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Celebrity Blog Site Run By Pinoys

From INQ7: Filipino tech firm starts Hollywood celebrity download site :

Filipino-owned system integration firm MDI is set to launch its first international subsidiary, a content provider catering to multi-media downloads from Hollywood celebrities.

MDI’s “œBlogstar” (www.blogstar.com) will feature multimedia content uploaded by Hollywood celebrities, which include SMS, picture messages, video and audio clips that can be viewed from the site and downloaded to a multimedia phone.

The name “Blogstar” is because the content uploaded is a mobile blog accessed by paying subscribers. Despite the INQ7 article title, the service is not just about Hollywood people. They have celebrities like athletes.

The MDI group gained its mobile experience from Wolfpac, a mobile content company sold to Smart. The company was also the owner of Meridian Telekoms, likewise sold to Smart and is now the backbone for “Smart WiFi.” The group is also no stranger to digital content, as they own Microwarehouse, the iPod distributor.

More about the MDI group and its managing director Myla Villanueva, from Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year 2004 and INQ7: US college graduate’s bet on RP pays off.

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  • hmmmmm wonder what their connnections are

  • Connections to Hollywood? They have an agent, it’s in the INQ7 article.

    Connections to the Internet and the US mobile networks? That’s confidential of course…

  • Myla Villanueva

    Hi Mr Paraz, Mr Tanner,

    This is Myla. I am a director and Chief Strategy officer in Blogstar. One of my partners is Hollywood is maverick producer Ted Field who produced Last Samurai, Jumanji, Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Amityville, etc. He is also founder of largest independent record company sold to Universal called Interscope records.

    He helped start careers of Tupac Shakur, Dr Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, No Doubt and Gwen Stefani etc.

    We do not have an agent, we go direct and co-produce content with Hollywood, Sports and Recording celebs.

    Technology for web, wap proudly Philippine made.

    We have launched with Sprint, Cingular, all US operators except Verizon, all Spanish telcos Amena, Voda, Telefonica and finally all UK operators.

    Going Asian and Lat Am by second quarter.


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  • Ariel Allera

    I must be obsessed about Regine Velasquez. Truth is that every time I go to the net cafe, I spend more than 3 hours googling her, much less viewing/listening to her on YouTube. My top 3 favorite videos of hers are Regine: Whenever You Are, Regine: Listen (2), Regine: Hurt. I know that some people don’t like her; they say she can’t do better than belting out, causing irritation in their ears. Well, of course, I beg to disagree. Maybe they haven’t heard her sing an entire song, so that what they could’ve noticed is every time she belts out. Had they taken time to listen to all of her songs, they would’ve changed their mind and realized that Regine herself was and will always be a music to their ears. There may be other great singers who seem to have made a mark in the international arena, but then no one can ever be compared with Regine for being so full of soul and emotions. To say that she’s Asia’s Songbird is an oversimplification.
    — Ariel Allera, [email protected]

  • Ariel Allera


    Miss Cebu has always been one of the biggest events in town to look forward to each year. This year’s pomp and pageantry will take place come January 14 (Wednesday night at 8) at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino’s Pacific Grand Ballroom… to be telecast live on Studio 23.

    Two of the aspirants are members of A.D. Models Philippines (managed by friend Dexter Alazas), the same agency that takes care of Miss Earth Karla Henry. They are Candidate #12 Kris Janson and Candidate # 9 Michelle Iva Eguia (Isa). Both are equally gorgeous yet qualified to be crowned as Miss Cebu 2009.

    One of the special awards to be given out during the coronation night will be Miss Internet (or something like that). Hence, I’m inviting as many people as far as this generic message goes to vote for the one candidate who deserves the award more than the others. I’ve talked to most of the girls, and while every one is entitled for the title, there’s one who stands out on account of her platform to make the most of her reign by teaching young Cebuano women the essence of body image (read: so that they should stop worrying about their weight, size, height, color, and whatnot). With that alone (among many others), we bet she should win not only the Miss Internet special award but, of course, the most coveted title of Miss Cebu 2009.

    I’m talking about Candidate # 9 Michelle Iva Eguia (Isa). She’s currently a Dean’s Lister at the Center for International Education on her Business Management studies. Not only does she have the wits, the brains, the smarts and the gift of gab, but more importantly, she has a very passionate heart. Her sunny disposition makes her stand out amongst the girls; her fluency bespeaks her spirituality in that she talks with a lot of sense and substance as a by-product of her pure thoughts and pacific emotions.

    Now, with all of the above, why can’ t she be the next Miss Cebu?

    Anyhow, there are voting booths at SM City and at the Ayala Center which you can utilize for free.

    To vote through Globe, text VOTE(space)FOR(space)MSCEBU(space)ISA and send to 2278.

    To vote using the internet, kindly go to http://www.cebucitytourism.com/ms_cebu_2009 and follow the links leading to Candidate # 9 Michelle Iva “Isa” G. Eguia.

    I guess, the safest or easiest way to get to the link is by simply copying the URL below and pasting the same in the address bar:


    Thank you very much. Rest assured, Michelle Iva Eguia is going to make a perfect Miss Cebu should we give her the chance to prove her worth. May God bless us all!


    Ariel Allera
    Publicist, A.D. Models Philippines

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  • jennifer

    i think there already is such a site like that already: http://celebrityimg.com/?view=cat&search=Philippines

  • Thanks for the post. I added this to my bloglist.

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