Adverts on Cable?

This is way crappy.

For some months now, I’ve noticed that local cable companies are advertising on the popular channels.

Take Nickelodeon, AXN, Cartoon network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel. All of these channels that feature ads for their own shows during breaks now also feature ads for Sky, Home Cable, and affiliated companies like Sky Internet.

To me, this is unacceptable.

I pay more than PhP 600 a month for cable, and I expect to have clean, clear cable programming, and not the crappy commercial-filled programming of free TV.

True, I get no commercials during HBO, Star, or Cinemax movies, but since Nickolodeon is what’s most commonly watched in my household (I got a toddler and an infant), I find it difficult not to get mad when the commercials are slipped in between the show breaks.

It used to be discreet, in that the timing was perfect enough not to notice some breaks in the channel’s own programming. But now, Nick’s (and I suppose the other channels’) own inter-program ads are being eaten into by the local ads.

I upgraded from HOME cable to Sky Cable (owned by the same company) since I thought I’d get no more of the “upgrade to sky cable” ads henceforth.

But I was wrong.

Makes me think of giving up my Sky cable subscription for something else.

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  • I commiserate. AXN and Star World are getting unbearable. And I still remember the days when Cartoon Network didn’t have any commercials. They just had shorts between shows to fill up time. Those were the days… *sigh*

  • Ditto. I’m on Home Cable and their constant plugging to upgrade to Sky and Zpdee annoys me to no end!

  • May I just recommend the “free” cable subscriptions being offered by *ahem* enterprising cable linemen? 🙂

  • @ Marc

    hahaha! point me to one! 😀

  • Here’s what I would do (this is just me thinking out loud, haven’t done this promise).

    1. Tell cable company, “Disconnect me”.

    2. Wait for lineman to arrive.

    3. Tell maid/guard to contact you when lineman arrives.

    4. When lineman arrives, make hints as to why you really don’t want to disconnect, it’s just that I can’t afford the luxury of cable right now. The X pesos per month is draining my coffers…if only there’s a one-time payment option available (after saying this, look in lineman’s direction)

    5. If lineman is enterprising, you’re ok. If not, repeat step 4. If that still fails, tell him you’ve changed your mind; you’re not stopping your subscription. After two months, repeat step 1.

    now you know why they need to run adverts on cable shows… 😉

  • I also dont like the ticker that shows local ads on some of the channels. Imagine, while watching HBO, may lalabas na lang na advertisement sa isang bagong bukas na parlor sa kanto. I dont know if this happens until now but I was so bad trip about it and called SkyCable… to no avail (obviously). This was 8 years ago.


  • You are tired of getting ads on HBO? Most people in the Philippines don’t know how lucky they are that they are getting channels like HBO, Showtime, for free. Money has to come from somewhere. Thank God for TIVO.

  • dana_darcy329

    It has been 3 weeks since I had a single cable channel in my tv. Destiny cable said that they will fix the problem but until now they haven’t and I always have to call them for the actual schedule. IT SUCKS!!!

  • dana_darcy329

    Now, I wanted to switch from Destiny (since they haven’t find time for me to reinstall my cable) to Skycable. Apparently, sky doesn’t want to “have” me as a subscriber and the reason: our building is not suitable to install. The crappy thing is some of the tenants are subscriber of skycable and I was a subscriber of their sister company HOMECABLE.If only their are other cable companies here in MANILA. Their service stinks!

  • apple

    i’m subscribed to destiny but is presently shopping for other cable companies. are there other cable companies in quezon city other than sky/home cable and destiny?

  • phyllis

    how much is the minimum fixed rate for home cable and sky cable?

  • william

    i sometimes do “tha fingah” in front of the tv when skycable adds their ads. WORSE, they’re late pa nga sometimes, that when the ad is done, it’s in the middle of the show.

    if they want advertising badly on channels, a small, almost non-disturbing ticker will do.

    this sometimes annoys me when some channels have very short commercial breaks, they add their ad and piss of everyone watching it.

    agreed. UNACCEPTABLE.

  • MoNyO

    Wow this post was made 2005? I’m with destiny cable and they’ve done the same thing, discovery, nick and cartoon network is becoming unbearable. they’re advertising some candies and health supplements, they even gone as far as getting a voice that sounds like the one for discovery channel…Is this legal? can they actually interrupt the programming of the said networks?

  • At CABLELINK, we only have ads (more like infomercials) on Cablelink TV channel 18 (Community Channel) and these are for our subscribers who on occasion would like to win movie tickets and watch the latest movie premieres, win network give-away items, join family events and more. We don’t put disruptive ads in our channels provided since we know how important it is for subscribers to “stay in the moment”. Respect is a must with regard to our Cable TV services. Call us at 988 5465 (LINK) to find out more.