Buffalo CloudStation brings your files to the Cloud

In these times when everybody is going to the cloud, Buffalo takes a step to bring your files into the cloud too, or having your very own personal cloud storage solution. Buffalo designed a storage solution that partners well with smartphones and tablets. It provides a place to securely store and share data for all Droids, tablets, PC’s and iDevices, allowing you to access photos, videos, audio files, or documents anywhere in the world.


The Buffalo CloudStation is a simple plug-and-play cloud storage solution that comes with everything you need to get started. Installation is an easy two-step process that invites users to plug the storage device into any Wi-Fi router, access Buffalo CloudStation’s website and click “˜activate’ to register the device.

It leverages the PogoPlug streaming service for photos — indeed professional photographers will be the first to appreciate the combo of storage and uploading service that Buffalo has brought. Buffalo CloudStation does not need any software for installation.

Buffalo CloudStation enables users to decide what, where and when to share data stored on the appliance. Similar to a hard drive that operates inside the computer, Buffalo CloudStation is accessible from a PC or Mac computers as well as via browser from your smartphone or tablet. And with Pogoplug apps for mobile devices (Apple / Android), users are only seconds away from their valuable content.

The Buffalo CloudStation is available in two models:  CloudStation (Single Bay) and CloudStation Pro Duo (Two Bay). The CloudStation  (Single Bay) 1 TB and 2 TB SRP is Php9,270 and Php11, 160, respectively, while the CloudStation Pro Duo 2TB and 4TB is Php19,380 and Php23,250, respectively. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

CloudStation is distributed by MSI-ECS in the Philippines. For product availability, pricing and technical infos, go to their website, or check their Facebook page.

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  • Huwaw! Ang mahal! I’m looking for the cheapest 1T hard drive available on the market today 🙂

    • March or April pa babalik sa dating price mga hard disk. tsaka ka na lang tumingin bro. 🙂

      • Jon

        Yeah Calvin. Bakit nga nag mahal ung hard disk? Sabi nila gawa ng nag baha sa Thailand..

  • Yikes…

    Gusto ko nito. Kaso, wala pa kong Php23,250 para sa 4TB. Ipon muna – matagal-tagal siguro.

  • Griswold

    hindi ba pwedeng bay lang? walang kasamang HDD sa loob?

  • This would require a high speed internet connection to use and with internet service providers capping internet speeds and limiting data access this seems like a big problem no?

    • true… not for those with poor DSL connections at home.

  • razorous

    I’m wondering if I was affected with the price hike, I got my NAS/WD Live (2TB) for 8690? Do you guys know if the price went up? Or down? TIA

    • according to a contact in PC Express… prices will go down this April. or was it March? I think that 8690 for 2TB was the original SRP so that price is not high.