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Class Suspension? Try DepEd Txt Svc

The Department of Education launched an SMS service dubbed DEText. Among other things, the service allows users to check information on suspension of classes.

Type DepEd and send to 2622 to receive the latest DepEd updates.

Other commands include the following:

To get the latest news, type DepEd (space) News and send to 2622 for Globe and Smart

To subscribe to regular DepEd updates:
type On (space) DepEd and send to 2622 for Globe
type DepEd (space) On and send to 2622 for Smart

To send feedback, type DepEd (space) FDBK (space) Name, Message and send to 2622 for Globe and Smart

Regular charges apply: P2.50 per message sent

Some thoughts:

* Confusion confusion confusion! All those keywords and different formats.
* At least there’s a way to send feedback. I wonder what concrete action will come out if DepEd receives complaints.
* A DepEd official said something like, if you receive DepEd news from 2622, it’s good as an official announcement.
* I can see it coming, students spreading a hoax message saying:
“Unknownsment from DepEd 2622: NO CLASSES TODAY due to typhoon! Plz pass NOW b4 ur classmates leave home.”

Let’s wait and see if DepEd’s Txtlines will be effective …

ka edong

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  • If you’re an Ateneo student and a Smart subscriber, you can send ADMUINFO to 352.

  • Jessica Calma

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is a 3rd yr student of one of the public school here in manila. I just wondering if waching stage plays are required? In ptca meeting they said its not required. But in the classroom it is required. Im just concern about the welfare of my dauther. What if during the stage play the fire strucks, unfortunately she meets an acsident who will be responsible in this case? Besides teachers are big liar about anout this. They also says that if they watch stagew play they will be exememted in their project. But during clearance season they demand a lot of projects. My daugher is doing very well in the school. She have a competative grades. I wonder what is a big deal in watching stage play?

    Thank you for reading my letter and hope for your fast action about this matter.

    Trully yours,

  • elaine

    from one channel it was announced, no classes tom…but on another channel, it was said only the pre school…what is your final announcement on this…please make a statement as early as possible…always the morning class suffers on this, late suspension.

  • kaye

    i’m just wondering if there are classes tomorrow…it isn’t announced on the TV but it is on the internet…check out the link if you like: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/109679/NDCC-suspends-classes-in-Metro-Manila-11-other-areas
    so is is it suspended? reply back

  • Jojo Legaspi

    I hope that the DepEd would announce the suspension of classes earlier and clarified with what areas that have no classes. Thank you

  • mary jane medenilla

    i hope they’d announced the suspension earlier. so that students didn’t wastes their time in school. and didn’t got cold and cough.
    that’s all i can say.