Classic Hi-Tech Bonding – Watching TV

With all the connected gadgets around today, from affordable tablets to smartphones, nobody can deny that most of us get our daily dose of information from our gadgets. We get video clips from Youtube, Google for news, and check out Twitter and Facebook for updates. However, nothing can take down that huge rectangular old-school device on that wall – your Television.

TV is the ultimate entertainment center in the homes. Moms and Dads gather around to watch the primetime news; and later the young adults including the kiddos join to watch the favorite “Teleserye”.

Photo credit: Micromax

Admit this folks – do you enjoy watching movies, even video clips on that 7-inch tablet? On that 6.3-inch smartphone? Its only good if you are travelling and you have nothing to do while waiting for that delayed flight to Singapore, right? But in reality, you want to watch everything in a big display. The TV, that classic entertainment center at home comes back to life.

That’s why TV makers innovated and made Internet TV’s. And they are affordable nowadays mind you. Two years ago, I bought a 42-inch HD TV for a super discounted price of P37,000. In November, I bought a Internet TV of the same size for only P25,000. The Internet TV I bought is more advance in terms specification and features. It has WiFi connectivity, it can record TV shows, it can play YouTube clips (I found out that YouTube has full length movies, yay!).

Internet TV needs Internet connection, and this is where a reliable connection is needed. You can’t enjoy watching Youtube clips if you always see that “buffering” message in your screen.

Family will enjoy more with Internet TV and with a fast Internet connection. Bonding will great and will encourage members of the family to watch together, go home early to catch the latest “Teleserye”, or if they missed it, they can record it and play on a desired time.

Now here’s a scenario, you have a high-speed broadband at home, but Dad would not approve to upgrade your current TV to a Internet TV! PLDT has a solution for you ““ just add P199 to your PLDT high-speed DSL plan or PLDT HOME Fibr Plan and your current TV becomes a Internet TV.

Configuring the TVolution is very easy, its as if you are connecting your smartphone via your HDMI cable to your TV, and then turn on the WiFi and connect to your Home WiFi and you are good to go!

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