Calling Pinoy Web 2.0 Companies

In response to my podcast outsourcing services post, Glenn Santos disclosed that he has plans of putting up a service.

Who else is joining Web 2.0? Is anyone cooking up a hot new search engine and solving the Pinoy Search question? Or putting together an AJAX site with new ways of calling public APIs?

I’d like to hear from you and feature you here in Pinoy Tech Blog. You could either have a Pinoy-oriented service, or operate something for the global community.

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  • I’ve been wondering about this as well. All of our local websites seem to still be in the 1.0 stage.

    Some things I would personally like to see, whether in the Philippines or elsewhere:

    1) RSS feeds for new posts in existing forums (like PEX or Prendster)
    2) AJAX-based forums and message boards
    3) An MMORPG with casual content creation
    4) Something like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for Pinoys cause we all need the extra money!
    5) Google Maps meet

  • Migz, do we have a Web 2.0 Workgroup here?

  • putobongbong

    hi, can I join ?
    but I am not pinoy though…

  • I’d like a Google Maps meets CuteCrowd meets smart triangular locator thingy 🙂

  • Jolo: Not enough local Web 2.0 people.

    Marc: Keep quiet man, people will know what I’m up to!!

  • I think someone must initiate though. 😀
    It’s good to see if we could catch up.

  • Andre

    is there a mobile search that uses location based tracking to give you the nearest locations of what your looking for?

  • try the e-yellow pages location based service.

    also related, perhaps, is

    ka edong
    trying to find myself

  • Andre, those location based “finder” services have been around for years. Some even give you a MMS map. The catch is that you need to know the name or type of establishment (e.g. “BPI”, or “bank”). Something that searches for arbitrary things, doesn’t exist yet to my knowledge. How do you index those things?

  • hiro

    how accurate the mobile triangular locator in manila ?
    i think it is fun to have map service with such tech for philippines but not sure how much the resolution of location take from mobile without gps…

  • It’s only good for the general location. Based on my tests compared to GPS, it can be off by a kilometer.

  • right on, migs.

    I tried a service on addict mobile via MMS around two years ago.

    It gave me an MMS map and described in words my current location.

    Something like “You are at the top of Session Road near Piltel Bldg.” It would have been enough info if I were a stranger in a strange place.

    ka edong

  • Web 2.0 + mCommerce + LBS == Exciting! 😀

    Embed location metadata to websites. Or maybe tie it up with DNS entries. Maybe that would allow you to someday tell search engines “find fellow bloggers within a 5 kilometer radius”

    Jolo is right, someone should initiate. A central pinoy repository of web 2.0 ideas would be nice.



  • hiro

    im really interested discussing more , is there any place talk about the project ?

  • Blogger addresses? No, DNS is not the place to do it since a single A record can point to many things. The proper method is the GeoInfo schema. I have elaborated further in my blog posts: Building a custom aggregator on Roller, and Google Maps Metro Manila API Demo. The result may look something like my proof of concept (see the “Map” tab and compare it with “Planet”).

    If you can put GeoInfo tags into your blog posts or overall headers, then we can aggregate them already. Now how to get that… well you’ll need a GPS, or LBS access. I’ll see how to give you guys access, you know how it is with telco resources, they are tightly guarded.

    For commercial apps – I may be coming up with a LBS commerce app, but other Content Providers are welcome to join the party and compete!

    For Web 2.0 ideas repository: Yeah that would be great, but for now I think we don’t have enough. Let’s just keep them coming in this post!

  • I am an employee in one of call centers here in the
    Philippines and I was able to review all the search criteria and I
    came up with one Call Center that meets all those criteria:
    Try this site

  • not that i am sour graping or bad mouthing filipino IT’s and companies but, in the states, based on the source ive read ( they cant even figure out what web 2.0 means.. pretty much is just an improved version of an old ones, e.g. netscape (old) and google (new).. before we can even call and pinpoint a pinoy web 2.0 company, do we REALLY have a pinoy web 1.0..?

  • well we can go straight to web 2.0 can’t we? anyway who cares about the terms let’s just do the stuff.

    a call center with web search? how’s that?

  • taga pldt ka nga.. that same notion i get whwnever i speak to anyone of PLDTs cust rep: who cares..

    ask mo ung mga blogger dito if they care about the terms that basically describes the fundamental reasons why they blog..

  • “Web 2.0” is just a term, it’s up to the companies and the users – us – to define it. I had some earlier thoughts on Mobile 2.0.

  • New Pinoy-run global sites… good good good.

    No action in Podwriter?

  • i just updated my site,, i added two new features; one is the scrolling navigation, mimicking a flash navigation conveyor belt thingie i saw before; and the other one, the intro page, i thought of putting AJAX in it but i realized i am not gonna offer RSS service anyway since you can already see a snapshot of the pages you want there, so i just decided to put a drag and drop window resembling the way you interact with your computer.. the design still kinda lame but its workable..

  • Abroad:

    Yubnub social command line for the web: Pinoy in Canada, Jon Aquino

    Flickr: founder Caterina Fake describes herself as half Filipino.


    Luis Buenaventura’s Gibbity game discovery and OKS (I wrote about this already)

  • The idea of having a Philippine Web20Workgroup is good. Web2.0 is pretty much a marketing buzz , the “technologies” being implemented have been around for years and others have been using even before the term was coined… O nga, how about a web20workgroup for the philippines? Let’s get some buzz out and get developers excited as well.

    – tracking the web2.0 buzz from mindanao

  • It looks like the Pinoy Web 2.0 buzz died down.

  • Erman

    Hi guys,

    I am Pinoy based here in San Diego, CA and I have a prototype project. I am looking for some serious Web Developer with strong Ajax, API (Google) and also know Symfony (requires PHP 5) as the development tool for the site. I already have a sample layout for the page and lots of idea in mind to discuss about this project that I can say a social networking tools that will be mostly feed to handheld devices like iphone or blackberry and the likes. I have all the API codes and its just need embedding. Please let me know if anyone is interested to help me on my project and how much it will cost me.

    PS, mga kababayan, huwag masyado mahal ha, pero huwag naman rock bottom price na wala kayong ganang gawin. If this project gained grounds, you’ll be more compensated.

    Serious Web Developer only, please. I’ll give you my Yahoo Messenger Voice login so you can call me on my celpon anytime between 7PM to 11PM PST.

    Salamat po.


  • Great, let’s make this the Pinoy Web 2.0 job board. Bring on the posts!

  • Berlin

    we really need a web 2.0 board. nothing fancy. I can host it.

  • This is exactly what we have at! We’re still finalizing the layout and interviewing those few tech startups that we know of. If you also fall under “web startup”, whether you’re still developing your product or it’s fully launched, do email me at hello (at)

  • Great post, very informative. Is there a mobile search that uses location based tracking to give you the nearest locations of what your looking for?

    this is Finder all in one!