Canon introduces new compact shooters with high performance functions

Interested in replacing your old digital camera anytime soon? Check out these new line of smarter and better point-and-shoot cameras from Canon.

These new compact shooters produce better and sharper photos even in challenging lighting conditions thanks to Canon’s HS (High Sensitivity) System, Advanced Image Stabilization and smarter Auto mode. They are also already equipped with HD movie recording which could provide useful for the holiday festivities.

IXUS 1000 HS

The stylish IXUS 1000 HS is the world’s slimmest, fully-flat compact digital camera with a 10x optical zoom lens.

IXUS 1000 HS

Users can take advantage of the Best Image Selection mode which automatically selects the best of five continuously taken shots. This process is so quick that users can start taking the next shot with virtually no lag time.

Night scenes can be captured in their original mood with the Handheld Night Scene without having to use a tripod.

The new High-Speed Burst mode makes it possible to shoot up to 8.8fps (frames per second). At such high speeds, capturing critical action shots has been made easier.

The IXUS 1000HS also records Full HD movies (1080p) with Stereo Sound with a dedicated movie button and playback using the Super Slow Motion movie mode for a dramatic theater-like feel.

Motion blur is moderated with the help of the Dynamic IS technology whereas emphasis of the subject by background blurring, known as the bokeh effect, is possible using the new Miniature Effect in movie.

IXUS 1000HS comes in brown, silver and pink.

SRP: Php26,950

PowerShot SX130 IS

The new PowerShot SX130 IS”˜s 28mm wide-angle lens supports up to 12x optical zoom giving users the flexibility to shoot photographs and HD movies with wide scenes or zoom in to subjects to capture more details.

PowerShot SX130 IS

The PowerShot SX130 IS comes with a 12.1 megapixel CCD sensor with image stabilization that minimizes camera shake.

For sharp images in dimly lit situations, the PowerShot SX130 IS’s Low Light Mode effectively reduces image noise and blur.

With its Smart Auto mode, Easy mode and Manual shooting mode, users can create stunning photos or express their photographic talents swimmingly.

SRP: Php15,950

PowerShot S95

The new PowerShot S95 is slimmer than its predecessors and offers more powerful features. This lightweight prosumer camera shoots HD movies and comes with the HS System.

canon powershot s95

The PowerShot S95 is fitted with a bright, f/2.0 lens which offers more flexibility in artistic expression. Users can choose faster shutter speeds to prevent blurred images brought about by camera shake, or emphasize a subject using natural background blurring or the bokeh effect.

Crystal clear macro photographs can be taken with the PowerShot S95’s Hybrid IS function which drastically cuts down camera shake. The PowerShot S95’s Tracking Auto Focus feature also enables it to track and focus on moving subjects with ease.

By rotating the Control Ring in front of the camera, users can also change settings such as the aspect ratio, contrast, and ISO speeds more quickly and easily.

SRP: Php27,950

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