Chime in: after upgrading to SP1, is Vista still bad?

I was reading through one of ZDnet’s blogs that deals on how can Microsoft overcome Vista’s image problem. I noted the following:

Microsoft says it has sold 140 million copies of Vista. There are 2,700 logo’d Vista apps (ten times more than existed at launch). Ninety-six percent of new system runing Vista have all their drivers just working out of the box. More than 200 enterprise applications are now guaranteed to be Vista-compatible. Vista SP1 systems start up in 45 (rather than 90) seconds, according to Microsoft, and shut down in 11. And, according to a new Microsoft-commissioned study, 86 percent of consumer customers using Vista would recommend it to their friends.

And it made me curious. I am a Mac user so I have no experience of Vista. So maybe the Pinoy Tech Blog readers can chime in with their findings, i.e. after upgrading to SP1, is Vista still a bad experience?

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  • Upgrading to SP1 might fix Vista related issues but the problems caused by bad hardwares and softwares might not at all.

  • Most Vista problems before SP1 were user problems. SP1 doesn’t fix that.

  • ukiya16

    i must say sp1 was more stable compared to the original vista…