Cheap Thrill: the PhP 1,600 MP3 player

When I got hold of some extra funds last December, I almost made a mad dash to SM Megamall’s Cyberzone to check on some of the gadgets I’ve been window-shopping for the previous months. I knew I couldn’t afford a new laptop. And a new mobile phone is out of the question (with the number of mobiles I’d already been juggling across my palms–most of which I’ve already off-loaded as of this writing). And I was looking for something I still didn’t have–at least not as an independent, detached gizmo you’d normally expect one of those high tech Swedish or Finnish bricks to have as built-in features.

So I thought I’d get an MP3 player–or more accurately, a portable media player. An iPod was not an option, since I didn’t want to blow it all in one go. And especially so, since back then, the older-generation models were still retailing at prices unthinkable six months after.

So I was shopping for something cheap but utilitarian, and was glad to come across the Creative Nomad MuVo 64MB. This is the very first incarnation of the MuVo line (along with its bigger brother, with 128MB of flash memory). Yes, the storage is paltry compared to the standards by that time: only 64 megabytes. But it was the price factor that wowed me. Only PhP 1,599.00. Yes, on a cost-per-MB or GB comparison, I could have saved more with other higher-end products, but I opted to buy the MuVo since it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg. And it wouldn’t kill me if I got to lose or screw it up–it’s so inexpensive (and looked quite sturdy, too).

Some details. This little baby doesn’t have a screen, nor a recording feature. While newer MuVo versions had a screen, I thought I wasn’t missing out on anything, since devices as small as these are known to have crappy UI’s, anyway. And I wasn’t expecting on holding that many a music file, anyway, so I got by navigate with ease by moving forward or backward among the few songs the thing held.

The small storage didn’t bother me. I still got to store about 30 songs in the 64MB space (trick: I converted my 128kbps MP3s to 64kbps WMAs–same audio quality), with room for a handful of documents and personal files. Anyway, I lug my laptop around almost everywhere I go, so that takes care of the need for a change in content. And I recently switched to listening to podcasts, and this little thing can hold up to two hours worth of rantings and ramblings (I mostly listen to tech programs, such as TWiT, Diggnation, and Leo Laporte’s regular radio show/podcast). Good enough for that one-hour drive or commute to the office and back home.

If you ever get to buy the MuVo, I suggest the first thing you do is upgrade the firmware. That’s what I did, and I got increased functionality (the unit now supports storing files in separate foldes, among other new features).

What came with the package. The unit came with a neck-strap, Creative earbuds, an Energizer AAA battery, and a driver and app CD.


  • small size
  • uses AAA batteries
  • supports WMA
  • plug-and-play with most new OS incarnations (Win2k, XP, MacOSX)


  • small storage
  • so-so audio quality

The verdict. Not something an audiophile would be happy with, but it’s pwede na (good enough) for someone who’d want to have music on the go without breaking the bank. Good enough for me.

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  • darksparrow

    sana lithium battery ang gamit nya noh..

  • ilang mb yung mp3 mo. pls text me at 09278734078.

  • Rai

    What brand of mp3 is that? and where did you buy it? i’m interested in buying one. please email me: [email protected]. thanks.

  • Hi.

    Brand is Creative. My unit has 64MB. Bought it at Infomax at Megamall Cyberzone.

  • TipidPC has “professional” music player sellers.

  • What brand of mp3 is that? and where did you buy it? i’m interested in buying one. please email me: [email protected]

  • Aries,

    As stated, the brand is Creative. Model is Nomad Muvo 64MB. Bought last December at Infomax, SM Megamall Cyberzone. 🙂

    I reckon there is most likely to be a plethora of newer models with better quality and larger capacity at that very same price now. But that’s just a guess.

  • I got my 64MB almost 2 years ago. The brand name is Magic Star Combo 64MB mp3 player, recorder and USB. I got it at CD-R King for P1,880. It a bit bulky compared to new releases but I’ve been using this almost on a daily basis for almost 2 years and it’s very handy for me.

    I use it to listen to downlaoded podcasts and music

  • Jose Bello

    what is a good mp3 for a budget of P2000 minimum to P5000 maximum and where can i buy it? It should have a good sound quality and less than 250 songs will do. thanks!

  • psychgypsy


    i accidentally stumble at this site as i was searching for a mp3 player, the exact thing that you bought. do u still have it?will u b willing to sell it?hehe =) u can email me at [email protected]