Cellphones for rent

At the Johannesburg airport, they have two telco stalls which each have cellphones for rent for travellers. Rent ranges from around Php450 down to Php220 per day, not including cellphone load.

One telco had a promo which “œrented” out cellphones for FREE! They just earn from the airtime. What they do is they scan your credit card to check if you have at least Rand 1,000 (around Php10,000). When you return the rented cellphone, they’ll provide you with a statement of account and will charge the airtime usage to your credit card.

When I got back in the Philippines, I looked around the NAIA for a similar service. I didn’t find any there.

Sayang, that would be a nice service to have, especially for Japanese or American travellers whose regular cellphones will absolutely not work in the Philippines.

Which makes me wonder, where *do* foreign travellers to the Philippines find cellphones for rent in the SMS capital of the world?

ka edong

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  • Same thing in the airports in Australia. They have this Vodafone booths with a myriad choice of cellphones with free loads. I do not remember how much, but what I remembered was it was more practical to rent or buy another local SIM than using International Roaming by Globe.

  • >where *do* foreign travellers to the >Philippines find cellphones for rent

    Sa airport of departure.

    Thought of getting a world phone (may stalls sa Narita airport) before I went home two weeks ago. It would work in both Japan and the Philippines (tri-band siya).