Call Center Connect2 bites the dust

Got this news from a friend who used to work at Connect2 in Fort Bonifacio Global City.

Call center employees were apparently shocked after they learned that the office was closed last Friday, December 9, 2005. There was no advanced notice or explanation provided. The operations just suddenly ceased, offices closed and the agents were never informed of it. To make matters worst, salaries were not remitted along with all other benefits, including their 13th month pay.

Connect2 Inc. is a 2-year old call center company with operations here in Manila and headquarters in the US offering voice, email and live chat services. A medium-sized operation with about 198 seats and capacity 600 agents on 24/7 shift.

Connect2inc took advantage of an abundance of college graduates from an Americanized educational system where English is the primary medium of instruction. This foundation, together with our own Accent Training Programs allow us to provide you the best 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service representatives available.

My source added that their American employers just discontinued taking on their services and decided to close shop that day. I guess they lost one of their major (and maybe only) client. Your guess is as good as mine. Now, you have hundreds of employees not knowing what to do or where to get assistance.

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  • Holy crap. Are we seeing the bursting of the offshoring bubble? This early?

  • That was cracy!

  • Krakista

    It’s just a simple case of a company having very poor marketing.

  • David Meyer

    This is too bad. As an American IT professional, offshoring sucks…and it really sucks when what happened in the Philippines happens to you without warning. That is what has happened to American workers for years now. I have seen many people ruined financially because of offshoring.

    Having said all of that, I am sorry to have it happen to the folks in the Philippines. I think that IF we are going to offshore, it should be like places such as the Philippines where the English is easy to understand, and where the local population is friendly to Americans.

  • was told by insiders this bubble wont burst till 2010. they just need to have the right accounts that are sustainable. by 2010 the study says offshoring will boom in china as their population learns the nuances of english while labor costs in countries like ours increase.

    this one could be just a bad marketing, bad contract.

  • Oh no. It’s bad enough to be out-numbered by the Chinese. But out-Englished? That’s big trouble for the rest of the developing world relying on offshored business.

    We’d better work up on our skills or we’d end up losing our comparative advantage.

  • About our “local population is friendly to Americans” advantage: what locations are not friendly? China?

  • I believe that outsourcing industry is still on its infancy stage the main donimator is how experienced and qualified those companies offering these services. Im not surprise why this company folded so soon, just run through their website and you should know right there and then.

  • Ah, we near the end of traditional CRM. Personally, I’m sick of hearing local luddites who think call centers are the only profitable thing about IT.

    Time for Filipinos to move up to higher-value services.

  • Advancement

    Nice to see Mike Abundo finally see the light. šŸ™‚

  • fafarrahzzi

    nuh-uh. don’t think the Chinese can ever “out-English” us. it’s all in the primary language. our native tongue is more well-adapted (for lack of a better term) for mimicking the American twang. not to mention that we as a people are just so gung-ho about all things American (in general, anyway), which makes cultural adaptation more of a breeze for us.

    as for the abovementioned call center, one bad example doesn’t necessarily signal the demise of an industry. the company’s not even in the big leagues. and besides, forecasts are so because these are what the current trends in the market show. maybe it won’t be as rosy for us in the following years, but the industry sure won’t die out so soon.

  • beliv8

    This is not new in the call center business. Poor employees though… šŸ™ I used to work at Technion Communications Corp. Philippines, Inc. at 8F Insular Life Tower, Alabang and same thing happened. It ceased operations June 10, 2005 and nothing was heard from the management since then. Last salary was not fully paid, no 13th month pay, no separation pay… A case was filed at NLRC Cubao but nothing happened.

  • Great Job
    interesting topic , I would like to read more on this topic and call center services .

  • Joeben

    Hi! I was one of the unfortunate employees of Connect2…. yeah we were shocked when this happened just imagine you coming into office knowing that it is payday on that day wow! to find out that nothings there anymore! and I heard that they started a new company then the following year they close down again without informing everyone… I cant forget the names of the people involved!