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Cherry Mobile Flare X2 Unboxing and First Impressions

A few years back, Cherry Mobile came out with the Cherry Mobile Flare X. To this day the phone is beloved among many for giving the best value for its price. Recently, Cherry Mobile made a new version of the phone and we’ll see how it fares. Here is our¬†Cherry Mobile Flare X2 unboxing and first impression.

First of all it looks far different from its predecessor. The usual comment on the Flare X is how uninspired it looks. However, the Flare X2 looks impressive. First off, it is shiny with the scratch resistant glass on the front and back, and around it is a metal frame. At first glance, I really thought it was a jacked up version of the iPhone 5s – it looked that nice. Another difference between the two is that the Flare X2 has no actual buttons on the front, the three function buttons appear on the screen instead of being below the 5.5 inch FHD display.

Just playing around with the Flare X2, you can tell that it’s a really responsive phone. With the Android 6.0 Marshmallow as its OS, the phone’s interface is simple and smooth to use. Also, the phone is pretty okay to hold. It is a bit heavy, but the overall smoothness negates that. However, the metal frame does feel a bit odd at times as it feels like it is slightly scratching against my palm. Other than that though the Flare X2 is still pretty good to hold.

Under the hood, the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 has changed as well. Now sporting a Snapdragon 430 1.4 GHz Octacore CPU and a higher 4GB RAM, the Flare X2 looks pretty good. Even the cameras stepped up now a 16MP rearcam and an 8MP selfie cam. Another change is that the Flare X2 has a fingerprint sensor that is on the back. Still, this phone has a 3,000 mAh battery just like the original, the difference being this one is not removable.

For a more in depth look, we will give a full review of the Cherry Mobile Flare X2 soon, so stay tuned for that.


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