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Clique Digital Photobooth: For Rent

Remember those old photo booths where you and your friends could go inside and take a few pictures, then when you go out it hands you a copy of the pictures you took instantly? Well some folks decided to offer something like that, a photobooth with that old school feeling without the old school hassle. They call their service Clique and what you can do is rent their photobooth for around 15,000-20,000 pesos but take as many pictures and prints as you want. Here’s some info from their site to give you a better idea of how it works:


How does it work?
Party guests will enter the booth and press the red button to start. The booth takes four shots at 5 second intervals. Guests may view their photos at the LCD screen while waiting for 30 seconds for their prints. Photos of the event may also be downloaded from the gallery.

What do I get?
You get a CD of all the photos as well as an online gallery. If you get onsite printing, guests can take home prints as souvenirs. There are 2 types of printing options. One is a 4×6 print with the 4 photos with your name and event details. The other option is two 2×6 photo strips, one copy for you and the other for your guests.

I haven’t really tried the service myself but i’m pretty sure this beats those not so nice souveniers for weddings (figurines).

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  • neis

    i think i remembered this with DELL xmas party @ embassy back december 2008.

    i have several photos on my own ^o^

  • jerome

    oh really? how did the photobooth look like? does it really look like those old ones?

  • I know this. This one’s at the MOA Bloggers Meetup before… 🙂

  • great

    love. where can i contact them? :>

  • how much is your photobooth service

  • Kat

    Hi. I’m interested to know your rates. I’m organizing an event with a vintage feel and I think your photobooth will suit our theme. Please email me your package. Thank you 🙂

  • I think this is a great idea! Quite a nostalgia trip!