Call the US and Canada Free via SkypeOut + VPN Hack

Remember my earlier post about free US and UK incoming numbers? Now you can call back, free–at least in the US and Canada, that is.

SkypeOut has this promo until year-end that allows anyone within the US and Canada to call landline and mobile phones from within these two countries free. But what if you’re located outside of North America? You’ll still be charged the regular SkypeOut rates.

But of course, there’s a workaround to this. You can still call the US and Canada free even if you’re in the Philippines.

How? Simple. Use a VPN. I outlined the steps over at ForeverGeek, as follows:

  1. Download and install iPIG.
  2. Connect to iPIG (you will be then tunneling thru iPIG’s US server.
  3. Run Skype.
  4. Call the US and Canada free!

Enjoy calling!

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  • I need for free to call canada from Egypt .
    Please send me a free software to call canada for free , no fees , no charges , completely free , please send me.
    Thank you

  • karen

    i tried this… but i need an account first. ayaw naman mag open nung site para maka gawa ko account 🙁

  • Jinish

    Please sent me this software i’m not using it right now….. Please inform me its uses also…

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  • issa

    is this safe? i mean it can connect with my computer and all…

  • you can use vpn to bypass iphone