Can’t Wait for Google’s GDrive, Eh? Try Streamload.

Streamload is an online storage service that probably a token few subscribers signed up for just the heck of it: a subscriber such as me. So, it was a semi-surprise that I received an email update from them, proclaiming a 150% increase of their 10GB storage for free accounts. Yes, 25GB of free online storage, but here are the account limits:

Downloads. Freeloaders may only download 100 files or 100 MB, whichever comes first, per month.

File size. Freeloaders cannot download any file greater than 10 MB. Note, you may upload and store files greater than 10 MB to test our service, but you will not be able to download these files until you purchase a Download Subscription.

Storage. Freeloaders have 10 GBs of storage (sic; its 25GB already)

File hosting. Freeloader accounts cannot host files.

Email Links. Freeloader accounts cannot send email links.

Files per message. Freeloaders can send 100 files per message.

Looks decent enough for online backups for free. A notable plus would be their platform-rich upload tools listed here.

I’m just not that comfy with the term Freeloader, though; seems like a label to make you feel guilty and pay for an account.

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  • I don’t find it decent. I’ve been a subscriber since post-summer 2005. UI’s pretty weird specially with all the limitations.

    100MB/month downstream sucks.

  • Good user feedback, jp_loh. Come to think of it, I did forget to mention it runs on ASP, which I’m not so hot about.

  • Here’s a Pinoy startup doing backup: Xackup.

  • I can’t wait for GDrive, either. That’s why I use Gmail Drive. 😉

  • I have been an enthusiastic DriveHQ user for almost 2 years. Their service is great!

    All GDrive features are long available and better on Visit and watch the demo.

    # Backup. DriveHQ Online Backup works great. It has a lot of high-end features, much better than GDrive, including versioning, scheduled backup, encrypted storage, compressed upload, incremental backup and resuming, etc.

    # Sync. DriveHQ FileManager can sync multiple PCs, multiple user accounts.

    # VPN-less access. You can access your data from anywhere using a web browser, any FTP client, or DriveHQ Cline software, or SMTP/POP3 email with Outlook!

    # Collaborate. DriveHQ Group Account service is a true enterprise class collaboration platform. You can easily share folders to different people with different access rights. DriveHQ Group Account owner / admin can create/manage/delete sub-accounts.

    # Disconnected access. On the plane? VPN broken? All your files are still accessible as DriveHQ FileManager can cache the data for offline access! DriveHQ even offers SMTP/POP3 emails for offline Outlook access with unlimited email storage!

    DriveHQ offers basic service for free. So why the hype and why the wait? Sign up at: