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Cherry Mobile Flare Review, is it really worth P3,999?

The much-awaited 4-inch Cherry Mobile Flare has taken the local Android mobile scene by storm with its hard-to-ignore, budget-friendly Php3,999 price tag for the type of phone you are getting.

cherry mobile flare 13

With the Flare, you’ll be getting a dual-SIM Android 4.0 phone with dual-core processor and a big 4-inch display. However, is that enough for you to shell out your hard-earned cash to acquire this phone? It might, but you might also want to read our review of it first.


Right off the bat, we love how the Cherry Mobile Flare looks up front with its subtle rounded corners and no visible logos or branding. It’s a rebrand of India’s Karbonn A9+ if you’re wondering about this phone’s roots.

cherry mobile flare 01 cherry mobile flare 02

The whole front is covered by glass with the 4-inch display having nice thin side bezels. At the bottom of the display are your four Android capacitive touch icons “β€œ Home, Menu, Back, and Search (looked like this phone was originally made for Android Gingerbread). You’ll also see the VGA front-facing camera on the upper-right side.

cherry mobile flare 04 cherry mobile flare 05

Going through the sides, on top is just the Power/Sleep button and the 3.5mm audio jack while on the left you’ll see the volume rocker and the microUSB port for data and charging.

cherry mobile flare 03

The back panel is made of hard plastic which has a soft matte finish that wards off smudges and fingerprints. Here you’ll see the 5 megapixel camera with flash, and the speaker grill at the bottom. Like the Cherry Mobile Titan, the prints at the back look like it could scrape off over time.

cherry mobile flare 06

Pry to open the back panel and inside you will see where you need to put your two regular SIM cards and microSD. This phone also comes with a 1500mAh battery.

cherry mobile flare 07

Despite the plastic build of this phone, we like the overall feel when handling it. The girth and weight feels just right for its size. It’s not too light to make it feel like you’re holding a dummy phone. Actually, this phone looks simple and nice, not premium-looking, but not bad either.

I did feel a slight creak on the left side just below the volume rocker on this unit and the one I used before this.


The CM Flare sports a 4-inch 480 x 800 resolution display with 16 million colors. On its own, it translates to a very nice image output with vibrant colors and sharp edges on text. Just don’t compare it to those qHD Super AMOLEDs and you’ll be happy with this phone’s screen. Our only qualm is that it’s not too bright for proper use under the sun.

cherry mobile flare screen 1 cherry mobile flare screen 2 cherry mobile flare screen 3

It runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but with some slight modifications when it comes to the icons. It has a different set of icons enclosed in rounded squares which will remind you of the iOS. Frankly, we like it as it gives uniformity to all icons including downloaded apps.


Powering the Cherry Mobile Flare is a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8625 dual-core 1.2GHz processor, not the MSM8225 as reported before. Both are almost the same except that the MSM8625 can also access EVDO 3G networks so you can use a Verizon SIM on it when you’re in the US. This phone comes with 512MB RAM which is subpar compared to the 1GB RAM of big-name dual-core phones released this year.

Using Quadrant, a synthetic benchmarking tool, this phone got a really decent score of 2771. However, it’s still better to rely on actual usage than such apps. The Cherry Mobile Flare can give you a nice user experience with insignificant lags and stuttering whether you’re adding widgets, navigating homescreens or using your apps.

cherry mobile flare quadrant

There’s only 4GB of internal storage here with about a GB reserved for the phone’s use so you’d want to make use of a microSD with this one.

Gaming on this is good without any lags although we only tried Jetpack Joyride, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Temple Run. One thing we noticed though is that the gyroscope is not balanced in our unit. Our Temple Runner tends to lean on the left when the phone is laid flat on a surface.

cherry mobile flare opera

Opera Mobile comes pre-installed on this phone which gives you fast loading but still render some websites incorrectly. Web browsing using Chrome is slower than Opera but pages are displayed as is. I noticed that pinching my browser to zoom doesn’t have that smooth transition but it’s also common with other dual-core phones.

cherry mobile flare 08 cherry mobile flare 09 cherry mobile flare 10

Cherry Mobile included a Perfect Keyboard inside which you have to enable in the Settings. If you don’t have a keyboard app of choice, this one’s better than Google’s default in my opinion.


You won’t be disappointed watching movies on the CM Flare because of its 223 ppi display, well not unless you want to watch HD videos here. Playback is smooth with your regular AVI’s and has a nice contrast going on but we still suggest not watching videos under bright conditions.

cherry mobile flare 11

Volume can get really loud on this phone even if you lay it down on its back. However, you won’t get good clarity or range from its speakers especially when the volume’s on high. I recommend using a pair of headphones or good external speakers if you want good sound quality here. Do note that there’s no FM radio on this phone.

UPDATE (11/26): Actually, this phone is equipped with an FM receiver but no FM Radio app is installed. Here’s how you can install an FM Radio app into the Cherry Mobile Flare.


One of the selling points of the Cherry Mobile Flare is its dual-SIM and dual-standby capability. Do note that only the first SIM slot is capable of 3G connection unlike the Cherry Mobile Titan that can do 3G on both slots.

cherry mobile flare dual sim 1 cherry mobile flare dual sim 2 cherry mobile flare dual sim 3

What I like here is that sending and making calls on any of your SIM requires only one click. Each call and message window gives you a button for each SIM so you don’t have to keep on switching. Selecting which SIM to use for data requires you to go deep into the Mobile Network settings though.


You’ll get a 5-megapixel camera with flash here which comes loaded with Android 4.0’s default but useful features. Auto-focusing is not that quick but we didn’t expect much from phones with this price.

cherry mobile flare 12

Here are a few sample photos:

[nggallery id=48]

Surprisingly, we got some decent shots with this phone. Photos under broad daylight or with very good lighting appear sharp with decent range of colors. However, you need extremely steady hands when shooting indoors or in poor lighting condition to get a good result.

Video recording on this phone tops at 720p 480p.

You’ll also get a VGA front-facing cam for video chat. We tried it on Skype and it works fine, just don’t expect good picture quality on the other end.

I just have to point out that I know of a couple of Flare units (including the one I used before) having this upside down view with the front cam. When in Skype, you will see yourself upside down although it looks fine on the other end so it’s not a big deal at all.


Giving juice to the Flare is a 1500mAh battery. How does that battery fare on a dual-core phone, with two sim cards and a 4-inch screen?

Here’s my normal usage pattern with the CM Flare: WiFi always on (but not connected), on-off data connection totaling less than an hour, brightness set to auto, very minimal calls and text, and a short bit of gaming every now and then. The Flare lasted for just 10 hours which is below average compared to other Android phones I’ve tested.

With data connection always on while downloading apps and games, and display always on, I barely reached 4 hours before it asked for the charger.

If you’re getting the Cherry Mobile Flare, you would want to charge it when you get to the office and when you get home to be on the safe side unless you have a spare battery or one of those battery packs.


The Cherry Mobile Flare in its entirety is a very interesting and tempting proposition with its Php3,999 price tag. The unbelievably low price makes you think if there’s a catch somewhere. Maybe it’s buggy? Or maybe it uses subpar hardware? The only downside of this phone for me is its battery, which you can easily manage. And that tiny creaky feeling on the left side just because I’m OC like that.

cherry mobile flare 14

If you ask me if I would pay Php4k for this phone, in a heartbeat I would say no because it would make me feel guilty. Like I’m robbing Cherry Mobile. This phone should be worth at least Php8k for such specs. It uses Qualcomm which is a trusted brand for mobile chips as Intel is to the PC. The design may look plain but at least it won’t attract too much attention when you’re commuting. On the other hand, it doesn’t look too cheap that you would feel ashamed whipping it out amidst the Samsung’s and iPhone’s in your crowd.

In short, if you’re still considering getting the Cherry Mobile Flare, don’t. Just go ahead and get it once it becomes available or else you’ll ran out of stocks.

Disclaimer: If you’re wondering, Cherry Mobile didn’t give me a free unit of this phone although if they do, I’ll just be raffling it away here anyway.

Cherry Mobile Flare Specs:
Qualcomm MSM8625 Snapdragon S4 1.2GHz dual-core processor
Adreno 203 GPU
4.0″ IPS capacitive touch panel (800 x 480)
4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi hotspot
Bluetooth 2.1
GPS w/ aGPS support
Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
5-megapixel rear camera with flash
VGA front-facing camera
No FM Radio (here’s how to install)
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
1500mAh battery
152 grams
SRP: Php 3,999.00

Here’s a link to the latest Cherry Mobile Flare smartphones.

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  • Ryan S.

    very sulit sa price.. nakaka-akit nga tlaga.. hahaha.. =j kht 1yr mahigit ko lng mgamit to, sulit na eh.. by dec. akin ka na..

    • Iniisap ko na bumili nito. Kaya ba kaya nito site ng mga direct selling companies like MSE and Nastash. I am planning to use it in ordering online.

  • ask ko po sir ang pixels per inch ng flare? maraming salamat po sa sagot

  • I watched a video review that also detailed the slightly off-balance gyroscope. Is there anything in the settings where you can calibrate it, coz my Note can do it but I’m not sure if that sort of thing is universal across all Android phones.

    • michael

      there is a way if the phone support factory mode hold power and volume down on my device i don’t know on flare

  • JM Oleo

    Does it have sensors like GPS? Or GLONASS? or Gyros? Thanks!

    • kazu

      Magbasa sayang ang MATA

  • kheight

    narelease n po ba to ?? kung oo .. saan ???

  • kazu

    The most awaited review buti naman at maganda ang review

  • Frank

    Ginamitan ng mahika ng Cherry ang phone nila.Talagang magpapanic buy ka sa price na yan,for that specs.
    Nakakasar lang dian eh nagkakaubusan agad.
    Pero ako,maghihintay muna ako ng reklamo(kung meron) ng mga atat bumili.Pag nagflood ng reklamo sa fb nila,di na ko bibili or maghihintay ako na mafix nila.
    Logic lang talaga,pano nila naibaba ng ganon ang price?Hinanap ko na ng hinanap ang price ng Karbonn A9+,puro Karbon A9 ang nalabas.May nakita ako na ang price daw nito ay Rs.10,000(equal to Php 7,554) paano naging 4K lang yun?Nakakahinala tuloy yun.BAKA substandard products yun kaya ganun tapos sabi pa dito eh

    “I just have to point out that I know of a couple of Flare units (including the one I used before) having this upside down view with the front cam. When in Skype, you will see yourself upside down although it looks fine on the other end so itÒ€ℒs not a big deal at all.”

    Kaya kung ako sa inyo,tiis sa paghihintay.
    pansin ko lang, ang bitter ata ng review niyo this time….

    • Panong bitter? Bait ko nga eh. πŸ™‚

      • Frank

        hehe.hindi pala…
        yung Titan pala yun.akala ko 1st impression sa Flare…

    • Jared

      To put it on perspective. Isang latest iPhone costs at least Php 10,000 to manufacture and binebenta nila for 2/3 more of that price so…

      Baka parang nexus 7 lang marketing neto. Contrary to first rumors may kinikita padin yung google kahit sobrang mura for the specs yung benta nila.

      • nope.. not parang nexus. kaya mura ang nexus sa US is because pwedeng kumita ang google through Google Play, Books, Music, etc. that’s not the case pagdating dito sa Pinas. binabaliw lang talaga tayo ni cherry mobile sa presyo. hahaha.

        • Ryan S.

          tama ka sir calvin, nakaka baliw.. daming nababaliw eh.. haaha..

  • Darwin

    di pa release pero pwede magpa reserve…mukhang ubusan ng stocks to kasi when i asked marami na daw ang nakapag pa reserve

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  • mooow

    5 points multi-touch screen ba to??

    • Couldn’t test but why would you want to use 5 fingers here? You could barely see the screen if you have five fingers on it.

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        • Tew Tew

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          • mplm77

            some games require multiple simultaeneous touches (more than 2 fingers at a time…

            Nakakainip naman release na to… sana meron na dito sa Nueva Ecija or Cabanatuan….

            Mas mainam na to at mas mura compared to MyPhone w900…

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    mag titan nlng ako!

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  • amao10

    ganda ng review… eto na tlga aabangan ko…

    bkt kaya may “tiny creaky feeling on the left side”…

    kailan marerelease?

    • di ko nga talaga ma-gets eh. parang may hollow portion sa loob sa gilid. pero ganun din yung sa kanan pero wala namang problema dun. siguro dahil sa volume control holes sa case kaya medyo napipisil mo yung sa kaliwa paghawak. test niyo na lang pag na-release na.

    • ang huling balita saken is in transit na raw ang mga units. mid-november pa rin ang sabi. no exact date.

      • Woot! Got my name on their reserve list. As soon as they text me, I’m out the door πŸ˜€

        • Ange

          San po kayo nagpareserve sir? Sabi po sa kiosk sa SM Sta. Mesa, di pa raw pwede magpareserve hangga’t di nalalabas. San po kayo? Hehe. Salamat po.

          • SM Marikina po. Hindi naman technically reserve ang ginawa ko. Parang they’ll contact me as soon as may stocks and then punta agad ako para hindi ako maubusan. Kahit hindi limited release lang yan, baka maubusan pa din eh, hehe.

          • Nostalith

            Ako po nakapag pa reserve na sa SM North Edsa.. 75th on the list ako :((

  • wis

    dami namang hinahanap na specs and features…guys barely 4k lang to…what more can you ask for? sobrang sulit na…

    • Pre astig talaga pag napanuod mu sa Youtube ung unboxing ng CM Flares….

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  • Rave

    Misleading the processor MSM8625 can’t record a 720p check the website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapdragon_%28system_on_chip%29

    • thanks…. i corrected the post. 480p lang kaya ng video camera.

  • Napanuod ko sa youtube ung unboxing ng CM Flare
    ung 3D games na “Shadow Gun” gumagana dito wlang lag πŸ™‚

    • Ryan S.

      gagana tlga.. sa single core nga na lenovo p700 gumagana eh.. mas ok if sa dual core.. lalo na cguro ung dead trigger.. ips lcd pa to..

  • nagpare-serve na ako s SM Masinag… can’t wait aba kelang ba nila ako ite-text pag ubos na!!!

  • hindi lang “Temple Run” ang pinaka maganda na 3D games try nyung mag-search marami jan iba…. wag kyung matakot na i-push to the limit ung CM Flares….

  • Pagkukuha kyu ng unit ask nyu ung dealer kung pwede free install ng Black Market Alpha…. (sure ball un sa SM Masinag)
    search nyu nlang sa Google kung anu ung kayang gawing ng B.M.A.
    Wag sa Google Play may Bayad dun pag Full installation (hahaha grabe ang sama ko!!!)

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    The best talaga si Sir Calvin sa lahat, sipag mag-reply. Dati nage-mail ako, instant yung sagot.

  • Kakatawag lang ng Boss ko sa CM Dealer sbi nila this week…(Bka sa 15)

  • this is just my guess. but i think CM will have a 5.2 screen-sized smartphone early next year. price will probably lower than Titan’s.

  • jomel

    I went to sm fairview kanina na may 2 cherry mobile kiosks, 1 sa lower ground at yung isa sa cyberzone. Still, they don’t know kung kelan magdedeliver sa kanila… Can’t wait to have this on my hands! Bka lang kasi magkaubusan kaya im really wanted to have this! πŸ™‚

  • thartz69

    i rather to buy 2nd hand iphone 3gs than this flare!!!!

    • Bob

      Stupid. ^

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    baka LG L3 lng ang kapantay niang titan,flare,magnum pagdating s quality at performance ng phone..endo q alam kng bakit mahilig tau s mura mga pinoys pero mdaling msira (phone products)

    • been using it for three weeks na and hindi pa naman uminit na parang sasabog. nagiging warm pag-matagal na gaming pero normal lang naman yun kahit sa ibang phones.

    • hehe and made in india ito not china.

      • Ryan S.

        aun, basag.. dami kasing arte eh.. haters.. ed wag ka bumili.. hndi lng nmn ikw ang pilipino dto..

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  • battery

    Sir Calvin,

    Ano Battery kaparehas ng CM Flare sa other Phone brand?

    • hindi dapat battery lang ang tignan eh. dapat pati processor and display (pati na rin OS) para ma-compare mo talaga yung battery life.

      • battery

        for back up lang sana yung battery from other phone brand. Baka meron makuha na 2500mAh na kasya jan sa CM Flare..

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    Sa tingin nyu po,
    alin ang mas’magndang bilhin
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    Salamat πŸ™‚

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    • yes… live wallpaper is supported

  • Griswold

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  • Gametes

    Disappoingting and battery life nito and nung Starmobile Astra..

    • Ren

      common sense,it’s a dual core phone clocked @ 1.2ghz, ips lcd also consumes battery more compare to amoled, back-lit lcd etc. and it’s only 1500maH,and hello, it’s 3999php cheap!

  • I own a lenovo p700I , can you please tell me if flare is better?

    • amao10

      i think masmaganda ang lenovo 720p yung video recording, ganda din ng brand… pero sa price….

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  • Dingdong Abante

    Bos calvin, paano ka nakuha ng unit? Ano raw sabi ng CM about yung sa gyro issue? Sa temple un lang ba nagkaproblema? TIA!

    • review unit from cherry mobile, sa temple run ko lang sya sinubukan. di na ako bumili ng ibang games na may gyro.

    • brando

      Boss Calvin… maaayos po ba ung gyroscope problem na yan pag ni root?

      • di ko ni-try i root

        • brando

          boss calvin.. natry nu na po ba icalibrate s setting ung flare? bka po dun maayos e.

  • Elmer

    all sims working po ba? Like globe and sun? Pls reply

    • tried it on smart and talk and text

  • Elmer

    tsaka sa mobile data browsing wala po bang problema, nakakatukso ang price eh, tsaka gusto ko din mag android.

    • no problem with my smart 3G sa mobile data browsing.

  • Elmer

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    • working… unlocked yung mga units.

  • Elmer

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  • Elmer

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    • yes pag wala ka under direct sunlight.

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    Elmer threaded view na yan parehas lang sa Smartmobile na T602i same specs sila lamang lang ang Smartmobile kasi may kasamant TV pa.price is cheaper ng 100pesos

    • joe

      that starmobile is NOT android.
      ergo, no means to root it.

  • rodel

    Sarap panregalo nito, murang mura. Limitted stocks at subsidized ito malamang para mas makaestablish ng market ang cherry mobile. Anyhow, it’s working.

  • wish i can get one tom. huhu.. sana talaga makakuha ako nito tom..

  • Czed

    May tanong lang about sa messaging. Threaded view ba siya? At pwede bang palitan ang QWERTY to standard keypad? Hirap akong magtext sa QWERTY eh. Nasanay lang talaga sa standard keypad.

    Tsaka naadjust ba yung sharpness sa camera? Para kasing napaka-sharp nung mga sample photos. Sana meron ding sample video.

    Great review though! Lumabas talaga yung mga strong points ng phone. Hindi naman limited stocks ito di ba? Balak ko sanang bumili by the end of November.

    • Mhik

      there are free keyboard apps in the android market (Google Play website).

    • Ispututi

      Napapalitan ang UI ng Perfect Keyboard. Pwedeng normal keypad. Perfect Keyboard user ako eversince. πŸ™‚ Nasa settings lang ng perfect keyboard yun, basta T9 yung name na kelangan mong piliin para sa normal keyboard.

  • Ryan S.

    sana hndi na nila ginawang 1st 50 lng ung may freebies.. hahaha..

    napansin q lang, ang sipag ni sir calvin mag reply sa mga readers ah,, nice sir.. =j

  • Vlad T.

    This is a rebranded Karbonn A9+, made in India. It’s cheap for the specs it has.

  • joshua

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  • sarahg.


    kelan kaya sya magiging available sa sm megall?

  • Nathan

    Still undecided whether to buy one or not! #confused

  • Jammez

    Available ito sa Cherry Mobile store sa SM Marikina, so most probably bigger malls available na rin 3999php nga. Tested the unit, ok naman siya. Screen is good. For a phone of this price range, highly recommended! Super sulit πŸ™‚

  • Maemaemae

    I bought mine at Lazada, just now. πŸ™‚

  • Maemaemae

    Wow, out of stock na agad. :O Or one item lang meron sa Lazada?

  • MrConfusedSlashUndecided

    Still undecided to buy CM flare or not.. i am thinking of purchasing myphone a919.. flare or A919 or both??

    • Lovely

      wow yaman. hehe

      • Poor

        yaman? Pang mahirap nga tong phone na to eh!!! wew

  • alxr

    got mine yesterday at megamall. so far ayos naman sya. ganda ng screen. responsive naman.
    di Ko NA encounter yung issue sa Tempe run.
    surprised ako bilis ng GPS.
    sa. battery expected ko mabilis maubos pero nakakatgal naman sya skin. replaceable naman eh.

    • koko

      really? meron na sa sm megamall? waa. bakit nung nag punta ako wala daw. d kaya konti lang stocks nila?

      • Jinx

        Malas ka kasi!!! wew

  • anonymous

    I’ve been using the phone for 2 days now, a few comments:
    -Performance is very good, no lags
    -Good Camera, has panorama, macro, infinity, face detection.
    -Responsive capacitive keys
    -Scratch resistant back cover
    -Very nice screen
    -GPS locks in about 30 seconds (Manila)
    -ICS browser works fine
    -Clear front speakers(for calling)
    -Loud speaker in the back
    -Front camera appears upside down in some apps(Camera Zoom FX)
    -Gets very hot when using mobile data for heavy downloads.
    -Stock Launcher is not that pretty.
    -Game crashes sometimes when there is an incoming message
    -Proximity and light sensor only has 2 values (1 and 0)
    -Gyro is not centered(slightly to the left)
    -Side of the case has cracking noise when gripped
    -No camera key
    -The brightness adjustment settings is not that useful.(use Lux app for better screen adjustment)

    Other things to note:
    -user available RAM is only about 300mb
    -user available storage is only 2.5gb (+700mb internal)
    -i suggest downloading a different launcher (Apex or ADW), to hide those cherry apps and customize the look to make it look less cheap
    -for a 5mp camera, its not that nice, but its acceptable.
    -i have not yet tested the battery life but ill post soon, i am a moderate user, using 2g networks all day, about an hour of games, auto sync fb and twitter.
    -supports up to 480p video

    Overall for a 4k phone the cm flare is really worth it, if you don’t mind the hardware defects get this phone.The dual core snapdragon S4 play is really good, but not for heavy graphics games, it can run agent dash flawlessly btw.

    im using this phone while waiting for the nexus 4 here in the philippines :)).

    • Kent

      Try to insert other headset and play music you will notice that the sound will flicker…

  • ChrisP


    Scratch resistant ba yung screen?

    Gusto ko sana eto ipang-palit sa Xperia mini ko.

    • im not really sure. im inclined to say no pero wala pa ring gasgas until not kahit walang case or screen protection yung unit namin.

      • ChrisP

        OK thanks! How about the bluetooth, may A2DP ba?
        May bluetooth stereo headset kasi ako.

  • May user sa TipidCp.com na nahulog daw yung phone niya pero ok pa rin. To me it sounds promising. Sana nga lang ma sort out ng CM ang mga known bugs to make the phone a really good deal!

  • Christine

    Question: Does cherry mobile flare have video calling features? and may document viewer po ba siya? pwede din po ba siya maka view ng powerpoint files?? salamat po sa sasagot.. πŸ™‚

    • Dx-stein

      Hi, regarding Video Calling download Skype, Viber, etc.; for Document/Powerpoint Viewer/Editor you can also download apps like Adobe Reader, Think Free and Go Documents. You can do that on the internet or via Google Play Store. πŸ˜€

  • Christine

    Question lang po. does cherry mobile flare have video calling features? and may document viewer po ba siya? pwede din po ba siya maka view ng powerpoint files?? salamat po sa sasagot.. πŸ™‚

  • joro

    guys, saan store pa ba may available na CM FLARE, maghapon na kc naghahanap mister ko out stock na daw next pa ulit dating ng mga new stock.

  • joro

    i mean next week p ulit dating ng new stock pag may alam pa po kau na store na available pa, replay me pls. TIA

    • Dx-stein

      Trinoma 2nd Floor near CD-R King and the Sun Shop

  • Cha Fajardo

    When it will be available in SM Fairview?

  • Stephanie

    anung size ng buong phone ? like mag fifit kaya pang 4s or any other brands na casing .. mahirap mag ka phone ng walang casing

    • meron sariling casing ang flare.. feeling ko mas marami stock ng casing kesa unit.

  • CB

    meron ba document viewer ang CM flare?

    • lagyan mo ng polaris office from google play.

  • Nathan

    ilang band po ba ang GSM/EDGE/GPRS at 3G nang Flare?

  • this phone is actually karbonn a9 that sells for 8,900 here. its manufactured by karbonn mobile from india. almost bought it na kaso kulang yung pera ko hehehe. karbonn smart tab 2 nalang yung nabili ko that day. hahaha. 2 weeks after nilabas ng cherry mobile as flare with the whooping price of 3,999! this phone is too good to be true!

  • Quentin

    Bought the unit yesterday for 4,490 here in Davao. So far no qualms about it. Just wanna know kung may kasize ba itong ibang phone model para mabilhan ko ng back casing..?

    • jm

      3999 lng bili ko sa nc mol..Nov22
      Bat +500php yn

  • Art_franc

    I bought CM Flare nung Nov. 17 sa SM north. Ok naman sya maganda performance. Ang problem ko lang is yung text messaging. Pag nag-txt ka e wala sa order yung conversation. Rumble sya. Is this a factory deffect or ganun talaga?

    • threaded dapat conversation. i think kung timing issue it’s because of the network. parang mas maaga time ni Smart kesa kay Globe.

    • Arkita

      Try using SMS Time Fix.

  • Guys just a quick question.. saan ba pwedeng makabili ng casing para sa CM Flare malapit sa pasay?


    • try niyo yung mga cm stores. robinsons manila para sure siguro.

  • Roy

    Mukhang Optimus Black. πŸ™‚

  • david

    im a online forex trader i used applications for trading like mt4 flatforms. becouse of its cheaper price i think it is not flash supported. The big question is, it is good multimedia phone?

  • joan

    mga sirs..kamusta ang gps nito? ok namna ba? and yung tethering?.me mga nababasa kasi ko sa tpc na medyo ilang user di satisfied sa features reg. dito.thanks πŸ™‚

  • i like it. it’s nice! kaya lang walang fm @tv-out. un lang ung hanap q n wala jan. but all in all ok xa.

  • mariz gorduiz

    yung fren ko 2 days pa lang sa kanya yung phone tapos nahulog mga 4 feet ata yung taas ng pagkahulog nya pero okay parin

  • Jaypee

    Ask lang po sir kung pwede to gamitin for USA? quadband po ba tawag dun? Thanks in advance po

    • yes pwede sa US… actually triband lang pwede na eh.

  • john

    sana my mg post…on how to root flare….

  • nice review.. very comprehensive.. and i love the grammar.. hehehe

  • Ras

    Hi. Um.. I was just wondering if this what you so called CM Flare has the same camera quality like CM Titan. I want to have one but you know, I mean, I’ve read the CM Titan Review and I noticed that many user was disappointed with the camera quality of the Titan, so I was just curious if the CM Flare has the same cam quality like Titan. Hoping for your reply! GOOD DAY! πŸ˜€

    • i posted some sample photos in this review. see if that looks fine for you.

  • Sevennights

    For CM Flare users, I would just like to ask if you tried playing HD videos here, and used video playing apps (like MX Video Player). How did it fare? How is the video quality?

    • Quentin

      I tried playing two HD Music Videos. One 1080p – Failed. Two 720s – Played for a second then froze. My bad though since Alvin wrote it can only play 480. But well, atleast I tried. πŸ™‚

      • downconvert it to a smaller mp4 file… u dont need 720p on a 800 x 480 resolution.

  • hi gud eve!
    ask lng panu i-adjust ung front camera ng flare?kc blurr xa pro ung back camera ok nmn so far.s front cam lng ndi,my screen protector kc nakaka-affect b un?

    • vga camera lang naman yung front so mababa lang talaga quality compared sa back.

  • Bobryena

    Well, for a 4k phone this is quite impressive. But compared to my iphone 4s? No luck :))) but itll do for others who want a cheap phone

    • MangTonyo

      another typical iSheep bragging his shit phone… you dont belong here

  • Bambino

    dami na available na units mga idol!

  • marc

    sir paki.ayos naman info niyo.. no fm..
    wala syang fm app pero download mo lang ng fm app gagana.. mei fm tuner din ang flare kaya gagana ang fm..

    problem ko nlng ay yong go sms hindi madetect as dual sim ung flare

  • nap

    sir anu pung unit n jelly case yung fit sa flare? tnx

  • Kristoffer


  • chris

    pano lagyan ng pictures yung mga contact numbers?

    • Art_franc

      punta k sa gallery tapos choose ka ng pix then click “menu” then click “set picture as” choose “contact photo”…pero dapat yung contacts mo e nka-save sa phone.

  • Ken

    Supported ba nito ang flash player? Makaka stream ba ito sa mga sites outside youtube? At smooth ba?
    Lahat na kase ng review nabasa at napanood ko pero walang nag sabi if supported ba ang flash. At very short ra ang test nila sa browser.

    • Art_franc

      yes po nakaka-stream outside youtube…smooth

    • Ken

      Thanks. I guess I’ll go for this nalang. Ang choice ko kase eto or CherryPad Advance. Pero 1ghz lang kase single core yung pad kaya baka di kaya browsing.
      may news naba tungkol sa cherry mobile fire? Mukhang promising din kase at mas gusto ko design nun.

  • cawilgwace

    very informative yung review. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • androidboy

    totoo bang 2 point lang ang touch? ung astra 5 point multitouch

  • chandy

    worth it ang 3999 ko, ang problema ko lang battery kasi bilis mag discharge from 100% to 50% pero okay na after that….

  • jiazhen

    wish CM FLARE would be available here at SG!

    • buds

      why not asking,,, for a friend of yours to buy one and send it there??

      • ang

        can i change the themes? how? can i make my picture as a themes? how? pls. answer me.thnks

        • you can use your picture as a wallpaper. sa homescreen, click mo menu, then you’ll see wallpaper, pwede kang kumuha sa photo gallery ng picture to use as wallpaper.

          • belle

            sir,im using flare now.pro ngkaprobz poh ako sa video call nang ym og camfrog kasi nka.baliktad ako gmit yong front c amera.plz help.

          • Karla

            paano po ba ang paggamit ng Bluetooth sa Flare, meron akon lumang Samsung na Bluetooth enabled, tinitesting ko maglipat ng picture files sa Flare ang Bluetooth, pero “connecting failed”.

  • Sid

    Thank you for these honest and frank reviews. It’s worth a lot to get a real user’s experience and not just another salesperson.

    Question: what is the SAR rating for this phone?

  • Dyem The Reviewer

    Dude I have a Lot of Questions About sa TITAN and FLARE , Here is Some of Them πŸ™‚ Hope na Masagot nyo po agad πŸ™‚

    1.Kung Lalabas Man yung New O.S ng Android na JellyBean Version , Mauupgrade kaya tong TITAN and FLARE From sa default O.S nilang ICS na 4.0 TO JellyBean na 5.0 ??

    2. May Mga SECRET CODES Din Ba Sila TITAN and FLARE Gaya ng mga Samsung Galaxy , LG Optimus at iba pang Branded na Phones ?? Example : *#*#0000#*#* – for phone checking .

    3. Yung Battery Life nila Gaano ba sila Tumatagal , If Ever na Adik User ang gagamit for Gaming and Browsing ??

    • 1. we don’t know
      2. nope, as far as i know
      3. check mo yung review for the battery life test namin. halos same lang sa heavy usage namin.

      • pwede po ba ang pds file sa cm flare?

        • not familiar with pds file. pero pdf file nabubuksan naman, download ka lang ng viewer.

          • Gerald

            Jelly bean requires at least 1gb of RAM.

          • grace

            my phone asking for google account to unlock. but as I enter my accout, it doesnt work..can you help me plssss

          • jules

            tanung ko lang. gamit ko un flare ko, kapag may nagttxt sakin, walang nag aappeare n message receive s front screen.. sa setting ba un or may sira un phone? sa notification ko lang kasi nakikita kapag may nagttxt.. thank you sa response..

          • I have a lot of apps in my fone at mapupuno na ung External SD ko at system,pero ung internal memory ng fone di nagagamit, pano ko ba magagamit un? san ako pupunta? thanks a lot!

          • sa system > manage applications. click an app and see if merong move to sd / move to phone.

          • ann

            my phone asking for google account to unlock. but as I enter my accout, it doesnt work..can you help me plssss

  • bachu bops

    Sana available na sa dagupan.. gusto ko talaga etong fone na eto.

  • Cha Fajardo

    when it will be available po sa SM Fairview? kasi my mama wants to buy me that phone. Sana po by this december .

  • Monica

    I-review mo naman ang Cloudfone Thrill 430x. πŸ™‚

  • irene

    do flare can do printscreen? Thanks

    • screenshot you mean? then yes. hold the power and click the volume down button.

      • jeanne_marie88

        nice πŸ™‚

        • myka

          Bakit po ayaw mag-screenshot ng sa akin?

          • baka kulang ka pa sa practice… power and volume down. hold mo.

          • diimpx

            it works! thanks a lot!

          • Karla

            hello, san makikita ang screen schot, tinesting ko gumana sa akin pero di ko alam kung san pupunta para Makita screen shot file ko. pasensya na po bago pa lang sa paggamit ng android phone, salamat sa sagot. God bless

          • sa gallery

  • charles

    Does CM Flare has AutoFocus? Does it support Instagram?

    • yes! i have lots of social sites and apps like that and it’d support it.. =) and it has autofocus

  • kent manalo

    pwede bang installan ng themes ang flare?

    • yep, try mo go launcher.

  • JT

    HUHU bakit out of stock to parati?

  • LittleDevBoy

    Naghahang ba to kapag marami ng apps na nakabukas?

  • rupertikus

    Just got mine at SM north annex! only 200 units sold buti nalng naka abot pa.. hehehee..

  • Shin02

    unq quality pu ba at performance ay ok namn ????
    saka sabi nila unq qyroscope dw ndi pantay .

  • NErakEllimac

    Nakabili ako ng Flare 2 weeks ago.. pre-order na sya so kelangan mag Down ng P500, Luckily, after a day meron ng available na unit. Been using the phone for 2 weeks., so far so good.. Para saking kulang ung battery life.. heavy user din kasi ako.. balak ko bumili extra batt.

    • Gaano katagal battery life sa pag gamit mo ??

  • Mabilis ba ma low bat cherry mobile na flare

  • gorilla

    naka gorilla glass ba to sir? kasi kung hindi nakakdalawang isip bumili,

  • xyza tan

    ok nmn ang FLARE.. di nmn xa nag hhang. 2x a day ako mag charge a day parang sa samsung lang din. hehe

  • xyza tan

    sa market2x po try nyo.. dun kasi ako bumili..

    • catherine

      got may flare sa moa may stock cla .. πŸ˜€

      • _whab_

        How much? Do they have a CM booth or store there?

  • sheeree

    pedo po ba dito ang Whatsapp messenger?yun lang po kasi ang madalas kong gamitin na app. baka kasi hindi working,

  • Kristine Jane

    Pwede po ba siya installan ng Viber and Instagram? How bout yung Temple Run? Hindi po ba naghahang dun?

    • Sam

      pwede po.. ,may viber na sya na naka install actually ireregister m na lang ..

      • jameel

        may viber na sya na naka-install and skype po?

  • Sam

    SUper contented.. very nice.. ubusan nga lang hahahh 3 kaming nag-agawan sa last stock sa SM manila… I got it.. XD

  • mhelai

    san kea ko pwed mkabili ng flare out of stock ksi

    • Helo meron kaming bnbenta:) PM mo po pag intirisado ka..09301144607

  • jhoy

    meron bang stocks nito sa sn clark cyberzone?

  • jhoy

    meron bang stocks nito sa sm clark cyberzone? paki sagot nlang ung may alam tnx

  • Samsung user to Cherry mobile

    This review would be of great help. Thank you!
    Ang hirap lang mag-abang ng unit kasi ung mga saleslady nila kahit iwan mo ung number mo, hindi ka nila ittext pag may new units na sila. Patience lang talaga. Worth the wait naman, specially its price.

    • ian

      sa puregold balintawak, qc may 5 units pa as of 9pm kanina… dun bumili friend ko

  • eds

    question lng po regarding sa notification ng yahoo mail…kc naka deafault lng sya sa isang tone…ung mahaba na tone…kahit palitan ng ibang tone choices eh un pa din ung default na sounnd…pano po b palitanung tone…kc ung default eh masyadong mahaba & continous sya until di mo ma-swipe ung phone…..

  • loymax

    Alin ang mas maganda flare? O w900? , alin sa dlawa ang mas magaling ang performance?

  • akire

    where i can buy this unit?? available ba ito sa sm north cyberzone??\

  • ok po ba ang pds file dito>?

  • nok

    totoo ba may lifespan yung CM flare?

    • Pun Intended

      opo, 7 days

    • _whab_

      What do u mean by lifespan? Is it the battery life?

  • AnonBoy

    flare or skyfire or titan ???

    • Pun Intended

      samsung wave

      • yeha


  • grace

    my phone asking for email google account to unlock. but as I enter my email google account, it doesnt work..can you help me plssss

    • yeah

      hard reset

  • Kristine Adams


    Paano po mag print screen using FLARE? hinohold ko po yung power control then press ng volume button pero ayaw naman po..

    Salamat. πŸ™‚

    • ..!..

      hold mo lang ung phone, automatic printing yan

  • helo!! sino pa po naghahanap ng Cherry mobila Flare.. Meron po kami available.TXT me 09301144607

    • Reymarth

      pwede po bang installment?

      • Install

        ano po ung installment? Installation before download

  • yotoboi

    pde ba ang flare sa video call?

  • yotoboi

    san p kya available yan?

    • wew

      dun sa tawi tawi meron

  • almon

    sir calvin, this the best rewiew ever!
    critical and not biased. may tanong lang po ako,how is texting dito sa flare? is 2point touch not affecting?

    btw Subscriber mo na ako sir!!!!

    • ok naman using yung pre-installed keyboard na kelangan mong i-enable. daling masanay.

      • Franz

        Sir calvin pano po ba ang settings ng GPRS ng sun or smartt.. sayang kc ung plan ko di ko magamit settings configuration not complete daw po… nice review po sa flare…

        • automatic naman dapat. check mo APN kung tama yung nakalagay. not familiar sa smrt pero pag globe, internet.globe.com.ph dapat apn

    • thanks almon! πŸ™‚

    • Wowie

      best review amputspa, kissing arse!!!

  • Jojo

    Hi, nice writeup.. but when you suggested to have a good headphone or connect it to external speakers, have you actually done this or you just assume it will work? A lot of flare users are complaining about headphone compatibility and audio plugs from speakers not being detected which is just sad because even a P500 worth of mp3 player can beat the heck out of this smartphone’s current audio setup.

    • i tried my urbanears earphone and a portable speaker. ok naman.

  • Chillman

    Sir ask ko lang about sa text message. Pwede ba siya gawing ABCD? or QWERTY pad na talaga? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • try mong maghanap ng keyboards sa Google Play na kaya different formats tapos yun ang gamitin mo as default.

  • jell

    bakit walang send ng music sa may music playlist di talaga ako maka pag sent ng music mp3

    • download ka ng file manager… like ES File Explorer. then hanapin mo mp3 mo doon, tapos press and hold to see options na pwede mong gawin sa file.

  • Ramil Ramos

    Hi Calvin,

    This is a very good review, compared to others who only base theirs from the box specs, not knowing that the actual processor is 8625 (not 8225). Got mine last Dec 28 from Berlein in Ali Mall. So far, everything is very satisfactory except for the Bluetooth which is not compatible with the built-in Bluetooth in my car(Mirage). This is also the reason why I could not use Flare as my primary phone, since I am always on the go. My headset from Sony WT19i LWW phone though works perfectly with this unit.

    My final comment is that why CM says 1.2GHz while the actual is only 1.15GHz (50MHz slower) processor even when using SetCPU & No-frills CPU? Do I need to use custom ROM to get 1.2GHz? Anyway, stock ROM works fine with less bloatware. But for the price of Php3,999… I love this Flare.

    • drewman

      anung comparisons mo sa wt19i?
      meron din kasi ako wt19i kaso sira and dont know how much ipaayos and im planning to buy cm flare kung di magkakalayo sa gastos.tnx

  • Chris

    Kabibili ko lang kahapon na flare, pero pag pumasok ako sa sound settings may lumalabas na message “unfortunately, settings has stopped.” paano po i.ayos ito???

    • Wiii

      Hard reset

      • Booo

        how to hard reset sir? may mga articles ba on how to do it? thank you πŸ™‚

        • wala ba sa settings yung reset? yun lang alam kong phone reset eh.

          • _whab_

            To do HARD RESET: Close all apps and remove your battery while the phone is On. Re-insert battery after 2 min.

          • tine

            bt gnun sir ayaw pdn maacess nung sound settings πŸ™

  • jhing

    maganda ba talaga sya? anung mas maganda l3 or flare?

  • pauline

    i have flare and nakakita ako ngproblema. it wont allow touch points at thesame time. meaning bamagsabay. is this fixable? kasi i cant play other games like taptap and music hero. sayang kasi with all the great specs yun lang drawback nya.

    • pauline

      *bawal magasabay

  • Elenie

    Bat po walang tone pag meron message? d nman po nka Silent Mode..any help po? thanks!

  • husbie

    magandang gbe πŸ™‚ tanung lang po paano po ba mag lagay ng picture sa mga contact list?? tnx

  • mark

    san po may stock nitong flare? salamat

  • Tungsten

    madali po ba masira ito ? kasi parang gusto ko bilhin to , budget friendly kasi .. parang mas gusto ko pa to kesa sa Sony Xperia Tipo na bibilhin ko ..

    please reply sir ,

  • lester

    mga sir d b kayo nakakaexperience ng problem with skype s flare?ayaw kc gumana ng video call nung samin ng erpat q.ano b suggestions nyo?

  • jomar

    san pa po may stock?

    • Karl

      Available na ulit ang Flare sa Robinsons Manila, and I hear in other places like SM North, Megamall, Festival Mall (Alabang), SM Southmall (Las Pinas).

      Anyway, bumili nga ako last week sa outlet ng Cherry Mobile sa Rob Manila. P3999 pa rin yung Flare mismo, pero kailangan bumili ka din ng battery pack @ P1000, so P4999 yung total price. Ok lang sakin na bumili ng battery pack pero hindi ata sanctioned ng Cherry Mobile mismo na nakabundle yung phone at batt pack.

  • :”>

    Up to now, wala pa rin bang problem yung flare mo Sir?

  • yrna

    i also feel the creaking in both sides. my skype is not upside down though but my instagram is. can u teach me how to print screen?

    • hold and press power and volume down.

      • Prince


        How can I set up Skype Video call? I already uploaded skype but I can only make voice call. Thank you.

        • uh make sure the recipient can receive video call. straightforward lang naman paggamit, have you tried it flare to flare? na-try ko kasi flare to ipad eh. ok naman skype video call.

    • Karla

      did you return the unit for replacement? with my unit it is only on the left side lower part of the slide button.

  • I’m getting one today. I’m so excited as it will be my first Android. I’m not a gamer so I don’t think I would have an issue with its battery (?).

    • yup! you’ll definitely enjoy it if you’ll going to be using it mainly for fb, twitter, instagram, etc.

      • Hey. Been IG-ing like crazy since yesterday. I didn’t know such exists. πŸ˜›

        However, I’ve got one trouble so far (and God forbid there’s more). For some reason its front-facing camera has gone missing. Before that, the Camera itself wouldn’t work (unfortunately I forgot what it said) but was able to resolve it by going to Settings > Apps > Camera. Then I hit the Clear Data button and voila, it worked again. The second time it happened and tried to resolve it that way the camera worked again but noticed that the ffc (icon) disappeared.

        Went back to the store and had it checked and some lady suggested that it be set to factory setting…I may be opting for it, but thought I’d try my luck here just in case you have had the same experience (with other phones, too)or any ideas how to bring the front-facing camera icon back.

        Thanks a lot brah!


        • tried rebooting the phone? memory mustve ran out from all the instagramming. hehe.

          • Re: instagramming; my thought so too. But seriously I have rebooted it jillion times to no avail.

            I guess my vanity is doomed?

        • Jayson

          this happened to my Flare too…
          but when I changed my memory card, OK na…

          • Mine doesn’t have a memory card yet. Last night I uninstalled some apps, including Viber and Twitter and guess what! FFC’s back!

    • PopoyMasaya

      naexperience ko din to sa Flare especially when using skype video. minsan gumagana…pero pag nag end ako ng call. the next time wala na yung front facing camera…ayaw na gumana…the only solution is to restart…kaso hassle masyado…issue ba talaga sa flare to or may updates na on this..thanks guys…tama ba pwesto ng comments ko πŸ™‚

      • flare2

        off nyo talaga fone then on again, babalik yan front camera

  • _whab_

    Hi, where can i get one with a price of Php3999? I went to CM booth in Megamall the other day and CM Flare is out-of-stock since Dec.2012…

    • We have it here in Surigao πŸ™‚ I’m getting one tomorrow :)It costs P3999 ..

      • Karl Cuasito

        hahaha kababayan πŸ˜€ from claver, surigao (out of topic) (just FC ahahaha)

  • _whab_

    Hi Sir Calvin, malakas po ba ang WIFI HOTSPOT ng CM Flare? Hanggang ilang devices po ang pwede makaconnect?


    • same as other phones… 5 yung max na kayang maka-connect i think.

  • Mia

    Hello Ask Kolang poh kung myron nito sa Sm Clark Pampanga

  • Dan

    Calvin, maganda nga sa totoo pero walang stock kahit saan kang dealer pumunta, sabi ng isang dealer phase out na daw ang flare kasi may problem daw sa hardware i don’t know how true but i rather rely on your comment. Saan ba talaga may stock gusto ko bumili ng isa???

    • i wouldnt know where to get one althgouh may mga comments dito nanagsasabi kung san meron. as for phased out, wala naman akong naririnig kay cherry mobile about it. ma-phase out lang yan if may maireplace na si CM sa flare na mas maganda.

      • Meron sa Surigao php3999 lng kaso nga ang layo. πŸ™‚

      • lhourd

        Dito sa savemore apalit 2ndfloor meron pa stock.nag check ako kahapon gusto ko din kasi sya i try im using samsung galaxy note 2 pero diko ma enjoy diko madala sa manila nakakatakot unlike this cm flare di masyado pansinin

    • i got the same problem.. walang stock.. kailan pa kaya to magiging available?

  • kevzzz

    hi,just got cm flare yesterday…at first,it turned out ok bt after downloading skype i found out that it is up side down…can anyone help me fix this problem???

  • sheryl

    saan po ba pwede ma-off ung notification ringtone? kc pag may email ako sa yahoo ang lakas ng ringtone nya.. wla naman akong settings na ganun eh.. nagtataka ako saan un pwede ma-off… ang ingay kc.. tumutunog sya pag may email ako..pls help

    • Charlie Bravo

      Settings—>Sound—>Default Notification—>Silent… Hope makatulong po.

    • Katrina

      un din ang problem ko.. inopen ko ung
      y! mail app>settings>account settings>notification settings
      pero kahit na ano piliin ko dun same lang ang sound

  • sheryl

    i have my 16gb of SD card inside my flare phone and I installed many apps… tapos lage nalang namamatay ang phone ko.. bakit kaya? wla pa nga itong 1month ng nabili ko po.. can anyone pls help me fix this out? i am annoyed…

    • Charlie Bravo

      Try to check for scan for malware or virus using your PC. and try nyo din po mag download ng antivirus for your Flare

    • jean

      anu pong micro sd ang gamit nyo po? salamat

    • Ahj

      same tayo, namamatay din ung akin. madalas mag init yung battery y po kaya?

  • Kiez

    Hi. Do you think compatible ung samsung battery sa flare? Considering magkapareho lang naman ung voltage? Problem is ung fitting na lang nung battery. Could anyone try this out? I’m trying to resolve the daily charging kasi before I get one. πŸ™‚ Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • bajula

    i just bought my cm flare and so happy of the high end features but after two weeks using it, it bogged down.i sent the unit in the service center and their disposition is that the unit needs to be replaced because they cant repair the hardware and instead gave me an option that i should pay add 10%..why should i pay if the problem occurred in the unit is hardware malfunctioning?im so dissapointed

    • bajula

      ps additional 10% for replacing the unit

  • Arthur

    I would like to ask if cherry mobile flare is compatible to a wireless bluetooth headset? For listening to music & call purposes po. :))

  • Hi! I’m getting one po tomorrow i’m just curious how to PRINT SCREEN?

    • hold power and press volume down

    • kanegz

      hi mikhaella, saang cm store ka nakakita ng flare? i’m planning to get one too..

  • kanegz

    san may available na flare as of the moment?

  • Good day, I just bought mine yesterday…. how do i use the pre-installed opera mini, sabi kasi “unable to connect to network, please check your settings.” ano setting po ba un? THANK YOU ^_______________^

    • Karla

      puntaka ng settings at I-turn on ang wifi connection kun meron, o baka sa mobile network subscription mo na un

  • khaize

    Sir tanong ko lang po gamer po ako adik sa game sa android
    Actually 2 days kuna to cp ko binili ko sa cyberzone sm di napo cya 3999
    5k napo cya! Okay lng pero hina talaga battery try kna din di maglaro ng games
    Txt nlng pero dali talaga mauos sa juice:( wala pa po ba kayong e sell na battery para sa flare?yung mas laki laki ang process po.. plss help..di po cya abot ng 1 day.

  • zbcruz

    Gud pm. Panu po mtanggal ung pagcocorrect nya kpag nag ttext nkaka tgal kse sa pagtatatype. Ty please answer

  • jia1023

    is it really 3999? i went to cherry mobile store here in malolos bulacan and when i asked about the price they said it was 4300..

  • Chum

    Pwede bang palitan yung theme nyan?

    • download ka ng launcher sa google play

  • San pa po kayang me available na flare?? thanks for the response. πŸ™‚

  • Prince

    Paano ko po magagamit yung Skye Video Call? Tinry ko mag skye, pro I’m only allowed to have Voice call. Thank you!

    • Prince

      Skype po un. πŸ™‚

      • whab

        Same problem here… YM is not even allowing flare user’s to do video calling.

        Don’t know if we can do some workarounds to fix this issue. But i think it is more on the side of the developer.

    • whab

      Sir Calvin,

      May alam po ba kayo kung panu mag-video calling sa Flare via Skype or YM or facebook? Do you know any apps that we can download to solve this issue? I’ve tried a lot of apps/plugins but none of them is working for Flare πŸ™

  • Dwight

    Sir,1st time android user kasi ako. Pano i-connect sa WiFi? I mean,may tamang settings ba? Pag nakakasagap kasi ako ng connection,edi coconnect ako. Then,connected na daw. Pero di ako makapasok kahit sa FB. Please help po. Thanks.

    • baka wifi network lang yung napagconnectan mo, walang internet service yung network na yun.

  • Edel Rollon

    Hello Sir! I would like to ask kung paano po maibabalik sa normal yung sa front camera, I’m taking picture using instagram and it’s upside down. paano po kaya maibabalik yun? thanks

    • meir

      I’m also having the same issue with inverted front camera but with using Yahoo messenger. I also appear inverted on the other end.

  • rhonnel

    hi gud day!.. ask ko lang .. nakaexperience na ba kayo ng pag white screen ng CM flare??after icharge,natunog naman ung loading process nya pag niopen mo ung fone.. nwiez ganun kasi ang nangyari sa flare ng mother ko.. dinala na nya sa pinagbilhan nya kaso walang stock kya hindi pa mapalitan.

  • johnray

    pwde pa po bang irepair yung LCD ng cm flare?

  • cathrinah

    hello sir,i’ve read all the comments pero wala ganong nag-inquire tungkol sa sms features ng flare..tanong ko lang po..dun kasi sa mga old models ng CM, may indicator sila kung saan sim card galing yung text message..for example..kung titignan mu sa inbox may nkalagay na 1 or 2..for sim 1 or 2..dun sa flare meron naman pero bakit laging sim 1 ung nakalagay kahit sa sim 2 nagtext???gets nyo po???i’l wait for your reply sir..i’ve been using my flare for a month now..(i think…) for me,super dami pa ng dapat i-improve pero kaysa magsisi ako at manghinayanÒ€¦gamitin ko nalang ng gamitin!sana po matulungan nyo ko sa problem ko kasi nahihirapan ako minsan pag may nagtetxt sakin na hindi nakasave sa contacts ko hindi ko mareplayan kasi hindi ko alam kung san sim nagtext..kasi palpak ung sim card indicator eh..sir sana po mareplayan nyo ko dun sa email na pinrovide ko..thank you poÒ€¦

  • jinn

    hello po,,this is currently mu biggest problem with my CM Flare,,pag kinoconnect ko sya sa computer di na gumagana ang screen,,so inshort di ko na maaccess and SD card ko kc di ko nmn mapindot yung “Turn on USB Storage” ano po pwd ko gawin? pumunta na ako sa service center kahapon tpos naconnect na,pro kelangan pa i long press,,then ngayon wala na naman,,

  • LeahRivera

    Hi! I’m planning to buy 1 sana but i need to ask lang if this unit will work in USA coz im planning to give it to my dad. He’s really not into techie phones but we want to get in touch with him even when he’s at work. I hope to get feedback from you. Thanks!

    • jrace

      PLEASE Don’t send it to your dad in US!!!! I just bought mine at SMSouth Mall 0303`3 with intention of using it here in US but got sooooo disappointed despite CM salespersons saying it will work being a tri-band unit!!! IT IS NOT A REAL TRI-BAND UNIT, AS STATED IN THE BOX AND WILL NOT FUNCTION IN US, SO PLEASE DO NOT BUY FLARE FOR US USE!!!

  • aica

    hi ask ko lang po pano mawawala ung vibrationg during text messaging.. πŸ™‚ di ko kasi mahanap sa settings..

  • aica

    hi ask ko lang po pano mawawala ung vibrationg during text messaging.. πŸ™‚ di ko kasi mahanap sa settings.. thanks

  • danie

    im having a problem with this cm flare, madalas mag hang. tapos minsan basta nalang nmamatay tapos when i use the open botton ayaw mag function, need to remove pa ung battery just to reboot the phone . what should i do with this? kabibili ko lang just 3days ago. hope u can help me guys. thanks alot..

  • j.lo

    unable to unlock ung cm flare q panu po ba un.. nd q 2loy magamit answer me plzz

  • Jade

    Pano po gawing alternate ang message thread between the sender and the recipient. Nagshoshow in one group lang kc ung sa sent and one other group for received messages. thnx

  • Yan21

    hi po. just bought a flare. ask q lng po pano ba mawala ung vibrate everytime i type. i find it annoying na po and battery-consuming na rin. tnx po.

  • hello..just want to ask kung panu magkaroon nang stagram sa flare..thanks po.

    • download mo sa google play instagram

      • thank you for answering my question..

        follow up question lang din ulit,,parang kasing mabilis ma lowbat nang flare..dahil ba to sa vibration?panu tanggalin un?

        thanks and more power

        • sa settings > sounds… somewhere there you can turn off vibration

    • john

      how to turn off sound pag ngconnect ka ng usb sa pc?

  • Dean Arellano

    hi. I forgot my password pattern in my cherry mobile flare. what will i do to unlock my phone again?

  • Mel Rivera

    HI. Ang naging prob ko sa flare is yun hissing sound. pag open ng fone and any other apps. na resolve nman sya, via software update. too bad, napa gastos pa ako ng P550. meron nman plang update sa site. huhuhu. Batt, such a pain. pero me nkita ako na 2200mh sa Tipidcp, P500. didnt buy one yet.

    I am impressed with the GPS. worked well with copilot and other gps apps. better na maglagay ka ng GPS Test app pra mapabilis yun pag connect sa sattelites.

    Im just wondering why marami me gusto nito? hehehe. sabagay, for its price, pwede na.

  • raphael habla

    hi. ask ko lang kung ano mg format ng video ang pwede iplay sa cm flare and how to download videos from cm flare


    hi.. please help.. san pa po ba may available stock na flare??

  • dudz

    paano po pag nalimutan ung pattern lock at di n marecover??

  • bunso

    pahelp po please. ung wifi po ayaw na gumana sa flare ko. ung icon ng wifi hndi nagcocolor blue. πŸ™ please help

  • sean

    Flare is indeed a good android phone though disappointing lang talaga yung battery life..my problem with mine is the data connection…i seldom use wifi kaya nakarely ako sa mobile networks pag nasa labas ako…minsan nakakaconnect minsan hindi…i just learned from here kung paano yung print screen…been downloading screen shot apps that doesn’t work…thanks!!

  • michael

    bkit po ung notification ringtone ko ee cherry tone pa din kht binago ko na sa settings? sa DEFAULT NOTIFICATION binago ko dun pero still pag me notification cherry tone pa dn? HELP

  • alvinkoryou

    I have a problem with my Cherry Mobile Flare. Pag nag Rerecord po ako ng video ang aauto focus sya. How can I turn that off?

  • Missshhh

    Hello! lagi pong nag ha hang yung CM FLARE ko pati po sa mga games at apps na hhang. may sira napo ba yun? kasama po ba sa warranty yun?? this february lang po sya binili

  • hi! im from bacolod, im going crazy looking for this cherry mobile unit but its currently not available all the outlets of bacolod city, just wondering if it is still available? thanks.

  • Nico

    SIR PA ASK PLEASE litung lito na tlga ako sa bibilhin ko anu ba mas maganda ang cherry mobile w900(5990php) or yang flare? nakakalito tlga kasi mas mahal ang w900 pero pag e compare mo mukhang mas ok ang specs ng flareÒ€¦ PLEAS PLEASE help nalilito na tlga ako at nahihilo na sa pag compare..



  • Good Day Sir! Help po kung pano magiging alternate yung text between the sender and the recipient. Usually naman po dba nag-aalternate? bakit yung sakin hindi? I hope matulungan nyo po ako. I’ll highly appreciate it. Thanks

  • eljikata

    hello, tanong ko po kung pano gawing alternate yung message ng sender at receiver? nakakalito po kasi eh.
    pls reply. salamat po..

    • grail

      check mo yung date settings mo, mali ang date nyan kaya di nagalternate

      • Michael Angelo Guiroy

        pano po gawing alternate ung message threading po ng sender at recevier? please help πŸ™ pakisend naman po sa email ko, facebook add ko rin po yan if pde po sa fb ok rin po salamat tlga. 2 months ko na po prob to πŸ™

        • mag download ka ng sms time fix..!!

        • Marianne

          Hi po paano po maibalik ang message icon sa cherry mobile na unable ko po kasi hindi ko na alam kung paano ibalik.yungtnx

        • Jesse Boy

          1. punta ka sa settings

          2. hanapin mo ang “Date & time” and click.

          3. tick mo yung “Automatic date & time(Use network-provided time)”

          Thats all.

          Sana makatulong.

        • Jesse Boy

          Di nag’alternate ang mga message dahil may conflict sa time between sent message at received message. Ang ginagamit ng SENT messages ay phone time, ang ginagamit naman RECEIVED messages ay network time(i.e. Smart, Globe, Sun).
          Sa message thread naman, nakaarrange message from the newest to oldest based on time kaya kapag hindi iisa ang synch ng time mo, even in seconds, di talaga magiging alternate yan.
          Ang nangyayari kasi nagkakaroon ng dalawang time na sinusunod ang message mo kaya di sya mag’alternate.

          By turning on the automatic date & time, gagamitin nya ang date and time ng network lang kaya nakasynch na ang time and that will resolve your message alternate problem.

  • Vincent

    May Available pa kaya nyan CM Flare?

  • Vincent

    Meron na Kaya Nyan dito sa Olongapo?

  • LuffyKudo

    guys help., I broke my flare’s touch and lcd, though the touchscreen still works the LCD is rendered useless.., magkano bah lcd ng flare ngaun? eh pag touch screen at lcd? oh mas mabuti siguro kung bumili ng bago? san ba mas makakatitipid? salamat and God Bless πŸ˜€

    • buyanother

      i think buying new phone is better,hers why(its only 4k changing lcd screen to other service centers not including cherry mobile centers charge 1-1.5k so lets assume na mag2k or higher pag sa cherry mobile)

  • Jhen

    hello po… ask ko lang if how to delete sa message recipients po?

    • press and hold the message thread tapos may lalabas na menu.

      • pwede po bang manood ng HD VIDEOS from all sites like iwantv.com.ph at mg skype video calling sa CM FLARE ?Ò€¦.kahit wlang wifi connection ??????Ò€¦..kahit load lng ?????

        • di ka makanood from iwanttv.com.ph pero skype pwede kahit load lang. via 3G gamit mo.

          • pano po ba i activate ang 3G ?….sa CM FLARE ?

  • May cm flare po ba sa olongapo, plz po pki sagot gusto k ksi mamili nyan eh

  • Sofia

    Available pa po ba ang Cherry Mobile Flare ngayon? May warranty po ba ito? Haggang kelan po? Pwede po bang mag print screen sa Cherry Mobile Flare, paano po? Thanks!

  • pwede po bang manood ng HD VIDEOS from all sites like iwantv.com.ph at mg skype video calling sa CM FLARE ?….kahit wlang wifi connection ??????…..kahit load lng ?????

  • pwede po bang manood ng HD VIDEOS from all sites like iwantv.com.ph at mg skype video calling sa CM FLARE ?Ò€¦.kahit wlang wifi connection ??????Ò€¦..kahit load lng ?????

  • genessa

    hi.. mggmit b ang cherry mobile flare s saudi? tnx.. kc mostly ngssbi n hndi dw kc made in the philippines dw po.. tnx much..

  • faith

    Hi guys im using Cherry mobile flame.. so far ang nkikita ko palang defect eh yung pag ginamit ko na yung headset di ako marinig ng kausap ko sa kabilang line :/
    – anyways is there anyone here who knows how to make sms font smaller?

    • grail

      Settings > Display > Font Size

  • charlene gail

    panu po magagamit yung sim na smartbro sa flare? panu po maaactivate yung cheat nya?

  • Cool! Now I’m finally decided to buy this cherry mobile phone. Thanks for the great review.

  • charlene gail

    Hello po im using cm flare and use wifi hotspot to my laptop the conection is available but no internet access.. gamit ko pong sim is smartbro kahit naka unli po ng internet hnd parin ako makapag access.. Ano po ba problem or dapat gawin kapag ganun?

  • jan cabe

    hi ask ko lng kpg ba iroroot ang flare pwede b kahit walang memory card n nkainsert? pwede nb ang internal memory gamitin or need tlga ng memory card??please help thanks..

    • you need the memory card

      • maricel

        Pwde po b candy crush d2 s flare tnx

  • Ben

    Magkakaroon na rin ng Jelly Bean update for Flare!!! Sa wakas!!!

    • Beth

      anu po ba yang jelly bean po ?

      • latest version ng android.

  • Beth

    anu po yang jelly bean at pano po magkaroon ng jelly bean ang phone mo ?

    • latest version ng android. pag merong update inannounce si cherry mobile, tsaka magiging jelly bean ang phone mo.

  • Chilo

    Mga bossing pano po ba gawing mag kaiba ang message alert tone ng sim1 and sim2?

    • Marvin Basira

      hi chilo, punta ka sa messaging then press mo yung katabi ng home button, after mong ma press my pagpipilian ka na Settings and Delete thread, punta ka sa settings then scroll down meron dun, Select SIM1 ringtone, and Select SIM2 ringtone then choose your desire music….happy searching.. Gudluck! πŸ™‚

  • Marvin Basira

    I’m using flare right now, will maganda naman siyang gamitin so far, very convenient, at pinaconnect ko siya sa internet at mabilis yung downloading nya in fairness pero ang problema lang is habang sync xa dumadami naman yung contacts ko, pwede pong pahelp tungkol dito?

    Maraming salamat…

    • pwde bang mag video call tru skype ang falre..?
      which is better….flare or titan…..?thanx…

      • aj

        hi MARVIN BASIRA…pwede mo nman ioff ung sync e..pnta ka lang sa settings..

  • i mean flare…thanx Ò˜º

  • unknown

    pano po magvideo call sa CM flare?

  • marco

    magkano po yong battery ng flare?na try ko CM flare ng coworker ko maganda po sya ang prob is ang battery mabilis malowbat,so ang plano ko is bibili ng back up battery,anyone may alam magkano yung battery ng CM flare? thnx in advance ^_^

    • Jacob

      Payo ko po ay imbes na extra battery ay bumili ka na lang po ng high capacity power bank, portable din naman iyon ganoon, para maliban sa pwede mo pang charge ng CM Flare mo iyon ay pwede din pang charge ng iba pang portable gadget tulad ng camera, handheld game console at iba pa. Check mo lang po sa Google, o sa Sulit.com, o sa CD-R King tungkol sa mabibilhan ng power bank.

  • Rio

    Helo! pano po bah mag.upgrade ng android ver. to latest vers?

  • marie

    Tanong ko lng po paano po ba baguhin or ayusin ang
    keypad nya gusto ko pong baguhin sana from qwerty
    to conventional type.

  • This doesn’t really help, actually. Cos all i wanted to do is Download Instagram on Cherry Mobile Flare, not look at the quality or whatever Displays. IT DOESN’T HELP BITHCES

    • leah

      Hi Janella,Pwede kang magdownload ng Instagram sa Google Play Store πŸ™‚

  • hey yo’ll, i visited google and searched sex. and this came out? like really? i want to have sex, INTERESTED? Reply at my post here. I love sex. I had like 6 sex but no child, i’m not gonna make one. it’s only USD $1. but this site doesn’t really help. :/ i just don’t understand how this Cherry mobile Flare became a sex. Sex with me. Once you reply, i’ll message you sexy pictures of me. πŸ™‚ Have fun.

    • P.S. if you don’t want pay, tell me, then it’s for free

  • Ahj

    Ask ko lang po, lage po kasing nagbblack out yung flare ko. madalas po syang ganun, bkt po kaya? lalo na po pag nag iinit yung battery. Thanks.

  • charles

    Malinaw po ba yung camera kapag nag flash.

  • pano po ba makapag download ng facebook zero sa flare cherry mobile? tapos Sun PO kasi gamit ko na sim eh !! pano po? ilang beses ko na po sinubukang mag set para dun pero wla nmn po nangyayari….

    • pls po paki sagot nmn po….

  • toni

    available pa kaya yan sa august??

  • Marie

    Hi! How to unlock po pag nakalimutan ung pattern? thanks

  • Amir

    ano type ng glass ung screen nyan?
    glass lng b tlga?

  • Sean

    ung conversation view po ba walang chance na maayos. wala kasi sa order πŸ™ if alam nio po kung pano ifix, reply po kayo!

  • Andre Aquino

    Ano pung ibig sabihin ng wifi hotspot??

    • pwede mong ishare internet mo sa iba via wifi.

  • jerome

    ok po ba wechat sa flare? kung hindi po anong model po ng cm pede ang viber, line o wechat. thanks po

  • Chaps

    In Cherry Mobile Flare, how do you keep the FM Radio playing even when the screen turns off?

  • Rhima

    Hi,,help i want and i need to know why every time that i want to download games In my CM Flare mobile why the google account always appear whenever i click the playstore? but in somme some phones it doesnt appear!?is that really needed!? i hope you can help me with this thanks!.

    • Chaps

      You need to sign in or log in with google play store in order to download stuff. Try it, it’s fairly easy.

      • Rhima

        ok ill try it again!!!thank you

  • geg

    mga gaya gaya

  • chillo1

    bkit 395mb RAM lng nkkita ko sa flare q? diba dpat 512mb
    tas sa Set Cpu 1.152 Ghz lng ang processor clock?

    bat ganun?? haays!

    • Jake

      baka ung available memory na lng ang nakikita mo kaya ganun.. πŸ™‚

  • Marianne

    Hi po paano po maibalik ang message icon sa cellphone Yung icon po na naka install na.kung saan po makikita yung sim 1 and 2?na un able ko po kasi ,dahil nag download ako nang nang pro sms.tpos yun na po ang nangyari..hope you can help me .tnx

  • nayna

    How do you capture screenshots with this phone?

  • hi hindi ba compatible sa CM FLARE ang SMS skin app.?..ka c nag try ako hindi ako makasend ng message,paki help naman po,or may nalalaman kayong SMS skin app na compatible with CM FLARE..Salamat

  • kring2

    how to activate the 3G in my flare? do I need to deactivate sim 2?

    • nope good to go na… isang SIM lang ang may 3G check mo sa loob dapat WCDMA ilagay para yun ang 3G.

  • KAssandra

    hello po… paano po tatanggalin yung capture sound sa camera? :))

  • paul

    pwd po ba sya dalhin sa labas??.. i mean abroad?, yung cherry mobile flare?..

    • oo naman.. di naman yan haharangin sa airport eh. πŸ˜‰

  • hi! pano tanggalin yung vibrate kapag my message kc naka-off naman yung sa tones ganun padin. πŸ™

    • mmm… di ko alam kung gagana ito pero try mo settings > language input > Android keyboard settings > uncheck mo vibrate on keypress

  • aurea

    hi just want to ask kung may PRINT SCREEN and cherry mobile? pano po ang shortcut key? i used Cherry Mobile W5.. thanks and hoping for your immediate reply..

  • Tonikid

    bakit po may mga number sa contact na di umaapear ang name.. hindi naman doulble entry ang name may mga ilang number lang naman, pero pag ako ang unang nag txt naka apear naman ang name.. may experience ba kayo tulad nito? pls. reply.. thanks.

  • jao

    pano po palitan yung email notification tone sa flare? TIA πŸ™‚

  • Loret

    ang GPS ba nito hindi kumakain ng load pag walang wifi?
    salamat po.

  • Itatanong ko lang po sana pano magagamit yung free facebook pag Globe/TM yung sim? Same with Sun? Di ko po kasi alam pano mapapagana or possible ba siyang gumana gamit yung Flare. I tried to turn on the Mobile Network pero wala pa rin. Hindi ko mahanap yung GPRS Setting. Thank you!

  • ian grace

    tanong q lang po,ang cm flare po ba ay mini ipad din.?tnx

    • mini ipad??

      • gilenz

        sir i cant open d camera it says that i cant connect to camera y po kaya?

        • baka sira na? or try mo reboot.

          • Hi! Mr.Calvin tanong ko lang kung magkano nalang ang Cherry Mobile Flare sa mga Mall?
            Nagmura na ba ito or steel 3,999php parin yung kanyang presyo?

          • naphase out na ata πŸ˜› napalitan ng flare 2x

        • Pag cover pa ng warranty, change unit na yan.

  • Jin

    Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me something about Flare’s Wifi capability..? Lots of thanks!

    • it can connect to a wifi network and can act as a wifi hotspot

  • sir matanong ko lng…uhm ung pgkabuy kong flare ko is nka android 4.1.2 na xa pero ung memory is 2gb lng..bkt gnun?

    • usually konti lang talaga ang memory na available sa user. yung cosmos x nga 4GB din nakasabi pero over 1GB lang ang available.

  • gail respicio

    hi ask ko lngpaan makakabili ng cherry mobile flare f nsa abroad ka…paano process ng pgbili.. ano ano pa mga pde mbli sa hlgang 4k..

  • jervs

    hindi po ba to pwed mag txt while charging?

    • sa pc mo icharge, pagmalakas masyado yung output nagloloko yung phone pag ginagamit.

  • kathlyn villanueva

    ask ko lang po kng paano po mgkakaroon ng camera 360ang phone q na s100 android of cherry mobile flare po …

    • lndy von

      punta ka lang sa playstore tas e search mo ang camera360 tas e-install mo po πŸ™‚

  • john joshua uy

    Pano po ba mag upgrade into jelly bean? Pwede po ba yun pagkabili sa CM store ipa upgrade kgad?

    • kelangan may jelly bean upgrade talaga yung phone. if wala pang nirelease si cherry mobile, di mo rin maupgrade.

  • Mark Gabriel Chiong

    Tanung ko lng bakit yung iba kung apps nawawala…..peru nandun nman sa settings?at paano ko maibalik to sa menu??
    at bakit angdali lng mg discharge ng phone ko?

    • lndy von

      sam tayo kuya πŸ™ hindi aabot nang 2-3 hours phone ko agad naglolowbat hindi ko naman masyadong ginagamit πŸ™

  • Pwede ba nba 2k13 sa flare

  • neneth g.

    Good day, ask ko lang po kung bakit tumitigil ang music if nakaconnect po ako sa speaker,but in headphones po hinde naman? I tried to connect my Speakers sa laptop or other gadgets ok naman po. I also tried to DL other apps like winamp ganun pa din po nangyayari… thanks for ur help
    More Power and God Bless.


    • tumitigil? nakikita mong nagpa-pause? or nawawala lang yung sound? baka loose yung yung cable ng speaker?

      • Mark Gabriel Chiong

        Ganun din yung sa akin…kpag icoconnect ko sa speaker/amplifier biglang mg-pause. paulit2 kpag e play ko yung music…..

        • paul

          Pwede po ba papalitan ng ibang battery itong flare ko ung battery na hinde pang Cm ?

      • Jhay ehm

        pati po yung sakin ganun din
        ano po bang dapat gawin?

      • Wag e full ung volume! ! Pra d mag pause

      • uyen

        nararanasan ko din yan. ang ginagawa ko hindi ko nilalakasan yung volume ng phone. ang nilalakasan ko nalang yung volume ng amplifier.

  • Oshin

    Hi may I ask bakit po di ko marinig yung tone kapag may nagtetext sakin? Chaka po walang indication na may text ka. Like dun sa app na msg na may 1 gnyan. If di ko bbksan msg app i won’t be informed na may text. Gnyan po ba talaga? Or may mali lang?

    • grace

      nid mo lang adjust sa setting ng SMS. Check mo kung naka check yung notifications at mamili ka ng tone..pag d yun nakacheck,wlang sound at walang notification ka marereceive pag may nagtext sayo..otherwise, pwde ka magdownload ng Go sms pro at disable mo ung notification ng settings ng original sms setting mo na embedded sa phone mo..para ma customise mo ung gusto mong sms tone and ringtones..whtehr may pop up window or ididsplay yung message content or not

      • I have go sms. .nakaenable po notifications ko. .same po kami ng prob. .nalalaman ko lang na may text ako kapag inoopen ko ung app na un πŸ™

      • paul

        Actually ok lang namn itong flare ko ung battery lang ung problemA ko pwede po pang palitan ng ibang battery na hindi pang cherry mobile ? But same size battery ?

  • ask ko lang d b nagkaroon ng problema dati yang cherry the last time
    regarding sa battery at walang piyesa baka naman maulit muli ito…
    pano ang karapatan naming mga customers na magreklamo or magbalik ng unit? meron ba kaming habol? naayos na ba ang problema noon? answer pls….

  • HI po !!!
    gusto ko pong itanong kung may available stocks po ito ngayon august 2013??? specifically po sa bicol ??? kasi po ngayon lang ko nabasa itong cherry mobile flare! * i really hope na sana meron pa :/ …. i really want it too!!! super duper thanks!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • lndy von

    good day πŸ™‚
    tanong ko lang po nag download ako nag sms go pro and then i try to text bakit hindi po ako maka send nanag message? palaging lang sending?
    ty πŸ™‚

    • Val G.

      wala kalang ata load pre. jk πŸ™‚

  • arman

    super ganda ng CM Flare , I bought it 5 months ago and until now I dont have encountered any problems, watching you tube in CM flare is so clear, its so cheap and can be compared to other expensive smartphones, sayang lang ang pera nyo kung bibili kayo ng ibang expensive brands na pareho lang sa CM flare

  • jm

    Yung Flare ko minsan hindi lumalabas ang mga messages. Pagkabukas ko ng message app, blank lang. Tas pag nirestart ko, saka lang nabalik. Then later, nawawala na naman tas kelangan ko na naman irestart para lang lumabas ulit ung message lists.

    -What do I need to do? Can I fix this on my own or should I refer it to the distributors? Would reformatting the phone also help? -.-

  • John Castano

    paano ko po ma aactivate ung dual Sim sa phone ko pag gamit ko po ung app na Go sms pro ang lumalabas po kase Send lang at wala pong Sim1 @ Sim2 aun lang po tnx sana masagot nio po πŸ™‚

    • MeemAi

      same situation here.. πŸ™ pa help po..

      • deejay

        pag gamit nyo ung gosms pro, ang magagamit is ung nasa sim 1. make sure na may load ung sim 1 nyo. un lang ung gagamitin ng go sms na sim.

  • paulo geronimo

    paano puba magagamit ung portable wifi nito??

    • Bit

      Use tethering po πŸ™‚

  • pede po ba to sa bata mga 12years of age?reply po kaagad plzzzz

    • wew

      what do u mean by “kung pwede sa batang 12 years old”? kung ang ibig mong sabihin eh kung kaya to gamitin ng 12 years old yep kaya…may mga 6 years old na naka iPad na lol pero un since bata pa siya u must configure it na maglilimita sa mga magagawa nya…like using pronographic apps and the like

  • cory

    tanung lang po paano papalitan ang message tone ng cherry flare

  • noel

    gsto ko sna bumili ng CM flare kaso lang sa mga comment. parng nka2tmad na, ano mgnda mabi2ling cp na worth of 4k ?

    • coolandchillz

      Ok na rin po ito bilhin dahil I think na ma upgrade ang os nito or gusto mo bilin yung cm flare 2.0 mas mabilis pero di ko alam ang release date

      • Im selling my Flare 2.0 for 3500 nalang. :))

  • bkit gnun d qoh mafullscreen ung mga pnpanuodqong video

  • bkit gnun d qoh mafullscreen ung mga pnpanuod qong video

  • SANTi

    ask ko lang po bakit pag nag-games ako nagrerestart ung flare phone ko. hindi naman po full ang apps ko konti nga lang laman eh.
    thanks for your assisstance

    • baka malaki yung game na nilalaro mo? tuwing games lang ba? kahit anong games?

  • MeemAi

    hi im using go sms on flare.. i have 2 activated sim card.. One is for 3g and the other is for regular sim card. My 3g is on slot1 which is needed to work the data perfectly. However, i cant do outgoing messages using go sms.. whenever i hit on send.. i assumed that its detecting the 3g sim card that’s why it cannot go through. what shud i do po?? thanks in advance! appreciated your serious replies..

    • maybe Go SMS can’t work with dual SIM? laging SIM 1 ang default nya? Or baka may option GO SMS to use SIM 2?

    • MeemAi

      yah probably nga.. ive tried to check na din settings ng go sms and it doesn’t have any options. well.. thanks much! really appreciated your reply πŸ˜‰

    • MeemAi

      and 1 more.. sorry! does flare can do screenshot? thanks much!

      • OHYEAH

        yes.. just press the power/sleep button together with the down volume button and wait for it to screenshot πŸ™‚

  • what’s the problem if your phone,a cherry mobile flare easily get hotter an hotter? is there any indication that your using your phone too much?

    • usually that happens when gaming or downloading data continuously.

  • lavoh

    sir tanong ko lang po bakit po bah pag siniset ko yong wallpaper ko bat di po xa full screen tska bat ko xa blurred??? yong isa pa po bat po kahit naka disabled ko na po yung vibration pag nag titxt or call ba vivibrate parin?? panu po un plss help

    • baka maliit resolution ng wallpaper na nakuha mo. download ka ng zedge doon ka hanap wallpapers. πŸ™‚ yung sa vibrate di ko alam eh, baka maling vibrate settings ang inoff mo?

  • di ko malaman kung bakit ganito ang nangyare sa webcam ng flare ko dati nakikita pa ko ng kausap ko sa skype, pero ngayon kahit anong gawin ko at kahit sino makausap ko di nila ko makita. ano kaya ang naging problema nito pakitulungan na lng ako. salamat.

  • Enrico Abellar

    Tanong ko lang may cm flare po ako 1month ko na pong dinala sa ibat ibang technician ng mga phone d po nilla nagawa, d po kasi ma detect ang sim card pero po tinesting ko po sa ibang phone gumagana po ang sim ko reply nalang po kung sinong makakatulong Thanks … xD

  • Costin

    Tanong ko lang po pano po madetect ang sim card kapag d po madetect

    • baka sira? try mo na ibang SIM?

  • fynk storm

    itatanong ko lang sana kasi ung instagram pag front cam ang gamit ko naka upside down ung image ko paano ba i fix un. just wonderingif u know. thanks

  • CMflareUSER

    tatanung ko lang po kung anung mga brand ng headset at earphone ang compatible sa CMflare kc po halos laat ng nasubukan ko mahina yung sound and ndi ko masyadong ramdam yung bass ? thanks sa reply πŸ˜€

    • paul

      Baka bungol kalng ? πŸ™‚ .

    • CM Xperia Z S100

      cd r king try mo or yung mga headset ni skk at my phone πŸ™‚ wag yung branded kasi di kasi kinikilala ni cherry yung mga mamahalin πŸ™‚ test test din pag may tym B)




    pls reply po..;(

  • I just receive my flare 2.0 toolkit from cherry… Not open it yet

  • paul

    Pwede ko po bang palitan ng ibang battery itong cm flare ko kasi madali lang malowbat until 4 or 5 hr lang kasi .

  • Christian Marjalino

    anu ba maganda gamitin flare 2.0 or flare 2X kasi sabi nila madali daw uminit ung flare 2X sa badang likod …

  • Christian Marjalino

    Gsto ko pa naman sanag bumili ng flare 2X… pero sabi nila madali raw uminit tapos malowbat

  • manny

    panu mag root ng cherry mobile flare

  • Apple

    Hi! ask ko lang pano kung nanakaw ung flare pero hndi ko na install ung for security nya?
    pero may unlock code sya,
    pag nireformat ba ung cp maoopen nya nb ung fon? o lalabas pa rin ung unlock code to open the phone.
    wish ko kase sana di na magamit ng nagnakaw ung cp ko πŸ™ πŸ™‚
    pls reply

    • pasa diyos mo nalang mapapalitan naman ng bago

    • bentot

      Puro bold cguro laman ng cp mong kulapu ka kya ka ng-aala2..

  • Harold

    pano po yung storage ko. .system space kasi ang nagagamit ko kaya 512mb lang. .tapos yung internal storage hindi ko magamit. .pano ko ilalagay na default yung internal storage instead of system space. .

  • joe marie

    meron po bang FRONT CAMERA yan ha ?

  • Jake

    Hi sir!, ask ko lang po anong mga video format ang kaya ng CM i play? (mp4, avi, and such) thanks!

    • kaya naman lahat since may mga apps that you can download. easy lang sa mga 1GB pataas na videos

    • aj :)

      bkit parang halos lahat puro negative haha, nagbabalak p naman akong bumili nito.

  • michaela velasco

    hi po! i just got my flare2.0 .. needed po ba talaga na may 3G sim ka bago ka makapagnet?

  • byankz

    ask ko lang po. i tried to switch my smart sim to sim2 and my globe to sim1, but every time i received text to my smart it appears sim1. thanks.

  • Hi sir papano gwin ndi scrolling ung wallpaper at mag full screen ung mga image na nilalagay ko sa ung flare 2x. Pa help nmn kakabili LNG kase kahapon, walla pa ako alam dto.

  • robert

    papaano po kaya maaayus ung s 100 ko d po nag oon ung wifi at ung bluetooth tnk,s

  • donna

    lagi nagrerestart flare ko pag naggames or even while on stand by. nkakairita na.

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  • vince

    Just bought this phone 2 weeks ago. It take very long hours of charging and very short usage duration. Whats wrong with the battery – is it part of the warranty for change battery or phone check.

  • glen

    after nine months of normal phone use, the phone just died. since this unit is under warranty, i returned it for repair but when they turned it back to me i found out that my phone’s network signal is intermittent. so, i returned the unit but until now the intermittent network signal is not yet resolved. i lost count how many times i returned the unit until i lost interest with this phone. lesson learned, always expect cheap service for cheap phones. cherry mobile flare sucks to the infinite level.

    • Karla

      After a year and a month usage, my CM Flare’s battery gave out its efficiency. Just wondered it was so sudden. Full battery charging takes only less than an hour usage, if it’s not, only two hours. Quality like discourages me to but locally assembled mobile phones. Lesson learned, don’t be swept away by cheap mobile phone prices.

  • lizel bacolod

    why my memory cant read in my phone..im looking to gallery theres no photos but my memory have many photos music and vidos..if i opned the file of my sd its said its empty..but i can see in my storage status still there my sd…pls can you help of this matter thank you..

  • Fred Batiao

    Buhay pa flare ko,smooth na smooth ang clash of clans,…

    Mejo dissapointing lang sa clumsy ninja,heavy graphics siguro…

  • Ask ko lang po paano ba magagaya yung style ng signal ng flare s100 nyo. Iba po kasi yung akin eh di po ganun.

  • mac

    hi po,

    san po ba nakakabili ng battery ng cherry mobile flare, o anung unit kaya ang katulad ng battery ng flare

  • Batery tlg ang weak point ng cm flare..peru ang ask ku pnu nging 4gb ang internal mem n2 ang nkalgai xkn eh 1.40gb lng????

    Pwd sagot????

  • chard

    bkit po pag ng shshare aload ako gmit ang globe tama namn ung process ko pero pag cnesend ko ng iiba automatic yung number na sesend mismo ung text amount ko sa bibigyan ko ng load… pno ba gagawin

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