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Cherry Mobile Flare X Android 5.1 Lollipop Update – Download and Installation Instructions

It’s finally here! For those waiting for the Cherry Mobile Flare X Android 5.1 Lollipop update, we just have the link for you. Cherry Mobile did not provide an over-the-air update though and the file is around 930 MB so it may take some time to download.

You can download the Cherry Mobile Flare X Android 5.1 Lollipop Update on this link.

Cherry Mobile Flare X Android 5.1 Lollipop Update

Flare X Lollipop Update Installation Instructions:

Flare X Lollipop upgrade using SD card
Before proceeding, please prepare the following
a) Flare X (In KitKat version) with a charged battery of at least 50%
b) SD card preferably 8 GB empty ( formatted )
c) MicroUSB cable
d) Computer with Internet connection

Installation Instructions:

1. Download Flare X upgrade here.
2. Insert your SD card to your Flare X.
3. Copy the file (update.zip) to your SD card using a micro USB cable plugged in to your computer.

a. Please do not unzip the file. Just copy and paste it to your SD card.
b. Please make sure that is the only .zip file that is on the SD card ( to be sure have your SD card formatted and delete the folders and files on your SD card except the update.zip ).
4. Turn off your Flare X.
5. When the flare X is turn off, press power button + volume up for 5 seconds. it will appear the select boot mode
6. To navigate, use volume up to scroll up and down and press volume down to confirm
7. Select recovery and an android with an exclamation point will appear
8. Press volume down + power on to proceed in the recovery process
9. Press volume down to scroll up and down and choose the apply update from SD card, and then press volume up.
10. You will see another page and use power down to choose the update.zip and press power up to confirm
11. You can now see the word install/ SD card and just wait for a few minutes while the system is installing the update
12. Once the system is done upgrading you will see in the lower part of the screen “install from SD card complete”.
13. Now you can see the android system recovery then choose the reboot system now by pressing the volume up and once the system is done rebooting, you can now enjoy your Flare X lollipop version. You can also delete the update.zip after the process is done.


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  • Dave

    Fail nanaman ang cherry!

  • andy

    Sa cherry ba mismo nanggaling yung file? Hindi ba nya mavovoid ang warranty?

  • Hiro

    Thanks a lot for this. Just finished updating my kitkat to lollipop. Everything works fine. Wrote this via Cherry Mobile Flare X 1.7ghz Lollipop.

    • Hiro

      NOTE : Backup your sd card’s important files before formatting it so that you can copy it back to your sd card after updating.

      • thanks for the additional info @hiro 🙂

    • Jomar Guillermo

      Nothing wrong with update? No signal issues and grainy camera after the update?

  • Jason Rey Gevana Veerman

    download is not available anymore 🙁

  • Erlie Bird

    Please don’t dare to update your Flare x to lollipop at this time up until the next version will be release or it will be officially release by cherry mobile. There are many cases that your sim will not recognized or there’s no signal at all. . .
    In any case you’ve already done it. You can try this step to restore your Kitkat Rom: http://thefirmwarehub.com/cherry-mobile-flare-x-stock-rom/
    Credits to thefirmwarehub.com
    You can also give me credits by giving my page a like at

    • Fran Jim

      Are the issues that bad?