Changing the “Send From” address in GMail

This is way cool.

You can now setup Gmail to send from any email address you own. Of course, to prevent spoofing (spamming and phishing’s close cousin), you have to go through an email-verification process to actually claim the address you’re setting up.

Once set up, you can choose among the “from” addresses on-the-fly when composing email.

So I’ve now setup my default “from” email address to jangelo (at) racoma . net. And I’ve setup my server to forward all emails to that address to my Gmail. I’ll never run out of mailserver space because Gmail gives you 2.5 GB (and growing).

Gmail can actually be the central point of all your email communications.

Just another step closer to Google’s world dominance. 🙂

Check out the Gmail support article here.

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  • ah! a feature I’ve been waiting for.

    nice, j angelo …

    ka edong

  • Joey

    ok to ! sana puede na rin ma view yung mga emails


  • have any of you guys used Gmail in tagalog???

  • > have any of you guys used Gmail in tagalog???

    Uy, talaga? Worth trying out, but not for the long run siguro. Nasanay na ako sa shortcuts, like “G+I” for Goto Inbox. Malilito na siguro ako sa Gmail Tagalog if its “P+P” for Punta PasokKahon. hehehe.

    But, worth a try. mamya …

  • My GMail in Tagalog

    Mejo corny lang yung pagka wording nga eh.

  • Tagal na ko nagamit ng gmail pro di ko alam 2… thanks for the info 😀

  • i sent a test email from my gmail to my yahoo using a new email account i set up, and yahoo verified that the email was sent from a gmail server.

    just imagine my relief now that i can use gmails super duper mega over extra strong extra luphet amazing wonderful fantastic email spam protection for eliminating at least 30 spams i get everyday..

  • mcsmnt

    how do i do it?