP provider’s website, does it follow that I won’t be able to use my phone? Sorry if i sound so stupid, i know i am, but i will really appreciate any help. I work home based and i need my VOIP phone badly. Thanks!

  • jash

    obviously these are beyond our control. so we got no choice but to live with it.
    the big question now is when will they be able to fix this?

  • dikkis cybercafe

    gaano kaya katagal bago nila maayos ung cables? any estimated time reported? haysss… kkainis na, kakapagod mag explain isa2 sa customers na nde maganda ang connection, lalo n sa mga chatters… minamalat na ako nagpost n nga lang ako ng note sa shop para pabasa sa knila kaso tanong p rin ng tanong.. sakit sa ulo nito… dame ko pa naman units…

  • Unfortunately, even our local telcos are not responsible for fixing the cables.

  • butch

    Smart Bro
    location: San Mateo Rizal

    I’ve been having an intermittent connection 3 days before the earthquake, until now it is slower than a dial up connection, even my neighbors who have the same connection are experiencing the same thing, my friend in Marikina(next to my town) with Smart Bro too has the same problem even before the quake… and the “voice prompts”(Smart Bro CSR/TSRs) are telling us to do the same procedure to ping release, renew and stuff, and when it can’t help at all they will tell us that they made a report… I’m so screwed!!! 🙁

  • Marian

    I KNOW WHY. That SMART Bro is working and why PLDT DSL is not. Because only the cables under sea connecting to Taiwan is affected, so wireless is not a problem. According to the news, (as far as my memory is concerned), 6 out of 7 of provider of cable companies that connects at the Luzon Strait has damaged cables. Probably by the end of January, all of them would be fixed and internet would be completely recovered — though, no guarantee that it would be the same speed like before the earthquake happens.

  • What?! The internet speed pre-quake period that I absolutely love is not certain to return to its usual performance?

    Should we expect a slower speed even when the cables have already been restored?

  • ZPdee.net cable internet slowed a little bit, but nothing crippling – web surfing fine, some pages slow to load, but then regular speed came back on the afternoon of the day of the earthquake.

    Since then, web surfing has come back to normal, but downloading via BitTorrent has slowed considerably, depending on the torrent; whereas it clocked as much as 86 kbps on every torrent.

    Am still grateful to have internet access!

  • I collected a very very short list of proxies I use. Maybe those who found other proxies can contribute to it as well.

  • ralph

    JP Loh! Thanks a lot dude! That was a nifty set of proxies 🙂

  • We don’t know yet if the international undersea cable operators can repair everything, so our local telcos may still be be running under-capacity.

  • Daniel

    I am surprised to see so much good feedback about Smart BRO as it has been very problematic for me. I am in Angeles City and my connection maintains the max d/l speeds but it doesn’t stay connected. My messengers disconnects and reconnect about once every 2 minutes which causes problems when I am in the middle of helping someone with support. I know we just have to live with it, but I look forward to stability.

  • sherwin

    I believe restoration would be until Jan 20, it’s a conservative date and might extend further until Jan 30 depending on the actual situation on site and weather.

    Quoting Marian,

    “I KNOW WHY. That SMART Bro is working and why PLDT DSL is not. Because only the cables under sea connecting to Taiwan is affected, so wireless is not a problem.”

    That’s not the case, all international links to the trans-pacific system is via submarine cables going to taiwan-japan-us. SmartBro isn’t that much affected unlike PLDT is maybe because SmartBro network gets bandwidth from PLDT and AsiaNetCom who owns many EAC cables, which wasn’t that affected by the quake. PLDT on the other hand maintains huge APCN2 cables, it could by STM4’s or STM16’s, imagine the loss, STM4 is 622.08Mbps STM16 is 2.488 Gbps. Ang alam ko kase with PLDT subsidiaries, they still operate somewhat independently, but have to buy IGate bandwidth. APCN2 suffered double break, the broken cables are really broken. EAC cables were damaged but the protection remained ok. All submarine cable systems runs on a protected path. The 200Km cable were buried by undersea debris from the quake, a lot of cables were damaged.

  • sherwin

    to Daniel,

    what you are experiencing could be signs of a last mile problem. You might want to try pinging your local gateway and check if it’s stable, if it’s not then the prblem is between your SmartBro radio and the base station you have line of sight with.

  • Daniel


    I understand what you are saying, as I do live a fair distance from the site. But we had to pay a guy from smart to come out and extend the antenna for that reason shortly after we had the service installed a year ago. So no, not the case this time as the current problem started just before the news of the earthquake.

  • Bernard

    I”m using globe broadband in Mandaluyong. Its so slow and sometimes totally useless especially during peak hour.

    I start experiencing intermittent internet connections since early December. But after the quake in Taiwan, gosh, I’m downloading files in less that a kilobyte(bytes/sec). Well, its to wierd also because I cannot access the internet and YM for example, but however I can download music files at Limewire at the same speed before the quake happend.

    I start experiencing intermittent internet connections since early December. But after the quake in Taiwan, gosh, I’m downloading files in less than a kilobyte(bytes/sec). Well, its to weird also because I cannot access the internet and YM for example, but however I can download music files at Limewire at the same speed before the quake happend.

  • badz

    PLDT myDSL
    Location: Araneta Avenue (near SM Centerpoint)

    All i can say is.. bulok -> “so so” internet connection speed. The past few days, I’ve been able to connect to the internet, pero wala akong mapasukang sites. i use firefox and I usually get the “Server timed out” or something like a website taking too long to respond. the next few days, i was able to get to those sites and surf happily until after a few hours biglang mawawala ulit yung net. seems like it bogs down from time to time. and i also get frequently disconnected. that’s the most irritatingly friggin’ part. i usually use the net for surfing, ym and playing mmorpgs, and i tell you, dc is not a good thing for us gamers hay… san ba merong site na pinopostan ng pldt about news or status ng net nila? medyo parang pakitang tao kasi yung site ng pldt e.. hay.. it’s nice to know that there are blogs like this that exist. i’ll try to check my connection again this afternoon. 🙂

  • jash

    pldt mydsl – pasay
    yo.. email and surfing seems back to normal speed today. able to access sites. just happy about it. sana tuloy-tuloy na ito.

  • Nemocx

    halos mag iisang buwan na ganito kabagal ng internet. hindi pa nga lumilindol sa taiwan,mabagal na GlobeBroadband dito sa Cavite.

  • I’m on PLDT MyDSL 1mbps connection.

    While there are some websites that are inaccessible, or occasionally inaccessible, my Internet connection has been stable even after the earthquake, except for a few minutes when the earthquake probably struck, and another time when no downstream was almost possible. My upload worked very nicely at that time on P2P connections.

    I’m still getting my 140+kb/s speeds when downloading something and my uploads are at 40+kb/s.

    My only complaint is that I haven’t got my speed upgrade which the customer service rep said I would be getting last September. I’m paying 3000 for a 1mbps service which should be 2.2 mbps by now. I find this unfair. I called again last week and they said I should be getting a reply by the end of the week. The weekend has come and gone and still no call from them. I’m getting p*ssed =/. I’m paying for something I’m not getting. wth.

  • marcausian

    Smart BRO – san mateo

    I say that smartBRO is at 70%-75%. i can still play online games. but can’t open up major sites like microsoft, yahoo,hotmail and even friendster.

    *i think PLDT’s so…so… performance is because pldt want to drag DSL users into changing to smartBRO. pldt has lost a large amount of money on cable replacements etc.

    *pldt cables in our area were stolen in March 2006. Their services both telephone and DSL were down for almost 4 months.

    Intermittent and slow connections still, but FTP sites are working at normal speeds. Inaccesible sites like http://www.meebo.com. YM does not work either. So sad

  • badz

    PLDT myDSL
    Location: Araneta Avenue (near SM Centerpoint)

    ok im back, nakakaconnect ako sa dsl pero yun, may mga sites din ako na hindi mapasukan. it took so long to connect to ym, problema yung hinihintay kong kausap hindi naman makaconnect (dial up connection). ayun. isa pang angal ko about pldt dsl is that i’m paying for plan 1995, i get speeds of only 500kbps+ .. gulat ako nung nabasa ko sa site nila ung plan 1995 daw 1.2mbps na, what’s that? a joke or something?

  • @badz
    These should explain:
    999/month @512kpbs [Promo(1-year lock-in period)]
    999/month @384kpbs (No lock-in period)

    These should also apply to other plans and their respective speeds.

  • Zpdee User

    Zpdee, subscribed at 768Kbps. Surfing, HTTP download and FTP download/upload normal. Torrent: Absolutely terrible. I’ve been downloading @ 80kb/sec using Utorrent during December, but this past 2 weeks I’m only down to 10kb/sec. Anyone know if Zpdee limits Bittorrent traffic? I feel that everytime my download per month reaches around 20 gigabytes my torrent speed suddenly crashes. Anyone know if its Zpdee’s hidden doing?

  • Zpdee User 2

    Zpdee User, I agree with you…downloading torrents now with ZPDEE is terribly slow. Would anyone out there know why this is so?

  • mbagz

    Globe DSL Sucks!.. 11 days past Year 2007.. ala pa rin. PLDT same problem…..

  • raymond yap

    as i was surfing the net a week ago, the internet connection was very slow. I could hardly connect to yahoo mail and ym messenger. When will the internet connection in mandaluyong recover from the effects of the recent Taiwan earthquake?

  • PLDT MyDSL – Caloocan (Monumento)

    It seems like everything is back to normal, try restarting your PCs if it wont download packets when your “connected” already. It worked, somehow.

  • maja

    Haynaku! DApat gawan ng paraan ng GLOBE connection namin. Hindi na kami kumikita mahal pa naman ng monthly service fee namin buwan-buwan. Pakibilisan lang po SANA… Malamang mawalan na kayo ng subscribers hindi lamang sa internet sa lahat ng services offered nyo… 😕

  • skyline`

    GlobeBroadband – Cebu

    HayZzz! being an IT student is really tough without any technology in your hands. This SLOW speed connection is making my head explode! Kaya nga ako nagpakabit ng DSL para mabilis ang pag-surf..OMG! we are paying our bills on time and this is what we get in return? a poor service? the hell?! you are hiring the top people suited for this job and still they can’t fix it? sheeeeshhhh.. >_

  • adonscott

    its been 3 weeks now that my connection is very slow… While others like PLDT in our area has back to normal.. why is that? GLOBEBroadband sucks.. We paid exact monthly amount, but we’re getting a very slow connection.. very slow customer service.. we are planning to shift to other internet service provider if hindi pa ito matatapos… please.. ..fix it as soon as possible…

  • Lance

    PLDT DSL service here in Cabanatuan resumed to normal about three days ago. But then, about an hour ago, ayun bumagal na naman ng sobra.. Sites that I could access this morning wihtout any problem couldn’t be accessed right now. Darn. Don’t tell me this will last another week? That’s subscriber hell!

  • upcast

    i agree with skyline. i am an IT student as well, and greatly dependent on the internet, especially on Y!groups. globelines has been really sluggish even before the earthquake struck.

    i just hope globe’s service would greatly IMPROVE. i’m paying for this connection out of my own allowance, and this is what i get?

  • RaLpH

    f*ck this pldt tumawag smin nagtanong kung mabagal daw ba ang internet connection sbi ko oo super bagal magupgrade daw kmi tpos tinanong ko kung mai bayad sbi meron daw amf nagbabayad kna nga ng matino tpos magbabayad kna nmn pra lng bumalik sa dati

  • I’m on a residential PLDT MyDSL Plan 999, but since 31 December 2006, I could download at speeds of 40 kiB/s at the average, except on peak times (afternoon-midnight) where it’s slower than a 56-kbps connection, and Yahoo! Messenger connections just suck. This past week, however, my connection could reach download speeds as fast as 120 kiB/s, which is really fast, but it gets to average (i.e. before Taiwan quake) speeds during the peak times.

  • I have been a happy PLDT DSL subscriber for 3 years until NOW! I use RDC (remote desktop connection) to connect to our computers in Sydney, and therefore rely heavily on my broadband connection to do work. But with the unbelievably super slow speeds (yes! slower than dialup) it just can’t be done. I really hope they get this thing fixed (coz I might get fired!). I think PLDT should at the very least not bill us for this month.

  • Zan

    Ever since 1/12 PLDT DSL has been extremely bad. Timeouts occur so frequently that anything requiring a live connection is completely unusable unless you’re connecting during the ungodly hours of 2AM-5AM. Up until then PLDT was fine. It seems they must have done something, maybe allocate less bandwidth to their residential subscribers, in order to give more to the corporate subscribers because they stand to lose more money if those jump ship and move to different ISPs. I’m going to file a request for a rebate after the speeds get back to normal. I urge every other PLDT DSL subscriber to do the same. Let’s be realistic, ISP’s only care about your money. They clean up their act only if they are afraid of losing it. They won’t do anything if it isn’t going to be a monetary advantage for them. That means if you stay silent about their awful service, they won’t bother to improve it.

  • beejay

    i have globe broadband here 384 kbps.. today’s date is january 16, earthquake hits last january 26.. (2weeks)
    im experiencing very slow connection, i can’t connect to many sites especially youtube. Can you give us an idea when will it be back to normal?

  • charot

    Globe Broadband – QC

    i really hate it. my backup bayantel dial up is way faster than my dsl.
    i am subscibed to the 1mbps connection..i don’t think its even getting 56kbps.

    i know it’s such a tradgedy with what happened to taiwan and all, and this slow internet connection is being experienced by most asian countries but they should give us a time frame on when this will be fixed.

    it has ruined my small sideline and giving me a hard time to study plus its hard to download mp3s and movies for my ipod.

  • Bernard

    Bad news folks, according to fiberoutage website, sources in Hong Kong as of Jan. 16 indicated that the number of cable sections affected by the earthquake maybe as high as 16 sectors and that the damage is so widespread that it may be necessary for the repair ships to move to shallower waters where the submarine fibers are accessible by submersible repair craft. This would require several hundreds of miles of submarine fiber to be replaced. A job that could take some months to complete.

  • Mark

    Mark here @Cavite… Today is Jan 19. Globe is okay now , although not Fully up, at least contious connection unlike intermittent connections before…

  • Oioioioi

    Last January 17, I was very happy when my globelines broadband started to show some spark of life. I was able to surf at “normal speed” from 10 in the evening up to 4pm the next day. My browser finally opened youtube! I thought it was going to be permanent, pero hindi.

    I work online, I’m not gaining any money to pay for the shitty connection.

  • DomAg

    [b]PLDT MYDSL[/b]
    [i]Araneta Center, Cubao Quezon City.[/i]

    Sites like Yahoo are still sluggish, and sometimes totally unaccessible. Mininova, Deviantart to cite a few examples are quite, hopeless. I mean, it takes about thirty minutes to load a single page? Geeze.

    I didnt have this problem until two weeks after the said quake. I was still able to surf at the fullest speed possible until the first week of January. The quake happened at the second week of December right? Something’s not right here.

    [b]ISP BONANZA & MYISP(text myISP to 483)[/b]
    [i]Magallanes Village, Makati Metro Manila[/i]
    I’m rarely at home, so I stick to dial up there. Surfing the same three sites were horrible immediately after the quake, but at about the same day myDSL rotted out, the speeds to Deviantart were as good as normal for dial up. 😛

    Something’s not right here… I just have the gut feeling that there’s more to this than just an earthquake.

  • fred flinstoned

    Hey,May I suggest that you go to the webpages that you surf most frequent at and save the websites via software such as Cannon WebRecord,that will definantly speed up access times,that way the only thing thats being updated is any new changes,the backgrounds and etc,will already be on your computer(may need a large hard drive for alot of sites)the WebRecord software is quite a few years old,and there may be better softwares available,but it still works fine for me,and plus if you can find a copy on ebay,or other auction sites,you can probably pick it up really cheap.
    Anyhow this is just a suggestion.
    Hope it helps.

  • Globelines Broadband/2mbps
    Dasmariñas, Cavite

    When disruptions occurred, I thought my PC had gone wrong because of my attempt to update a plugin in Firefox (which actually occurred simultaneously with the update). I ended up formatting my PC which, in fact, was useless. On the first few weeks, I could only visit Globe’s official website and some porn sites I could churn on. Joke. Speed is hellish. Waiting for 48 years gives me regular headaches. Lucky that my Gnu clients download mp3s like how they used to prior the quake.

    Now, I’m writing an investigative report about the internet disruptions. For the initial interview, Globe CSReps in SM Dasma rejected me. Haha.

  • berna

    as for me…nothing’s working. zero. no connection.

  • berna

    globelines broadband
    imus, cavie

    as for me…nothing’s working. zero. no connection.

  • Why know my name?

    PLDT myDSL plan 999

    After some days after the quake about 3 days I noticed that my browsing speed crippled especially to international websites, tried my download speed using a real downloadable file and not from a speed test, guess what I got 0.4 kbps while downloading a 45 mb file and will take as short as 2 days while back then I have a completely stead 43.3 kbps if downloading only. Now it somehow improved a bit some weeks ago I have fast connection in UK sites while uber slow to North and South America, now it reversed. I get bombarded by timeouts between 12-5 pm after the blinking of the ADSL link it looks the connection is fine then a timeout again and it happens again.

    Also after reading some info that plan 999 will be upgraded to 512 I still get 384 connection while upgrade to 768 gives me not 512 but about 400.

    Stop lying PLDT!!!

  • Globe Broadband/Bacolod City

    Ever since the new year started,my Internet was getting speedy at least. There are times when Broadband Internet connection is roadrunner fast especially during midnight and early morning and sometimes,noontime. Net connection is going fine now but I hope it could go faster than this. I know they could.

    Let’s face it,
    Gloabe Broadband may never bring their connection back to normal at all.
    Tsk Tsk. And they make bwi with their good call center service but what will we do with that?

  • What you can do when Globe Service Sux? Since the earthquake hits taiwan last year, i have very terrible internet connection. It is really disgusting, like hell, its getting into my nerves. Its like they are just sparing me some few bytes of bandthwith. I searched exepriences of other subscribers and they share the same hell with globe. Now I’m an unhappy and disgusted customer, what can I dot. My works same with most freelances and small business depends on it.

    Surprisingly, those using Smart Bro has good connection even after the earthquake.

  • jash

    just curious.. are we all back to normal?

  • Dan

    yes, globe broadband connections is still useless almost two months after the quake. The worst thing than this is that I still received my bills without rebate, so I paid 995 for the whole month of january for a useless dsl connection. Gago talaga ako. Worst, I am in a one year lock-in period with Globe broadband. So, I am expecting to pay the rest of the year 995 per month without using my broadband. Gago talaga ako. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heLL

    pangit pa rin ba connection ng globe dsl dto sa navotas? kaibigan ko kasi nagpa globe broadband rin itong Jan. 2007 , kaya ako rin gusto ko na rin magpa globe dsl, pero sa mga comments dto, mukhang mag-iiba isip ko e

  • heLL

    pangit pa rin ba connection ng globe dsl dto sa navotas? kaibigan ko kasi nagpa globe broadband rin itong Jan. 2007 , kaya ako rin gusto ko na rin magpa globe dsl, pero sa mga comments dto, mukhang mag-iiba isip ko e 🙁

  • Aris

    Putang ina smartbro yan bakit nyo block yung SilkRoad Online gago kayo lilipat na kami ibang connection kung ganyan gagawin nyo panis kasi yung ibang online games nyo hayopppp “SMART_BOBO”

  • Tess Umali

    My ISP Bonanza really works better than this broadband i have subscribed to. The dial up type will be highly reccomended. If you try to call their helpdesk for assistance, youll find it useless.

  • It’s nice to hear that “NAKA BROADBAND NA KAMI”, as if it increases your social status and technical level, but would you believe that these people realizes that “NAKA BROADBAND NA KAMI” would last for only one day? And would definitely make your heart pound for dissatisfaction. For those people planning to be a “NAKA BROADBAND NA KAMI” subscriber, think again.

  • jack

    bayatel DSL speed just ok at sta cruz manila
    DL speed 35Kbps
    anyone at sta cruz manila using mydestiny???
    ano DL speed ???

  • circa

    globelines broadband is definitely useless…
    i have a 1.5Mbps connection and im only getting 50-120kbps bandwidth…tapos download speed ko walang kwenta bytes lg… hindi lg ako ang my problem sa internet ko, pati buong kapitbahay ko na may broadband nagrereklamo rin.

    ibang klac tlaga mga to…


  • I have a t1 connection that didn’t suffer any problems, but my colleagues and friends all had a wide array of delays and speed issues. Some of my friends still don’t have access at all.

  • -Metallilonggo-

    Ang smart bro dito hindi ma reach ang maximum speed na 384 kbps dahil siguro malayo ang smart headquarters o ano man yon.
    Gusto ko sana sabihin sa itay ko na palitan ang broadband provider pero ayaw nya. Nung makita ko to ang maraming reklamo ng mga tao sa iba’t ibang broaband provider, hindi ko na sasabihin sa itay ko na pumalit ng broadband provider.
    Ang speed Smart Bro sa amin ay parang Dial-Up
    pero hindi ako nagrereklamo dahil tatlo ang gumagamit ng broadband sa aming bahay.Kung isa lang ang gumagamit, talagang broadband ang speed. Okay rin ang Smart Bro dito sa Iloilo dahil hindi marami ang gumagamit nito at besides wireless ito eh, hindi ito babagal ng marami at ang downside lang ay dapat malapit ka sa kanilang headquarters para talagang mabilis ang speed.Marami dito siguro gumagamit ng My DSL sa Iloilo. Hindi na ako mag think pa nang DSL, ang bagal lang nyan.

  • -Metallilonggo-

    wala siguro epek ang quake sa Smart Bro dahil wireless noh???

  • anon

    hayy! anu ba yan… i have globelines dsl (ung 999/month)and its soooo annoying! before the quake i was getting disconnected every 3 hours… sure, that wasnt so bad since i could stop whatever i was doing before i got dc’ed pero ngaun.. oh my god im getting disconnections every 5-10 minutes! oh my god.. bihira na ngaun ang araw na i stay connected for a straight 2hours or so… ive called customer service for at least 20 times already.. sure the connection becomes stable for 1day but the next day it comes back to crap again if not even worse!!! and for the record, even the “technicians” and the CS people i called admitted that Globelines has been having problems with the internet connections since the release of their 995/month plan… to which i say BS! if they can’t support those many people, then why bring more in and make their service even more useless??

  • ken

    B*** S***!!! ang globe broadband. tumawag sila sa akin. sabi nila nag upgrade daw sila! pero hindi na ako maka surf sa ibang site. at 100+ lang ang bandwidth ko.

  • buti nga kayo nun may internet ako meron pag nagdadownload ako ng mga files 0.9kb/s lang ako e hehe,

  • SHS|Gwafogi_sensei

    it’s just ang tatanga naman, natural umaandar ang smart bro ng the usual kc wireless broadband cla gumagamit ng mga cell sites at depende din ito sa mga areas, kung globelines naman 1 week lang ang naging cra katulad ng bayantel with SKY DSL na ginagamit q, kung tutuusin mas mabilis ang mga ito dahil international ang speed nila di katulad ng PLDT at smartbro local broadband lang sila ang bagal ng World of Warcraft at at the best pa rin sa lahat ay bayan tel service guarantee pag di nila naayos ang problem may 500 less sa payment mo ^_^ kaya ang sipag nila…

  • Globelines Suck… Ang bagal!! kaka discourage

  • Hugmeeh

    Why not all of us gather those information against Globe broadband..and magreklamo tyo sa imbestigador or isumbong mo kay tulfo para ma media na sila. wala kcng development e. at para alam din ng mga gustong magpakabit na how poor they are in terms of connections. Sayang kc ang binabayad natin pero di natin napapakinabangan. Tanggap lang sila ng tanggap ng bayad pero kapag poor services naman.

  • Jo-Ann

    Recently we went home to the Phil. for a vacation. My husband had to work and submit reports to his boss in Norway. We subscribed to Broadband Phils. which unfortunately proved that they are a lousy provider of wireless internet connection. We paid their service but they don’t deliver what they are selling. Their internet connection is not stable and they don’t inform their customers way ahead that they will be down for a day. Onced it happened they were down for 3 long days! I agree with a comment here that these internet providers should be featured in the Imbestigador. I hope someone here would suggest what is the best wireless internet connection we have right now in the Phils. Thanks in advance.

  • just an ordinary wiz kid

    sana after 1 week umayos net ko (im using globeline), if not …
    lets check their caloocan bts…

  • globehater

    Hugmeeh » July 28th, 2007 18:10

    “Why not all of us gather those information against Globe broadband..and magreklamo tyo sa imbestigador or isumbong mo kay tulfo para ma media na sila. wala kcng development e. at para alam din ng mga gustong magpakabit na how poor they are in terms of connections. Sayang kc ang binabayad natin pero di natin napapakinabangan. Tanggap lang sila ng tanggap ng bayad pero kapag poor services naman.”

    i definitely agree with u hugmee. sana un mkabasa n2 kung may balak kayo magglobe, WAG NA! kung maganda man ang makuha nyong connection sa knla malamang sa Customer Service mbbaliw kayo. 4 yrs na kami may PLDT DSL pro dahil sabi ng iba mas mabilis dw ang globe lumipat kami ng connection. im telling you since installed (november) hanggang sa magkaearthquake na wala kami nakuhang magandang connection sa kanla. everyhour dc ng 5 minutes tpos bbalik ulit. ganun everyday until samin na mabwisit customer sa shop sa pangit ng connection nila. and take note ang dumadating na bill walang rebate kesyo kapag ntapos na dw ang repairs ng connection namin. we went back to PLDT, this time walang DC super bilis ng connection. globe still continues to bill us kahit na kinuha ng technician ng globe ang modem nila. because of that 2-yr lock up period. we even wanted to go to DTI pra magreklamo (but we discovered that the E-Reklamo of DTI has an office in Globe’s building in mandaluyong) kaya ngayn hinayaan n lng namin dumating ng dumating ang bills. bahala na!

  • hsdpasaks

    **If you want a business suicide, use GLOBE!!!! **
    Im currently using GLOBE HSDPA 3G… as in 3rd generation daw yung connection…
    1.well maganda gamitin ito kapag inaantok ka na…
    2.as in try mo mag browse sa youtube check your connection if 3.6MBPS… if it is..
    3.try to play your favorite video in youtube
    4. try looking at the video to download… medyo sasakit yung mata mo kahihintay
    5. try to sleep (dahil nga masakit yung glare ng monitor)
    6. Wake up in the morning… tAda!!! at last 98% na yung pagdodownload hahahaha
    7. you still have time to brush your teeth and eat breakfast
    8. check your video 99% na!!!
    9. loading… loading…. suddenly connection time out… hehehe lucky if not 🙂
    and that will make your day!!!

    DTI and NTC should be doing something with this

    tsk tsk tsk….

  • I’m experiencing a shit connection with Globe Broadband. i don’t have connection all the time.I hate it.sinusumpa ko sila…BY THE WAY I’M FROM BATANES.

  • Jon

    Globelines is a like an obnoxious friend. Poor customer service, poor internet stability/connectivity and is causing my computer to have stop error messages because the modem connected to the system unit always – and I mean always – lose it’s connection from the server. You can’t really work with this ISP it’s just plain terrible service that you have to pay and see their annoying untrue commercials.

  • moot

    It’s like Oct already. Are people still having the same problems with Globe Broadband?

  • noemi

    im from davao.in fairness sa globelines..the best! naka upgrade na kami 2 times in 1 yr at no additional cost! but their service is just available in downtown and south area..kaya siguro superb service kasi concentrated

  • neil

    globeline is very disappointing. i had my globeline broadband modem issued to me last november 24. the service attendant told me that it will only be running after 1 week. thus, the modem stayed in my house for 7 days installed in my computer without connection. after the hellish week, i tried my connection but it was super slow. it’s now dec 6, i called globe customer service and globe technical support for some help but according to them they cannot do anything about it since i do not have an account number yet. according to them i need to call their office from time to time to know if i already have an account number. only if i have been assigned with an account number will they be able to help me. but how come they released the modem unit without assigning me my account number?

    this is a classic poor system that globe broadband has. it was truly a big mistake why i switched to globe… it’s super slow! boooo to globe broadband!!!

  • Saber

    Globe cebu- worst isp ever… right now the net is only usable from 11pm – 9am… has alot of disconnection and the speed is sh!t its crawling and when i check on the bandwitdh meter it was like 19 kbps ~_~.

  • domoradz

    Globelines Broadband is a scam!!! Letting us customers experience their 7-day trial period of real broadband speed then they will tie us in their 1yr bond then after that the HELL ON EARTH of internet begins.

    I am experiencing problems with globelines broadband… I subscribed to their 512kbps wireless broadband package with wireless phone (PHP1295/mo.)… they gave me 7 days trial period and within that trial period I was amazed with the speed… pumapalo from 700+ kbps to 1+ mb… kaya pina-activate ko kaagad. Pero eto na ang kalbaryo… right after the 7-day trial period nagsimula nang maging intermitent ang connection speed nila either super bagal (I even got 5bps or lower!!!) o totally walang connection. Lagi ako nagrereklamo sa CS nila pero wala naman sila ginawa kundi palitan yung modem na wala naman nagbago ganon pa din naman problema. My work is related to IT and I know that there is no problem at my side (hardware, softwares, cabling, etc…). Kakainis na talaga ang service ng globelines… feeling ko naloko lang ako kase nakatali ako ngayon sa kanila for 1yr dahil sa 1yr bond na kasama sa package. Tanong ko lang guys… meron ba tayong pwedeng magawang aksyon para maipaabot sa mga kinauukulan ang panlolokong ginagawa ng globelines satin?

  • jay

    To the People of the DTI,

    Yes you guys, can you please start to look at the inequities of these broadband providers?

    So many claims in their ads of high speeds and yet none is being delivered.

    The collective sum of this scam is far more the entire ZTE deal!

  • venom

    Globelines broadband (bacolod) sucks big time. gets your net dc’d every 5 mins or so.. the modem signal for the internet connection turns off faster than the supposedly internet dl/upload speed.



  • Fred

    I am arrived in the Phil just 2 month ago and live in La Union signed up with Digitel broadband 512Kbps my speed is only dialup speed between 35 to 60 kbps.
    I complained about that but nothing happened.
    My neighbour is with pltp and receives 280 on his 310kbps plan.
    If I cancel digitel they will charge probabely
    a cancellation fee. Don’t know what to do.
    In Austrlia where I come from the ISP would be in trouble.
    Any Advise wellcome.
    [email protected]

  • Marves

    D2 s batangas lahat ng subscribers maccra n ang ulo, lahat ng mga kakilala q puro globe broadband, and we all have d same problem, disconection, ok n un kht mabagal, pero ung disconnect every 15 mins, putcha parang gus2 q ng bombahin ung office nila, ginagawa naman nila pero di nila maayos, magpPLDT n lang aq

  • allan

    Dka nag iisa bai, dito sa cebu tarantado din yang globeline nayan, sa dami dami ng binobomba sa mindanao bakit hindi pa nila isali tung mga taga globeline na ito, ubusin nila mga globe cellsite at opisina ng globelines, para mahinto na pang aapi at panloloko nila. Namputsa itong mga makakaliwa na congressista natin, mga walang silbi, samplelan ninyo ang globelines para mahinto na ito!!

  • vince

    I am having an erratic connection. Does someone here is currently experiencing it. The problem started occuring yesterday?

  • vince

    Is anyone here having an erratic connection lately? I am a pldt mydsl user living in Quezon city. My neighbor is having the same problems, I even interviewed some of my friends here in manila, and they are all having the same problems. Does someone know what could be the reason for this mass problem?

  • barbie

    Hi. I’m currently waging a campaign for people NOT to by Smartbro Prepaid. It should’ve been named Dumbro for that’s what is it. I’m not surprised Smartbro is the name of a PC virus.

    Anyway, I bought the Smartbro gadget for P3800 and up to now, i can’t even use Mozilla as my browser. It’s SUPER SLOW. I tested it at speedtest and it just registered a snail-paced speed of 23 kbps. Imagine that. I can’t even open Youtube and other graphic heavy sites. Sometimes Yahoo suggests that I just open their classic yahoo version since I was having a hard time opening their updated version. That’s how slow it is. I can’t even run my YM Messenger. It really sucks.

    Customer support is passable but they can’t really do anything about it but tell you that they’ll report it. I’m planning to sell my gadget but I get guilt feelings about duping other people like Smart duped me.

    So don’t be fooled into buying this Smartbro. You’d be wasting your money.

  • Bong Vicente

    Geez.. Am visiting the Philippines next week, Davao City to be exact – looks like ones choice of broadband provider is between lousy and lousier.

    i’m on COMCAST cable broadband and have 24/7 uptime with DL speed of 7MBPS – seems like there is no comparable service in the PI.

    crap – now am worried about getting a VPN connection to my office – given the lousy networks of Globe and PLDT.

  • ei


  • booyah

    Smart bro here in QC reaches up to 512kbps download and upload. It is good to tweak the canopy. Not bad at all!

  • smart sis

    SmartBro after sales and service is far more worst than SUCKS! I’m having an antenna problem and have been calling their office 3 weeks now, but still no one drop by to check the prob.

    I’m planning to change mine and I know most of them are not that perfect, but what would you guys recommend to me? help!

  • tatanung ko lang po,,if pangit din ba ang globe broadband dito sa lugar namin,,bago lang kasi sila dito,,please i need your help,, address nga pala namin is, General Santos City,

  • Felix Manalo


    5 days nang wala

  • Cherry

    Globe Broadband in Davao City and Isulan Sultan Kudarat is wlang kwenta!!!!! They are always in restoration and mag restore sila tig almost threeweeks, pero pag maningil ng billhay ang bilis!!! nakakainis saan kayo nakakita ng maintenance na ganun ktgal
    …………………………….. sayang lang ang PERA and worst !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nilock nila ako for one year sinungaling tlga ang agent nila

  • Cherry

    always sila ng rerestore ng connection hindi naman ngiimprove, haynaku ano kaya ang best connection yng sulit sa binabayad mo

  • broadband service my friends says youcan downloding and restore is very easy is avery good.

  • apol


    walang kwenta ang service, ang internet, at lahat lahat.. wag na papaloko… sana lang ma ipa cancel ko yung lock in period nila dahil sa walang kakwentahang service nila!!!!! letche….

  • talagang napakawalang kuwenta talaga ng service nila, kaya nga kami nagpakabit ng broadband para magamit namin sa pag su surf pero walang nangyari nakadismaya lang po ang service nila tuwing manonood ka ng video sa you tube nakakatulog k na sa pag aantay wla p rin lagi putol putol p rin, nakakainis lang talaga. hay naku sana naman aksyunan naman ng globe company ang ganitong klaseng problema ng broadband user nila kasi sa umpisa lang sila maganda ang service tapos ng ilang weeks or months wala nakakapanghinayang lang ang monthly na bayad ng mga members nila.

  • creature83ph

    hello do you want your broadband unlock? message me up i accept locked broadband the usb type from SMART GLOBE and SUN! so u can use it to other networks if you have weak signal with your present broadband! 🙂 for more details chat me up on yahoo: creature83ph is my ym id! bye

  • mga para sa mga globe connection…. my first two months… sa globe ay grabe ang bagay… kc 7 to 8 km ang lau ko sa base station…….. … may mga ginawa lang me na tweak ng konti… convert ko ang antenna nila… sa old ko na idea…. now connection is stable…… at — 512kbps ang plan ko…. normal ko dati ay 26kpbs….. shit ang bagal….. pero ng convert ko na un atenna sa idea ko…. ok na stable na……. pumapalo p ng 60 t0 70 kpbs… minsan while testing pumalo ng 1.5 kbps…. pero dina na ulit.. tapos…. try ko din hack un globe tatoo nila…. using sim card ng globe broadband gumana naman…. eto email ko…. pm nyo lang me…… [email protected] baka makatulong me… batangas ang place ko…

  • Believe me it takes time to recover to normal after a crisis situation.

  • That Smartbro Rocket Wifi Plus is a BIG HOAX!! I bought 1 unit for Php6,450.00 last December 2011 and VOILA! A horrible 0.58Mbps download speed! Up to 20 Mbps download speed as advertised by Smartbro? [email protected]#$%!!!! That FU____KING&*%$#@ Smartbro 4G made me believe in SENSELESS ADVERTISEMENT’S BIG LIES!!!!


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  • Doms Molina


    May I know which ISP is the most stable and hopefully the fastest connection in mandaluyong near boni mrt station?