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Cherry Mobile showcases new Pyxis accessories

We’re covering Cherry Mobile’s event this afternoon, and we’ve seen the local smartphone brand showcase new accessories to complement their devices such as new powerbank and speaker variants. CM’s Pyxis powerbank models now start at Php650 for a 4000mAh Li-Poly model, offering thin and lightweight power options.


We also saw new variants of its bluetooth speakers that start for as low as Php990. This one particular model for instance, the Impulse, presents itself with a unique feature. The water-resistant Bluetooth speaker can also play music from your microSD card, act as a 5600mAh powerbank for your gadgets, and has a cool flashlight too. It has a Php2,890 price tag though — something you should consider given all of its dual-function feature.


Rounding up our list is the Clicker, which can function as a tracking device when you misplace your phone, act as a Bluetooth shutter, and notify you of messages and calls. It also has an anti-theft feature, which notifies you if your phone has been away for more than five meters. The Pyxis Clicker will retail for Php790.


That’s it for some of the nifty accessories we’ve seen today during the Cherry Mobile launch. Stay tuned for our continuing coverage.

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