Career in Blogging

I only know of one person who’s living off from blogging at home and I sure do hope that the number will soon grow from that example. I have meet and talked with other bloggers who have the potential of going the same path or are already fast becoming a pro-blogger. The numbers might still be small but it’s a promising agenda — earn a living off blogging.

Quite a few bloggers have openly revealed how much they earn from AdSense but the figures are already significant to prove that it is very doable.

In our last PTB Meet-up, I was surprised to learn that there are also people going to office just to blog. I haven’t checked if it’s okay for her that I mention this here but from what little information I gathered, this has been going on for quite some time now in some offices in Makati. Yes, professional bloggers. That’s pretty neat I might add.

Anyway, I remember about a year ago that dot.PH was looking for a (specific) blogger to do their corporate blog to push sales of their i.PH service (and the salary offer was also good!). I guess they did not push thru with it since the offer was declined.

Just some little tidbits that could add up to something bigger for the Philippine blogosphere in the next couple fo years.

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  • The industry is promising. US blogger salaries can run into six figures in US$.

  • 5 figure $ a month would be nice 🙂

  • 5-figure per month is a lot! hehehe That’s more than half a million pesos!

  • Guys, any tips in Adsense? Been adding google’s ads for quite some time now but I’ve got a measly 3-digit figure: 0.XX 🙁

  • Richard, I have three tips:

    Increase traffic
    Increase traffic
    Increase traffic

    And of course, there’s ad placement and layout/color scheme. 😉

  • adsense leader board at top of the page
    skyscraper in left column
    ad link unit below leaderboard
    then the trick is blend it all in so it looks exactly like your website 🙂

  • Hey Richard join the (shameless self plug) SEO Philippines mailing list. AdSense and other site monetization avenues are frequent discussion topics. Follow the link to my blog.

  • To add to what Mr. Racoma said, increase traffic by not only making your blog look pretty – actually GIVE something back to your readers. The best blogs out there not only abound in DECENT content, they also do it CONSISTENTLY.

    Learn to write, and learn to do it well. No one’s going to take you seriously if your writing is full of spelling and grammatical errors. Once you get that down, learn how to write consistently, and make sure you’re actually hitting your target audience. Just putting ads on your site hoping people will click them is just plain stupid.

    The content will make the people come. The content will drive AdSense. The content will make people coming back, increasing your traffic and your chances that they’ll find something interesting in your ads.

    The bottom line is, the ads should be second priority. If people find what you’re blogging about interesting, then let the process happen by itself. Blogging purely to profit will not only degrade the quality of your work, but also weed out the posers from those who actually have something decent to say.

  • *content will make people KEEP coming back

  • I guess Mr. Macalua here has influenced me a lot in terms of respecting the search engines’ raw power. So join us in SEO Philippines.

  • thanks for all advice.

    marc, thanks for the seo invite and approval.

  • That’s right. Learn to write well and consistently. I try to keep readers coming back with relevant but light-hearted tech discussions.

    Some people do it the easy way, by scraping content off other sites (i.e. without permission from the authors). But I’m not for this kind of activity.

    Use your creativity and imagination. 😉

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