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BSA’s Great Big Warning

The Business Software Alliance (BSA Philippines) is running a campaign aptly called the Oplan Crackdown.

They’re send out a huge poster on this:

All businesses engaged in the use and distribution of illegal software are warned — you have 30 days to legalize your unlicensed software and to stop selling pirated sofware.

They’re pushing the red button too early:

Starting September 16, the Pilipinas Anti-Piracy team will begin a series of raids against companies that continue to use, self-distribute unlicensed software. Those found guilty of violating the Intellectual Property Code or the Optical Media Act may face imprisonment up to 9 years.

But they’ve been doing raids for as long as I can remember that there exist a BSA.

Funny. It’s like a police car with the siren blaring on and trying apprehend a burglary-in-action. Or maybe, this is just a pretty neat marketing campaign. Besides, doing raids and filing cases would be yet another waste of corporate moolah for these software vendors, right?

Why not give these software pirates the last chance to get software licenses (and cash in on the converts)? It’s a win-lose proposition as against a lose-lose agenda.

Ok, let’s go FOSS.

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