Cabal Tops Philippine Google Zeitgeist

Google has just released its 2008 Zeitgeist, an aggregration of all the search queries conducted on and on various Google content sites. Part of this Zeitgeist are regional aggregation of search queries, including the Philippines of course. And for this year’s Philippines Google Zeitgeist, the fastest rising search query was for online game Cabal.

Other fastest rising search query for the Philippine Google Zeitgeits include are the following:

  • cabal
  • psp
  • comments
  • emo
  • naruto
  • multiply
  • mozilla
  • realize lyric

Interestingly, I’ve never searched about these queries before but of course I know what some of them are such as friendster, multiply, psp, and mozilla. As for the other search terms including Cabal, Naruto, and emo, I usually hear them from my 15-year old son.

Another interesting thing to note is the presence of social networking sites friendster and multiply and the absence of Facebook and MySpace. Of course, Friendster is the top social networking sites for Filipinos and Multiply ranks second.

But if you look closely into these search queries, you could deduce that majority of the demographics of web searchers for the Philippines perhaps the young generations.

As for the other categories of searches, Charice Empengco tops the Showbiz-related searches, and Manny Pacquiao got the biggest local search volume.

For the other categories, you may want to take at look at it from here.

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  • Cabal and eGames shows how an MMORPG SHOULD be marketed.

    Unfortunately most MMO companies won’t or can’t do it.

  • I can’t believe that Filipinos actually search for “mozilla” and not “firefox”.

    Also, I knew that the song Realize was popular but I didn’t think it was that popular to be included in the zeitgeist.

    What’s surprising is that not one showbiz act made it in our list. 😀