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Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 Review, your budget quad-core phone

The Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 is the first quad-core phone to be released in the market by a local company. It is made for Filipinos looking for with its dual-SIM support and relatively affordable price of just Php6,999. The big question is, just how competitive can their first quad-core phone get? And is it worth its price? Let’s find out.


The Flame 2.0 looks like your typical Cherry Mobile phone. Plain black but with less rounded corners as compared to the first Flame. There’s an all-glass front protecting the 4.5-inch display and you have to appreciate the relatively thin bezel on the sides.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 01

On top of the display is the VGA front camera and at the bottom of it are the old 4-button configuration for Android. Would’ve been nice if they included a button to bring out the task manager.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 02 Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 03 Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 04

There’s a silver strip on the side to give accent to this plain-looking phone. On the left-hand side you’ll get the volume control. On top is the 3.5mm audio jack and the power button while the microUSB port can be seen at the bottom.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 05

The back houses the slightly protruding 5mp camera lens and its flash. The panel has a shiny mirror-like surface (not quite seen from the photo) which you might fancy. It’s like there’s a plastic panel covering it to somewhat subdue the glossy sheen of its surface. Quite nice actually.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 06

Removing the back plate is as simply as prying it open and here you’ll see the 1600mAh battery, the microSD slot and the two regular SIM slots. Only one is capable of 3G so place your SIM cards accordingly.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 07

Overall, the CM Flame 2.0 offers pretty good handling. It has that just-right thickness and heft so that you won’t feel like you’re holding a dummy phone. This phone is a rebranded Karbonn S1 Titanium in case you’re curious.

Display and UI

The CM Flame 2.0 has a 4.5-inch qHD IPS display. That’s a 540 x 960 resolution with a decent 245 ppi pixel density. Colors appear sharp and viewing angle is quite good although it could use a bit more brightness and deeper contrast.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 08 Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 11

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean runs on this phone with a custom Cherry Mobile UI overlay. The lockscreen has three shortcuts for Camera, Phone, and Messages. UI inside is very much the same as a lot of Cherry Mobile phones with Opera mobile pre-installed replacing the default browser. It has a different set of icons enclosed in rounded squares which will remind you of iOS. Frankly, we like it as it gives uniformity to all icons including downloaded apps.


Powering this phone is a 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8225Q Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor. Despite it being a quad-core phone, the chip used is of the budget type utilizing the old ARM Cortex A5 architecture and an old Adreno 205 GPU. It does have a 1GB RAM so that would help with the performance.

Here’s the Quadrant (4686) and Antutu (10902) scores if you’re interested in synthetic benchmarks.

flame 2 quadrant antutu

The big question here is, how’s the performance in actual usage? Well it was good actually. There’s the smoothness in navigating the UI and launching apps is fairly quick. Didn’t notice any of those insignificant lags while using this phone.

Web browsing using Chrome is fast even the loading of pages but touch response and rendering is not as snappy as those high-end quad-core phones in the market.

Perhaps the biggest improvement here over older Cherry Mobile phones is the 1GB RAM. This allows you to play 3D games without having to free up most of your resources. This also lets you play games for a long duration without it having to close because it runs out of memory.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 09

I tried a handful of demanding games (Dead Trigger, Shadowgun, Beach Buggy) and this phone handled them with ease except for some broken starts (no picture or broken images). I was able to frag my way into a 15-8 record in a casual game of SG: DeadZone without any hiccups from this phone.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 10

Watching 720p videos (using MX Player) was handled by the Flame 2.0 quite well too. There was no lag when moving the scrubber into various points of the video.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 12

Like most CM phones, the Flame 2.0 has 4GB internal storage but it seems that over half of it is allotted to the system. In my unit, only 1.41GB is given to the user. Fortunately, it supports microSD and it was able to recognize my 64GB microSD card.

Dual SIM

flame 2 dual sim

The phone is capable of handling two regular-sized SIM cards at the same time. There are always a dedicated button for each SIM when you want to send a message or call someone so switching SIMs is not a problem.


There’s the typical 5 megpixel camera at the back that can record up to 720p HD videos. There’s a bit of lag when focusing and it’s not that good under low-light situations.

Here are a few sample photos taken with the Flame 2.0.

[nggallery id=55]

Photos are decent for its class although the software does a lot of smoothing on them. It does allow for picture in picture or video in video mode using both the front and rear camera if you have a use for that.

Battery Life

Now many people are concerned about the 1600mAh battery on this phone being quad-core and all. However, battery life wasn’t as bad as say the iPhone 5.

Playing games continuously or watching videos will give you around 5 “โ€œ 6 hours before the battery conks out. On moderate daily usage with games here and there, WiFi always on, and usually text and calls, the Flame 2.0 was able to last me the whole day although I need to plug it as soon as I got home.

What I’m not keen of is the slow charging time of this phone whether you’re charging from a laptop’s USB or straight from the power outlet. It takes too long that I didn’t bother timing it. I just leave it plugged overnight.


Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 13

Being the first quad-core phone with 1GB RAM at this price point, I would say Cherry Mobile did a fine job releasing their Flame 2.0. From the design of the phone to its performance, it’s probably the best you can get for Php6,999 if a 4.5-inch Android phone is what you’re looking for with the only weakest point would be its camera which is not bad at all for its class.

Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 Specs:
4.5-inch qHD (540×960) IPS capacitive display, 245ppi, OGS technology
1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm MSM8225Q Snapdragon S4 processor
Adreno 203 GPU
Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage, microSD up to 32GB
5MP autofocus camera with LED flash
720p HD video recording @ 30 fps
VGA front camera
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot
Dual SIM, Dual Standby
FM Radio, Bluetooth with A2DP
Li-Ion 1,600mAh Battery
134.6 x 66 x 9.3mm
SRP: Php 6,999
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  • xprimer

    although the battery might be the issue, still a good item to purchase. Tingnan naman ang price Panalo na. . .

    Nalilito na ako, kase halos every may lumalabas na malulupet na CP.

    • phones with larger screens have at least 2100+ mah battery life as standard norms, if they could offer high battery that would solve the power drain issue. ^_^

      • boyaxfume

        Hey guys, problem is downloading the driver of this flame 2.0. Are there any PC suite for this cherry mobile phones so they would be helpful when connected to PCs???

  • lawrence

    “Here are a few sample photos taken with the Flame 2.0.”


    • gwapogi

      there above.

  • toto

    ay nako why settle sa ganitong cp? antayin ko nlng labas ng huawei according sa huawei phils dami pang phone release nila especially honor 2 kung gusto nyo mura pero complete package try nyo y300 5490.00

  • toto

    why cherry.mobile cant give a decent camera?.. i dont know.why…uso pa nmn yung social upload photos…

  • toto

    my officemates have cruze abd titan i forwarded hd movies to their phones and being played at the same time it makes me laugh…why?????my y200d is just 256k at 480x 320 but it took me by surprised that my phone gives vivid and crisp color than titan and cruze!

    • did u try deep color mode on titan?

    • use your brain toto before you laugh

      what is the resolution of the hd movie you forwarded? maybe you are just bitter because they have better phone than you, dont praise your own phone just to let down other else’s phone, you are so bitter my friend. why the compare. you close minded.

    • Juan Tamad

      i dont give a damn.. wala akung paki alam kung ang phone mo ay ma refregirator o may aircon pa .. ang alam ko lang gusto namin ang phone na to..

      wala din akung paki alam kung ang mali ang spelling ko. haha .. i love the phone ๐Ÿ™‚ at wala akung pakiaalam kung mapera kami. pero talga gusto ko ang flame 2.0 kaysa sa nexus 4 na binigay sakin kasi gawa natin to.. im proud for the small companies that makes a defferent impact in filipinos its make me want to buy them all.

      flame 2.0 woohoo!! next omega hd naman bukas! woohooo..

    • arch

      its actually a product of india..

      its still asian though ..
      we donot actually produce this things

  • Taylor

    Aw, hard to choose. may lalabas kasi na bagong local quadcore phone daw e.. yung myphone a9191i ata yun

  • sam

    toto is kinda suspicious. uhmmm

  • Joshua Jose C. Magpayo

    Hello pinoytechblog! sa touch performance did you experience any lags? for example texting choosing an app is there any delay? thanks

  • Griswold

    hintay hintay lang. im sure may ilalabas ulit si CM na bagong quad-core phone.

  • toto

    suspicious? no bias guys but we did it and i have witness it. how cod you say am such a suspicious? cmon do it by yourself and tel me im a liar! i dare you do a test! try to test titan and cruze.

    • check your grammar

      first of all, please please please check your grammar. my eyes bleed and my brain is angry at me for forcing myself to read your ****** grammar. kung d ka rin naman marunong mag english eh mag tagalog ka na lang. and the “test” you mentioned was of no sense. first of all ang dami mong dapat iconsider like resolution etc. do some homework before you bitch around thinking you know it all.

      • Tama, wag ka na mag-english. Pa-conyo effect ka pa. XD in real life, isa ka lang negrong lalake na tambay sa symbianize at naghihintay may magpost ng free net. AHAHA. the truth hurts.

      • alam mo Toto, bakit kinakaylangan mo pang ipag mayabang un telepono, mayaman ka sigoro kaya ka ganyan! CM phone are for Filipino right? kc ang program na nasa CM pinoy ang my gayawa, sa india lang nanggaling ung external appearance nya, dka kba proud na isa sa mga gumawa is pinoy? kaya para dapat maka pinoy ka din, ok! good night

  • toto

    thats one thing that made me laugh. i dont expect the result that my phone’s screen resolution is better than them coz whe n i looked at their phones and the said specs no doubt their phones win. for your info we set everything in same brightness. we did it just for curiousity sake…now if you re telling me that im just giving a bias comments then i dare you. do it by yourself to prove im just giving you fair reviews…im just talking here the density of the screen. and not only me that give this review…try to search some sites and read some reviews of titan and cruze…now about the brand…try to search also your brand and the brand im using and give me feedback which of which has a good name and reputation…thats so simple search, read, and do an actual testing.

    • we dont give a fuck. K?

    • badong popoy

      hey will stop using english words mali2 nmn grammar mo mahiya k nga.. may reputation kpang nala2man ndi nmn hinihingi opinion mo.. stupid ass..

      • DroidDev

        “toto” pa Englis2x ka pa. You don’t even have the right grammar and obviously your just effin showing off. Pwede magtagalog ka nalang? I hope nabasa mo ito and may this serve as a reminder to the likes of you na pa english2x kahit wrong grammar naman. (dito o sa baba and dami. These guys even claim to be English bloggers. What the eff?!

  • toto

    just a simple question…sumasali ba ang yang phone mo sa mga big events like CES or MWC?jan mkikita mo ang expert na mga kritiko when it comes sa performance ng phone. baka di mo mahanap ang phone mo ito pala ang original na name nun…spice, karbonn, macromaxx, at imobile.

    • toto

      zoppo pakiadd nlng

    • Knowell

      Everybody chooses their phones for a reason. Right now my reason would be that I bought mine because the specs suit my needs and my financial capability at that particular point in time when I bought it. Some of us don’t buy gadgets because the manufacturer is a well known brand or whether it participates in CES or MWC or whatever the ‘critics’ say about it. We purchase it based on what we want and whether it suits our budget. One other thing, we know that every manufacturer comes out with a new model in a particular line-up every few months. When I bought my Samsung Galaxy S2, several months later the S3 came out and in a shorter period of time they introduced the S4.Same with budget phone manufacturers, when I bought my Cherry Mobile Flare, two weeks later, Cherry Mobile came out with the Flame 2.0.Price point comparison; it would be more financially practical for me to upgrade to a Flame 2.0 (which I did) rather that an S4, again based on my specification needs. We buy gadgets based on what we need and based on whether we can afford it or not and not whether some shmuck says that it is inferior to what they have. Comprende?

      • Knowell

        By the way, lest see you try to play Real Racing 3 on your device… peace ๐Ÿ™‚

        • tasyo

          kuya paki tagalog na lang.. baka kasi hindi kayanin ng utak nya :p

        • Hahah, natawa nman ako. sakto yun try mo maglaro ng 3D sa phone mo, tignan natin kung magagamit mo ang vivid color na pinagmamalaki mo… kung pang movie lang yang purpose ng phone mo, di knalang bumili ng TV or kung pangcamera, magdigicam kna.what were looking was the flexibility of the device, were on a budget, we don’t need that perfect looks and performance. kailangan lang nmin yung sinasabi nilang Bang for the buck.

    • Honestly speaking, wala akong paki sa brand ng cellphone ko as long as reasonable yung price at yung specifications ay okay naman, kuntento na ko dun. Wala akong pake sa sasabihin ng “CRITICS” na galing sa “CES or MWC”. Hindi ko naman kailangan ng cellphone na lumilipad sa bilis. Basta nakakapagfacebook/viber at temple run ako, okay na. At bakit ba ang tindi ng pinaghuhugutan mo, kanina ka pa comment ng comment. wala naman kaming paki sa nararamdaman mo, kung ayaw mo sa cherry mobile? EDI WAG KA BUMILI. HINDI YUNG NANINIRA KA PA. Have a nice day faggot ๐Ÿ™‚

      • DroidDev

        haha. I like the name sa nag comment above this comment. LOL. oo nga naninira pa siya. Who the heck cares about CES or MWC, when we’re considering Cherry Mobile products. Local brand / rebranded nga ito diba?

  • Leamsi Ylre

    my Galaxy S2 is Runs on ICS with Exynos CPU 1.2GHZ Dual Core Only and yet achieves almost the same with this cheap unit with cheap parts… =>


  • sander


    nice phone, i hope cherry mobile make improvement with the first flame like the firmware. they launching more phone like android but they dont give the best for the other phone that left behind of the newer one. please cherry update flame aka karbonn A21. give us the update for the firmware.

  • oKnaSana

    buying a cherry is like buying a hole. i know cozi bought a hole!

    a cheap phone that is at par with the specs of the best phones available is really nothing but a CHEAP PHONE, no quality whatsoever!!! that’s your money’s worth…cheap quality.

    if you’re in a hunt for an ala samsung specs phone and you can afford buying a hole..well, by all means, buy a cherry…buy a hole!

    • Isboy

      your grammar is the hole dude. even your brain, it’s just a plain hole- totally empty!

    • Knowell

      Three weeks ago I bought a ‘hole’ for P6,999.00.Since then I have been playing with this ‘hole’ with games like Real Racing 3, Dead Trigger, NOVA, etc. all without a hitch, I have also been using it to receive, edit and send documents. More importantly I have been using it to communicate with all of my clients. I didn’t know that there is such a wonderful ‘hole’ to be had in this world until oKnaSana started calling Cherry Mobile phones a ‘hole’. What a complete a hole. Peace. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ganda ng grammar mo HOLE!

  • Boris

    (Sorry if this is out of the topic)

    though I bought the cherry mobile, Hyper.
    I never thought of having some issues bout the performance after just a few days, I got it.
    giving it with only at least 512mb RAM, seemed a little disappointing and frustrating, for it’s slacky attitude.
    I ended up regrets the next few days, though we all wanted to have a well performing phones don’t we..??
    So somehow, I’d like to ask some suggestions; cause I have really decided to sell my Hyper, for only a week old.
    to buy a new one..

  • wala ako paki kaya ako nag-post

    utang na loob pag di kayo marunong mag ingles wag na lang mag ingles. Pilipino naman yata kayo lahat. I LIKE THE PHONE

    • Knowell


  • achilles

    san po makakabili ng flame 2 aside from megamall and moa? puro out of stock ea.. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • badong popoy

      sm annex and trinoma ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • khaliffa

      sa ever gotesco commonwealth po madami pa..kakabili ko lng din kasi doon ng flame ko at ang ganda ng performance ng phone supeeeer bilis ,,mjo talo nga lng sa camera pero ok na kc naaadjust nmn ang brightness eh..

  • Graey


    Anong video player ang pwede install para ma-read ang transferred video? (pc to phone) ang format ng na transfer ko e mp4.


    • try mo mx player

    • rockplayer, halos lahat ng movie format naplaplay, pati yung hindi naplaplay ng ibang android player.

  • jo

    just got my CM FLAME2.0 and played around a bit….for me twas a bit easy and the transitions are fluid enuf….at first i was kinda mad because i didnt find any radio app, but the specs say it has FM RADIO, anyway after fiddling and trying to find and downloaded all the radio apps in google play as it was all streaming radios, i came across on my phone updating the flame OTA and it did, i just pressed update..after a few mins then i found out that i have radio app, and really works well…thanks i hope there would be lots of OTA updates to come

  • juni

    hindi po nare.read ung sd card? :(..pati pag nka direct sa computer…hnd dn nababasa :(..bkt gnun?

    • jo

      try to format your memory card, but backup your important files first…..format using a desktop

  • Carl jhenkinz

    maganda talaga CM flame 2.0 lahat ng tropa ko sa gilmore nagbenta ng android fone makabili lng ng CM flame.

  • Carl jhenkinz

    kaya ikaw toto manahimik ka n lng sa pwesto mo, wla kami pakialam sa fone mo!!!!! wala basagan ng trip bro….

  • FlyingKalabaw

    Guys, matanong ko nga. Pwede ba i-install ang mga HD games downloaded FROM PC and itratransfer sa phone na ito? Kahit hindi ito rooted…. or kelangan pa i-root ang phone para pwede i-install ang mga HD games downloaded from pc na hindi free sa store.

    • kahit do rooted ok lang. research mo sideloading apps in android.

  • yondaime

    well ok naman talaga lahat ng phones dito sa pinas…kanya kanyang trip kasi kanya kanya naman tau ng pambili kaso kahit magkano pa yan kapag snatcher na ang nakadali NGANGA!!!!

  • Karl

    Hi guys Teleperformance is now hiring agents for dayshift schedule, our office is in Mall of Asia Pasay City pls txt 09153617411 karl

  • Guys, yung pagttransfer ng apps from phone to SD card? bat me natitirang 3mb or 4mb sa phone memory? and how do I fix that?

  • IPS capacitive display – Ok na to kahit hindi ganun kabigat ang pixel density, much better than amoled lang kahit anong engle mo tignan clear parin ang display unlike the other.

    1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm MSM8225Q Snapdragon S4 processor – Talo ang galaxy S2 dito at halos kalevel ng galaxy S3 at a lower price.

    Adreno 203 GPU – May dedicated GPU pa, para sa 3D gamings at HD movies mas mababa lang konti sa gamit nila sa galaxy s3

    1GB RAM – same amount sa galaxy s3. pag tumingin kayo sa mga branded phones na may 1GB RAM nackow cgurado mapapamura kayo sa presyo.

    Sa apat na specs na to, two thumbs up ako sa unit na to. try nyo tignan ang specs na ito sa mga branded phones at makikita nyo difference sa presyo x3 or higit pa cguro. eto ang tinatawag nilang bang for the buck. murang presyo lang naeexperience nyo na kung ano meron sa mga mamahaling cellphone.

  • adik sa quad core

    maganda na to…kaso.. mas maganda ang cm omega hd 2.0 at blaze.. mas malaki.. mas sosyal tingnan..

  • Ren

    Has anyone tried connecting flame 2.0 to a pc then suddenly nagloloko sya. .. Parang Nagppndot ng kung ano2 ung fone by itself ..Is it normal po ba? Ano po ba Magandang gawn dto?? Kkbili ko lang po neto last day..

  • Tom Darz

    paano po ba mag delete nang contacts at mga call logs sa flame 2.0 na toh??

  • Jhayjhay

    Is this upgradable to any version of android OS if ever there is coming a new firmware like Android 4.4 Kitkat?

  • emil

    panu po magconnect ng flame 2.0 sa wifi. . di po kc nagcoconnect ung phone ko. . .’authentication problem’ daw ang sabi. . .plz reply. .

    • authentication ibig sabihin may mali sa password. try mo connect sa ibang wifi.

  • Tech tech mo

    I own one. My issue now is that I can’t seem to upgrade it to a Kitkat from its jellybean state. Even if you go to settings /about phone, there is no way of upgrading it.
    Plus, first to go is its auto rotate screen switch. I had to download an app to make that work again…manually.

    Does anyone know how I can tinker with this to upgrade it to a Kitkat?

    • i dont think kitkat is available yet (or will be available) for this phone.

  • Anger Issues

    Matibay CM based on my experience with my Flame 1.0.
    But just this week, slot 1 (3G slot)died.

    Naka-partition ang SD card ko to allow me to install more apps (techie thing using Link2SD on a rooted phone).

    Ngayon may anger issues ako and pag naglalag phone ko, or tipong umabot ng 20 seconds ang pagiintay sa Chrome, or nag fo-forced shutdown ang mga apps, minsan nababato ko yung phone ko across the room, against the wall, or I just drop the sonnavabitch on the floor out of frustration. (Gago nga. I know I know. Pero at least nakakabawas ng stress at naiiwasan ko siguro ang pagkakaroon ng stroke. People need to blow off steam ika nga.)

    The thing is, sa dami dami ng time na naihagis ko ang phone na ito, well, gumagana pa rin siya (except the sim slot 1 nga). Siguro magaling lang ako bumato ng phone at hindi napupuruhan sa corner. I dunno. But after surviving so many falls and throws, by golly, RESPECT sa CM for this.

    Just browsing through.

  • angelo delos reyes

    i bought a cherry mobile flame recently..i thought it was a good catch because of its cheap price and good specs..kso bat gnun all the music i dowloaded looks great at first pero after few days nasisira n sya..kung hndi man putol ayaw n nya mag play same with the pictures..my lines and other colors na nag aappear s screen..hassle sya gamitin..pls help me fix this problem

  • VAL


  • newbie




  • Feiy

    Ahm Ask ko lang po ung natural settings ng Flame, na uninstall kc ung contacts ko..huhuhu I can’t save any phone no. that will appear in my phone.:( Pano b ggwin ko:( reformat n ulit?huhu

    • punta ka sa setting tapos apps,then go to the last page of that and enable the contact. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jomar Dejaro

    May question lang im using Same phone as well pero hindi akomakapagdownload ng mga apps and etc. Everytime kiniclick ko ang download sSabihin nito na

    Start downloading


    Download manager is not available

    Anu kya problema anu ba dapat kong gawin????

    Help nmm po
    You can send msg. Thru
    Fb; JoMar Dejaro / [email protected]

    Sana matulungan nio ko

  • red

    pwede po ba imodify ung battery ng flame 2.0 sa iba?? kung meron po anu pong pwede??

  • catztail

    ok nman cm flame bnli ku xa as 2nd hand peru ok pa rn xa as ng una kung nktang gmit nya 2.peru ask lng my updated nb kng pwd mging kitkat 2????

    plz ans… thx