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Can Philippine Typhoons Disrupt iPod Production?

A steady supply of iPods is necessary to keep the USA happy. Did you know that a critical part of their supply chain is right here in Laguna?

I read this article, Tuning out supply chain risk, a few weeks ago. I remembered it now that Reming/Durian is coming.  iPod hard drives are by a company in Laguna Technopark – he did not mention who, but I’m guessing and googling it’s Fujitsu?

The author did a business continuity plan before Milenyo hit, and found that iPod production is very dependent on the Laguna Technopark. Another hard drive maker, and a spindle manufacturer, are at the same location. If Reming destroys these, generally unhappiness in the USA?

If only the complete iPod was made here, then we could either have big discounts, or “overrun” products like garments.

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  • I live just accross LTI. I strongly believe that there’s nothing to worry about.

  • The whole production will never be at the same area. It would be nice, but it won’t happen.

    Ipod related:United States has banned Ipods to North Korea.

    That’s right… Drop another bomb, and maybe the United States will take away Britney Spears Songs..

  • I think the iPod’s hard disk is made by Toshiba. The HD is one of the iPod’s most crucial parts. The glass plates for hard disks and the other parts are situated right beside each other (different companies).

  • Which is the situation the columnist is writing about – how could iPod production survive if there’s a problem in the Philippines?

    Good thing the Americans aren’t demanding a “100% Made in the USA” iPod – how much would that cost, 2X? 4X?

  • I am still confident that having “Pod Parts” and other plants in LTI is not a bad idea.

    Details on the link is not that accurate. The area around LTI is not subject to regular flooding. The nearest place that I can recall that can get flooded is Balibago, which is out of the way to get to SLEX.

    The author is indeed an alarmist. Power was restored at LTI the next day after Milenyo hit Manila.