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Carmudi Relaunch: Buy and Sell Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles

Carmudi, Philippines’ number 1 car buy and sell website yesterday relaunched their website offering a host of new features to ease the process of buying and selling cars online. Already number one just after 10 months of launching, they are also number one in several other countries like Pakistan, UAE, Nigeria and Bangladesh, also just after a year or so after launching.

Currently, they boast of having over 20,000 listings from dealers alone and getting around 350,000 page views a month. Having already 2 office and around 35 employees, they are still expanding to make buying and selling cars easier and safer.

Some of the new features include:
Search by brand, by body style, or by lifestyle



Parked car comparison


Your own garage (account) with statistics for sellers


Not only can you look for cars, you can also buy or sell motorcycles and trucks. By January 2015, they are said to launch a loan calculator by partnering with several major banks to give the buyers an idea of what to expect when getting a loan. Next in the pipeline is an extensive database of cars wherein you can check out the information you might need on a certain vehicle and compare them with each other. For sellers, expect that before Q1 2015 ends, you’ll already get to experience their new dealer analytics wherein you can find useful information pertaining to the cars you are selling (eg average price of vehicle A is only around 95,000 and you are selling it 30,000 higher and the likes)


Last on the current plan for first quarter next year is the new car showroom. It’s like a virtual car showroom where people can look and purchase brand new cars. What they have in mind is, after selling your car, you can now opt to purchase either a second hand car or a brand new car. They want everything car buying and selling related to be in their site. Sort of a one stop shop.

With those improvements in the pipeline and others yet not mentioned as they will not stop improving, they have a good chance of staying as the leader in car classified ads sector. Do check out their site at www.carmudi.com.ph

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