Can’t Wait For The New Yahoo Mail Release?

If Yahoo Mail looking like MS Outlook -as some Beta testers have confirmed- is enticing webmail GUI news for you, I’ll offer something else similar that I just discovered (probably old hat to some, though): AJAX Yahoo! Mail

Preview your messages with a single click. Adds AJAX support to the Yahoo! mail. If you use Yahoo! mail just try it out.

  • Preview your messages without leaving your inbox. Adds a small “plus sign” next to your email list. Click on the “plus sign” to preview the message.
  • Send back messages with a single click using Instant Reply
  • Download any attachment with a single click

Of course, its only just a Firefox extension, and from the onset, just clones Gmail’s much-praised AJAX format.

While we’re at it, more Firefox extensions!:

Yahoo Mail Notifier
Gmail Notifier

Definitely must-haves for the obsessive-compulsive email checker 🙂

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  • wrencelot

    isnt it yahoo who came up with the mail notifier first which is bundled with their yahoo messenger..? anyway, i hope either one of msn (msn messenger) google (google talk) or yahoo (yahoo messenger) would come up with a widget where you can read your emails or preview at least part of your emails where you can erase is on the spot without signing in, pretty much what outlook can do, ‘coz thats gonna be like, awesome..

    hey wait, i can do that with a pop3 on my outlook..

  • I guess you’re right, but the beauty of these notifiers is that they’re FF extensions, instead of full-blown programs 🙂

    I was able to get insider look on Hotmail Beta, and…. well, two expected words came up: AJAX, and gigabytes.

  • I’ve been using Yahoo mail in Outlook for some time now with freepops (ypops also)