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Can the Samsung Galaxy Player compete with the iPod Touch?

Samsung is set to unveil their new Galaxy Player next month at the CES 2011 and a lot of people who’ve heard of it thinks that this is Samsung’s direct response to Apple’s successful iPod Touch.


So can the Samsung Galaxy Player really compete with the iPod Touch? Initial specs revealed include a 4-inch SLCD display, Android 2.2 OS, 1 GHz processor, and 3.2 megapixel rear camera with a front facing one. It’s like a Samsung Galaxy S stripped off its call and SMS features.

Given those details, here’s our preliminary Galaxy Player vs. iPod Touch argument.


The Galaxy Player’s 4-inch display is bigger than the Touch’s 3-5-inch. Bigger screen is better when you want to watch videos, play games or simply use an on-screen keyboard. However, Retina Display still trumps SLCD, not to mention that the Touch has a higher resolution despite it’s smaller screen at 960 x 640 as opposed to the 800 x 480 on the Galaxy Player.

I’m going with the Touch on this one. Bigger resolution is better than bigger screen for me.


Both devices have 1 GHz processor. Too bad we don’t know how much ROM the Galaxy Player will have as that will also affect the performance of the device. However, things just seem speedier on an Android than on an iOS platform so a 1 GHz chip will go a long way for Samsung here.

Samsung wins in this department by virtue of Android being more streamlined when it comes to its processes.


3.2 megapixel vs. 0.7 megapixel? You do the math. Samsung wins here hands down. I’m sure Samsung can replicate the good quality of the 5mp camera on the Galaxy S to the Galaxy Player. Video recording would probably be a tie though since the Touch can already do 720p HD recording which is sufficient coming from a portable device.

Platform (Android vs iOS)

Both mobile platform has its pros and cons.

There’s one big advantage of Android devices over iOS ones which I don’t think Apple will remedy anytime soon. Real Flash support! Not Flash Lite but Flash Player 10. I’ve seen it and used it in action and it works really really well on a mobile device.

Android users also get to enjoy widgets on their devices. This is particularly helpful for productivity apps so you don’t have to open applications just to check status, updates, events, etc.

USB disk drive feature is inherently built-in as well. You gotta love not requiring any software just to dump photos, music, videos on your device. And how big of an advantage is having an expandable card slot? More movies can be stored on a spare SD card which you can slap on your Galaxy Player any time you want.

The iPod Touch has a BIG advantage when it comes to apps though, especially quality games that an Android device couldn’t compete with just yet. You can also buy music from the iTunes App Store directly from your Touch as well.

Samsung Galaxy Player and iPod Touch 4G feature comparison

Samsung Galaxy PlayeriPod Touch 4G
  • 4-inch SLCD display (800 x 480)
  • Android 2.2
  • 3.2 megapixel rear camera
  • 8GB, 16GB, 32GB with support for  microSD card
  • Support for Flash 10.1
  • Built-in USB disk drive mode
  • Productivity widgets
  • Swype keyboard
  • Replaceable battery
  • 3.5-inch Retina Display (960 x 640)
  • iOS 4.2
  • 0.7 megapixel rear camera
  • no support for expandable memory
  • no Flash support
  • relies on iTunes
  • more and better apps/games from the App Store
  • Gamecenter


Apple marketed the iPod Touch as a gaming device which won’t creep into the iPhone’s market. I think the Galaxy Player is more of a media player device rather than a gaming device with the paltry selection of Android games compared to iOS games.

Android do have lots of nifty productivity apps on its Market but, and here’s a big but, would you rather buy an Android smartphone or a Galaxy Player? I know a lot of people owning a smartphone and an iPod Touch but I don’t think a lot of iPhone users will want something like a Galaxy Player. But who knows?

The iPod Touch is an all-in-one non-phone device that would suit a lot of people especially those into casual gaming on the go. The Galaxy Player is more of a super-PMP device that would really appeal for non-gamers who doesn’t need a smartphone. If the Galaxy Player is going to be priced cheaper than the iPod Touch then it probably might be able to compete with the iPod Touch.

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  • “It’s like a bigger Samsung Galaxy S stripped off its call and SMS features.”

    I think they have the same screen-size. How is the PMP bigger? Thickness? Weight?

    I agree on your point on current Android smartphone owners needing this one. I own a Galaxy S and it does all of what this PMP can. I guess this one’s for someone who wants the power of Android but doesn’t want to dive deep into the smartphone realm yet.

  • John

    the galaxy player has TV, right?

    • It doesn’t say in their announcement. But if it’s a stripped down version of the Galaxy S or the Galaxy Tab then it won’t have TV.

    • Jake

      The tv only works in Korea and maybe some other places in Asia but if you live in the us the tv will Only be a useless antenna
      Hopefully they will release a version in other places like the us and uk etc. That doesn’t have the antenna
      Hopefully a black version too because that white is kinda ugly

  • I go with the the Android because it supports my FLAC files. Oh yeah! FLAC > ALAC. lol