Review: Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Budget Dual Camera Smartphone

Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Review

Cherry Mobile looks to jump on the dual-camera craze with the Cherry Mobile Flare P1. In this iteration of the Flare lineup, the focus shifts towards the dual rear-camera setup that promises crisp, magnificent photos. However, this also possibly means that the specs might not feel like the best. But if there’s one thing the Cherry Mobile brand excels at, it’s in surprising the consumer. Will they pull it off this time?

Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Review – Design

The Flare P1 can be described in three words: good, simple, and standard. While to most people, it might sound drab and boring, it’s actually a major plus to the device. First of all, it definitely looks better in comparison to other devices. The reason for this lies in the Flare P1’s simple outer shell and minimalist aesthetic. The simple white color contrasts well with the glossy sides, preventing the phone from looking too gaudy or too tacky.

The rest of the design doesn’t stray too far from the usual smartphone look, and that’s a good thing. Basically, if your phone resembles other smartphones in some way, then users won’t have to tinker with the device for too long. There’s a sense of familiarity that makes the phone accessible. Placement-wise, we have the Volume and lock screen buttons on the right side. Meanwhile, the capacitve buttons situate themselves on the bottom of the display. Finally, the top has both the audio jack and micro USB port, while the bottom part has the speaker grill.

Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Review – Multimedia

As a 5-incher, the Flare P1 certainly doesn’t measure as the biggest, but streaming still looks fine on it. A combination of wide viewing angles and lag-free mobile gaming make this phone a decent, if cheaper, choice for multimedia.  Honestly, I do have issues with audio quality, most in part due to the speaker grill placement. By standing on the bottom of the phone, the audio quality can get muffled by the user’s own hands.

Gaming-wise, this device plays simpler mobile games with no problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, it’s the more complex, ‘core’ games that pose a problem to the Flare P1. However, don’t think this phone is completely hopeless. Surprisingly, for tougher games like Asphalt or Dead Trigger 2, they’re still playable. If you can take a bit of lag and don’t mind graphics that are a bit lower than expected, the P1 is actually very servicable as a gaming phone.

Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Review – Under the Hood

The Flare P1 runs on a 1.3 GHz quadcore processor and 1GB of RAM. For a phone at this level, these specs sound standard. In fact, personal expectations dictate that they should only be able to handle social media and browsing apps. However, by working with the Mali T720 GPU, it actually makes for a surprisingly okay gaming device, as mentioned in the prior section. Lastly, it runs on Android 7.0 Nougat, which sounds great considering that some pricier phones actually get stuck on Marshmallow.  The only downside here, unfortunately, lies in the small 16GB internal storage, which feels small if you’re used to a minimum of at least 32 GB.

We ran the phone through some benchmark tests and here are the results:

Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Review – Camera

The key selling point of the P1 focuses on the dual rear camera setup, on a budget. As an overview, the Cherry Mobile P1 has a 12MP main camera and a 2MP secondary sensor plus LED flash. When it comes to the results, the pictures look just fine, but low light situations really deter these cameras from soaring high. On the bright side, when you do have access to good lighting, the camera will achieve a bokeh effect.

On the other hand, the front camera clocks in at 5MP, and contains a working flash. The selfies look fine, but at 5MP they will expectedly look limited. But just to make it clear, this should be fine for a more casual user.  All in all, it’s a rather underwhelming setup, but only if you’re banking on the cameras as the only selling point.

Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Review – Battery

At 2,350 mAh, the battery itself doesn’t dissapoint. With the data or WiFi turned on, and with moderate use, the phone lasts at a little over 7 hours. While this sounds short, consider that the phone battery itself isn’t large at all. Thus, for an under-3k mAh battery to last over 7 hours seems like a good thing. The video loop test doesn’t fare quite as well, however, and the phone only lasts about 6 hours in that test.  To sum it up, the battery itself is naturally small. However, the Flare P1 takes this small battery and stretches it out as far as it can. Definitely, this is an A for Effort.


The Cherry Mobile Flare P1 meets expectations, both in a bad way, and a good way.  To make it short, the specs look average. In practice, however, they perform beyond their needed capabilities. Specifically, this phone soars when acting as a multimedia streaming device thanks to good audio and video, a wide viewing angle, and decent connectivity. However, the biggest miss with this device lies in its camera setup. If you’re going to make the cameras the sole selling point of the device, you have to at least make sure that they’ll wow the customers a little.

In fact, the real ‘wow’ moment with this device goes with the small-but-formidable battery and the manageable specs setup.  On paper, they’re not impressive at all, but the actual results say otherwise.  The optimization work of Cherry Mobile on this phone surprised me a bit, even though overall, it technically underperforms. Basically, this all could have been worse, but Cherry Mobile’s smart design choices prevent it from becoming that way.

Priced at Php 3,999, we recommend this phone to people who want a bokeh camera device under Php 5k.


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