CES 2018: The 5 Strangest Devices Unveiled at the Event
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CES 2018: The 5 Strangest Devices Unveiled at the Event

CES 2018 acts as a stage for major tech and mobile brands to unveil either their newest products, or their imminent plans for the year, regarding their top devices. Sometimes, though, a company will come out with a tech innovation that commands attention, simply by either how unique, or how strange, they seem. On that note, let’s revisit the products already shown at the event, and rank the five strangest things we saw.

NUMBER FIVE: Aibo, the robot dog

Sony revamps its 2006 Aibo dog, and makes it smarter than its original iteration. First announced last year, Sony showed off the tech puppy at their conference. Seeing this tech up close for the first time, Aibo will sport a camera on its nose, a microphone to pick up voice commands, and 22 unique, articulated parts. While not exactly a practical device, it feels like a fun, futuristic distraction. Unfortunately, Sony also revealed that for now, they will only sell the device in Japan for USD 1,800 (around PHP 90,717), with a January 11 release date.

NUMBER FOUR: 3DRudder, the game controller for the feet

3DRudder takes VR to the next level (sort of) by increasing your immersion during the game. For now, the standard for VR games involves moving with a thumbstick. Obviously, this does not accurately represent how we actually move in real life. With 3DRudder, this turns into a thing of the past. Basically, 3DRudder is a foot pad that rocks and turns to simulate footsteps with the player’s feet. Originally debuting in 2015, the current version features straps to keep your footing secure. Priced at USD 139 (around PHP 7,006), it is available now.

NUMBER THREE: Modius, the weight loss headband

Modius is a headset that stimulates the vestibular nerve, the part of the brain that controls appetite. In short, this device will curb your hunger, assisting any weight loss plan. Unfortunately, it also sounds like the products just shocks the brain with electricity. Plus, that kind of technology still merits criticism and skepticism from experts as valid science. But for what it’s worth, several companies claim that this tech provides many benefits. Retailing for USD 500 (around PHP 25,200), expect a February release date.

NUMBER TWO: Somnox, the robot cuddle buddy

All things considered, this might not be a terrible idea. Somnox, a ‘bed companion, simulates human breathing as its main function. Thus, when a user hugs the robot, the rising and falling sensation supposedly calms people down, leading to better sleep. At least, that what the makers say. Plus, Somnox also creates soothing sounds like heartbeats, lullabies, and guided meditation. Lastly, all this can be controlled by an app. This product will retail for USD 600 (around PHP 30,239) with a September release date.

NUMBER ONE: Kohler Numi, the toilet with an internet connection

‘Alexa, flush the toilet’. What might be the strangest-sounding voice command ever becomes a reality thanks to Kohler’s latest product. This high-end toilet connects to the internet, and takes multiple voice commands. These include lifting the toilet seat, or configuring the bidet. Lastly, you might also like the speakers equipped on the toilet so you can stream music. Obviously, it commands a ridiculously high price of USD 5,625 (around PHP 283,489), with a Q4 2018 release, but who wouldn’t want to buy a smart toilet?

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