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Cherry Mobile teases us with a quad-core device

Got an invite from Cherry Mobile for an event next Monday, Feb. 18, where they are set to announce a new device.

cherry mobile quad-core

First of all, I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that it’s a quad-core device with that “Four Times Faster” caption. We’re not sure though if it’s a phone or a tablet but based on the photo, if indeed it’s a photo of the device they’re going to launch, it’s more likely a smartphone (distance of the volume button to the other edge) than a tablet.

This one’s going to be big and will set a precedent of the next batch of Android devices that they will be coming up with next. Say goodbye to 512MB RAM handsets? I hope so. If you’re itching to get a new Android phone, you might want to wait for this announcement first. Who knows, we might get a decent quad-core phone with a jaw-dropping price this time around.

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