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Bubbly, the voice-blogging app hits the country

width="200"There’s a new micro-blogging service arriving in town and it’s very different from Tumblr and Twitter. Now is the time your followers get to hear you.

Bubbly by Bubble Motion is an iOS app (Android version in the works) that allows you to share short voice updates with your friends and followers. Posts are called Bubbles and with the Bubbly app, your followers can hear what you really have to say. You can share your Bubbly updates directly to Twitter & Facebook and add text to your posts to make them easy to discover.

Micro-blogging is usually is done with words or photos but with Bubbly, your followers will get to hear your voice. Now why would you want to leave voice updates instead of text? Well because it’s more expressive when you shout invectives when somebody cuts you off than posting something like “œJust got cut off by a maniac.”

The Bubbly app just become available in the country today and they already tapped celebrities you can follow. Enchong Dee, Yeng Constantino, and “œBoy Pick-Up” are using it and so are Bo Sanchez, Jim Paredes, and Francis Kong.

This app is FREE to download and use but it requires an in-app purchase to unlock premium celebrity content. It’s already available in other countries such as India, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia so you can also subscribe to other Asian celebrities.

[Bubbly in iTunes]
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  • Griswold

    This is neat! will check it out when I get home. Hmm, I wonder who are interesting people to follow which I don’t have to pay for.

  • simplynice93

    Kelan ba to lalabas sa android??

    • no word eh but they said it’s coming soon. hmmm.

  • why is there force subscription of the bubbly voice blog even though i did not subscribe into it? It was just a waste of my load . how can i stop this? i don’t want my load be wasted anymore!