Call for Papers OS Summit Asia 2007

There’s the OS Summit Asia 2007 this November 26-30 at the Cyberport, Hong Kong. It’s a joint conference between the Apache and Eclipse Foundations so there’s definitely a community of people who are passionate about open source and there’d be activities to interact and exchange ideas with each other. If you go to this con, you get the chance to meet up with interesting people in the open source community and the region in particular! And as it turns out they have a call for papers so it’s your chance to show what you’ve got to share. And I am pretty sure that there are folks out there who have bright ideas 😉 If you haven’t had the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas because you’re busy with work and all that, maybe it’s time to take a bit of time to share your expertise with others in the open source community.

Topics are:
* ASF-wide projects such as Apache HTTP server, Tomcat, Struts, Geronimo, mod_perl and XML Web Services
* Eclipse-wide projects such as BI and Reporting Tools (BIRT), Web Tools Platform (WTP), Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), Data Tools Platform (DTP), Equinox and the Rich Client Platform (RCP)
* Programming languages such as Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and PHP
* Web development technologies and techniques including security, performance tuning, e-commerce and J2EE
* New technologies and trends such as Web Services and Web 2.0
* Open source community and business models, legal and marketing issues
* Open source projects and activities in Asia, local efforts and case studies

Deadline’s on July 13 and you still have time to submit your works. For more details, check out the OS Summit website page on the call for papers.

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