Cloudfone Lite Senior S.O.S phone - Always ready for any emergency
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The Cloudfone Lite Senior – Always ready for any Emergency

Local brand Cloudfone just released a great new device aimed at the elderly and those with sensitive health conditions. The Cloudfone Lite Senior is basically a feature phone that covers basics like call and text.What makes it special however is an S.O.S Button that can send a customized ‘cry for help’ SMS alert to five contacts in case of emergency. Additionally, upon pressing the custom button, the phone will sound a loud alarm to alert people nearby, and start making emergency calls continuously, switching from one registered contact to another until someone answers the call.

The idea is simple but the thought is novel. Consumers aged 60 and above prefer simpler phones with features like bigger fonts. However, the emergency feature is a new but imperative concept definitely applicable to this particular age demographic.

Cloudfone Executives with Martinez Memorial Hospital officers

Cloudfone Lite Senior CSR

Part of their CSR Give-Back Project saw Cloudfone give 20 senior patients from the Martinez Memorial Hospital in Caloocan free Cloudfone Senior Lite phones. This happened during the Cloudfone Peace of Mind Activity on the hospital grounds. During the event, they demonstrated the S.O.S. Button and how it can help people get assistance during medical emergencies and times of distress. The phones received positive feedback during the event. The recipients were very appreciative not just of the free device, but also the company’s initiative. With most brands going for the younger market, it is great to see a brand catering to our elders.

A happy recipient of the Cloudfone Lite Senior Flip

Martinez Memorial Hospital’s COO Dr. Elizabeth Martinez Del Rio shared the excitement for the device.

“When Cloudfone explained to me the features, I liked it. I explained to the recipients about the advantages in cases of accidents and distress. Ang galing!  If I had that kind of phone when I had an accident, this phone could have helped. Maganda ito!,” Said Dr. Martinez Del Rio.

There are two variants of the Cloudfone Lite Senior, a flip and a bar variant. The Cloudfone Lite Senior (Bar) is priced at Php 799 while the Cloudfone Lite Senior (Flip) retails for Php 1,299.


Cloudfone Lite Senior (Bar)

Cloudfone Lite Senior Flip phone



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