Budget Laptops

Budget laptops have taken local stores and buyers by storm. First came the generic, whitebox laptops – OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components that system builders and shops can assemble. The “branded” makers then came in to compete in the 40,000 peso segment. These include the IBM Thinkpad R50e 1834 (various submodels), HP/Compaq Nx6120, and Acer Travelmate 2312WLCi.

What these units have in common:

  • Intel Celeron M processor. These are just about as fast as the Pentium M used in “Centrino” brand laptops, but with shorter battery life. It has SpeedStep (it can lower the operating speed) but not Enhanced SpeedStep (it cannot lower the voltage used to power it up).
  • 802.11B/G Wireless LAN for 11 or 54 MBps WiFi.
  • 40-60 GB 4200 RPM hard drive
  • 256 MB memory
  • Enough battery for around 2 hours life in normal use, using 4-cell batteries. Higher-end laptops use 8-cell batteries.
  • No Windows license. You need to install your own, or an alternative operating system.

This new market segment will surely grow the local laptop usage base, as well as complementary services such sa WiFi hotspots and supply/repair shops.

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  • Any particular store where we could get this budget laptops?

  • I think you can order them at VillMan, PC Express or PC Corner. They all have an online store you cna check out.

  • I’d go for the IBM (err … Lenovo?). 😉 Great form factor and size. And the IBM black is cool.

    Last I heard, they were selling like hotcakes (the 1.5GHz Celeron model is sold out–but retailers recently made available the 1.3GHz variant). When I went to the iBlog mini last August 4, about four people were using R50e machines!

  • I blogged about “ECS G320: Cheapest Laptop ever?” which was selling in the sub-30k level.

  • thom

    I need
    Intel celeron
    250mb ram, 30G hard disk, cd/dvd, pantalla 14″ screen. Lenovo Brand or other alternatives

    I need at least 12,000 pcs
    please reply asap

  • thom

    at least within the $400.00 dollar range each

  • Thom, why not get in touch with Lenovo or the other manufacturers themselves, if you need that large a volume? 😉

  • hi PTB reader. I sell generic or whitebox (prestigio) and branded (IBM, HP and Acer) laptops. if you have requirements just let me know.

  • erika

    is there any store here in the philippines that builds laptops according to your own specifications?

    thanks. badly need info. 🙂

  • nap

    Does anyone know of any store having laptop parts which you can assemble to your liking?

  • erika, we could do that if you like. just post a comment on [email protected] and we’ll keep in touch with you. I guarantee the best prices.

  • Kapil

    required laptops which can be assembled as per the requirement
    can we get those kind of laptops hich we can assebl basically barebone machines
    if yes please let us know

  • red716

    hey guys im importing bnew macbooks starting at 76k! Shck out the specs and inquire at red716.wordpress.com.

  • fooyd

    gus any idea where to buy a laptop barebone and accessories. im planning to assemble one. thanks. pls email me to [email protected]

  • ..im looking for a second hand budget laptop,,thank you..

  • Dazy

    Im looking for a laptop email me at [email protected]

  • Poch

    I’m also looking for a decent 2nd hand laptop, please email me at [email protected]

  • try tipidpc.com or bidshot.com
    i bought a 2nd hand laptop at tpc, and im very satisfied, i got an acer dual core.

  • Blued05

    I’m looking for a lap top to buy. I have 25k budget. If you know where to get one with good specs but cheap, pls let me know…email me at [email protected]

  • Cheng

    Hi I’m selling my semi used Acer Desk Top, it has 12 flashdrive ports and memory ports of all sort.. 512MB dual core Vista home.. 17 inch FP monitor, I got it at 42k i’m just gonna sell it at 37k negotiable, i was only able to use it 5 times, i’ve been busy, it has 2 more years warranty and original norton anti virus software. Still looks brand new, even the protective plastic cover is still intact. 😉 text me at 09178017062 or 09207652474 & e-mail me at [email protected] to make sure i get ur message. I am also planning to buy a brand new laptop (acer also) Thanks!

  • eki123

    check this site this might help you http://www.cgena.com

  • henry

    had a crash of my notebook when visiting the philipines. Benq Joybook … Benq service was not much a help. stumbled across http://www.pinoylaptops.com . lucky me” the guys did a great job in repairing it. hope to find someone as good as they are in my home in austria! keep it up! henry

  • I think this new market segment will surely grow the local laptop usage base, as well as complementary services such sa WiFi hotspots and supply/repair shops.

  • Absolutely amazing device by Celeron. This is quite fast, quite quality and very good in productivity. Really like this device

  • Good but not actual anymore

  • Still looks brand new, even the protective plastic cover is still intact.