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Call and send messages to your friends for FREE whenever and wherever they are with Libon

With the number of messaging apps for Android and iOS, it’s hard to come out with new features that capture the interests of mobile phone users. Orange, one of the world’s leading telco and global IT and telco services provider based in France, has an app that takes on instant messaging and VOIP apps such as Skype and Viber, by offering free international calls and chats, plus fresh features not found on popular messaging apps. Here are the things we love about the Libon app.

libon app 1

1) Free unlimited calls and messages.

Just like other VOIP and instant messaging apps, Libon allows users to enjoy FREE unlimited calls and chat to their friends who also have Libon installed on their smartphones and tablets. Users can send texts, pictures, audio messages as well as locations to their Libon contacts.

2) Libon Out Calls

In addition to free unlimited calls to Libon contacts, Libon also allows users to call landlines and mobile phones in more than 140 countries at 1.6¢ /min via the ‘Libon Out’ feature of the app. As a bonus, new Libon users also get free minutes (worth of calls). Know more about this in-app purchase feature and enjoy crystal clear voice quality calls to people closest to you here and here.

libon app 2

Libon is the first messaging app that allows its users to send messages, photos and locations, even to contacts that do not use Libon. This works by redirecting the recipients to an HTML5-based web application that does not require further registration on their end.

4) Customized voicemails

One of the nifty features of Libon that I personally like is the app’s ability to create customized voicemail. Aside from recording your own voicemail, Libon has a number of voicemail assistants (in English, Spanish and French) that can record your voicemail texts. The voicemail can also be customized depending on the contact(s)/groups.

libon app 3

Libon is available for download on Android and iOS. Users can also access Libon from their computers via the Libon Web. Download and know more about Libon and its rates on these links:

Want to win FREE Libon credits? we’re giving away Ten Libon Packs, each with 1000 minutes worth of free calls (minutes may vary slightly depending on country of residence) which you can use to call your friends and relatives anywhere in the world. Just answer this question on the comments section to join:


“If you can call anybody in the world for FREE through Libon, who would you call and why”



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  • Chessika Chua

    If I can call anybody in the world for free through Libon, I would call Adele. Say “Hello, it’s me.”, hopefully be friends with her through phone, and ask “How are you able to make your listeners feel all the feels in love– both the good and hurtful.” Maybe, take the chance to ask some love advice too! 🙂

    • Joey Abiog

      Hi Chessika, Can you reply with your email address? Thanks!