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CICT Chairman’s Orders: Convert Government to VoIP

As reported by INQ7: Arroyo instructs CICT to push VoIP use in gov’t. According to the new CICT (Commission on ICT) chairman, Ramon Sales, PGMA told him to convert the Philippine government’s telecom infrastructure to VoIP.

Is this possible? I believe they want to do it up to the barangay level.

Will they actually save? Voice over IP is best known for saving on international calls. What is the profile of government phone usage?

How will the telecoms companies like Globe and Smart benefit?

Update: William Yu reports his first-hand experience at the PICS meeting.

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  • Probably parts of the government that require a lot of long distance calls will benefit from VoIP.

    Or even better, inter-connected VoIP servers with analog lines in certain regions to connect the regional offices of the agencies. A regional office wouldn’t even need Internet access.

  • Central Office to Regional Office interaction will be facilitated.

  • I think it is a good move.
    Sometimes these kind of acts motivates government employees.Hoprfully!

  • uhmmm, uhm! cant wait for them to get over this VOIP thing and move on to a more geeker technology, HELIODISPLAY, a touch-screen computer screen in THIN AIR.. HELIODISPLAY too bad i dnt blog about tech..

  • tecbarrera

    Maybe she was referring to the government using iDEN technology? It’s VOIP capable, with Push-to-Talk functionality. In other words, secure 2-way radio with mobile phone capabilities. I believe there’s at least one provider in the country that supplies this technology.