Cable TV on your computer

Got to know of this one last World Cup season when the local cable tv providers were charging exorbitant amounts to see the games live. And personally, I don’t have the extra PCI slot for a TV Tuner card.
TVU Networks Corporation has a downloadable player for Windows XP that lets you watch some cable channels online.

My main complaint then was there was no fullscreen mode. But TVU Player version 2.2.0 has already solved that. Of course, video and sound quality depends on factors such as connection speed and signal strength from the TV station source.
And their channel line-up is getting impressive. They even have channels direct from the United States.

It’s a good way to waste time on a stormy day.

By the way, a broadband connection is a must.

Credit goes to Bambit and Samuel for this find.

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  • ealden

    Cool! And they have Cartoon Network as well! Very useful when cable TV is down but broadband is up.

    • i really like it!!!it’s so amazing…wohhhooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Astig!

    Whee! ESPN! lol

  • this is soo old news…

  • roland

    any pinoy channels? I was using Beyond TV for a couple of months (my PC in the Phils has a TV tuner running Beyond TV, and I’m watching pinoy shows from here in Canada)… but the strain on a cheap pcs running daily took its toll and it stopped working. Nobody at home knows how to fix the darn thing and I’m based in Canada so, I have to make do with TFC… I’ll probably be able to fix it when I go back for a vacation in 2008…. huhu

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