UPDATED: Codename MicrosoftMax: A Picasa2/iPhoto Killer?

Everything on the MicrosoftMax site reminds me of Picasa2. The only other noteworthy part of it that reminds me of something else is the app being Built on WinFX, which I’m still downloading as I write. Alas, MicrosoftMax is also pushing for photo-sharing, which sounds so old-a-concept, we’ll almost always hear again about Microsoft being overly late in tech-trends now.

Oh, does anyone remember Microsoft PhotoStory? Promising app from a few years ago, and its still available for download. I even burned a slideshow I made, with music (no indication from official site if Max supports music) on a VCD using the program, and the video quality was beyond bad, the photos flickered all throughout the presentation.

And the tagline One step to happiness found on the download site just makes me smile/smirk/laugh.

Once, and if, MicrosoftMax finishes downloading, will be posting a full review. Here’s hoping it doesn’t make my machine crawl like Photoshop CS2 does, though at least Photoshop is tremendously useful.

UPDATE: For what Max is currently worth, plus the hours it takes to download on a dial-up, stick with Picasa2. Please. It does two things: view photos in three formats (Thumbnails, and the unimpressive Album, and Mantle), and share them via your own Microsoft Max account. Does the app at least allow you to save the slideshow as a file?


Definitely filed under unnecessary bloatware. Only benefit I got was getting WinFX, which allowed me to switch my Windows theme to either of two official Vista themes.

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  • Everytime some big name company creates software similar to another, “blabla-killer” is always brought up. More likely than not, each app will develop a userbase separate from each other. Everyone thought MSN would bring about the end of ICQ and AIM. Everyone thought that Y! would bring about the end of MSN. Everyone first thought that Google Talk will bring about the end of everything else. None of these would-be app killers have done anything but bring more hassle and multi-network IMs. I still have my 6 digit ICQ account (new accounts are 8 digits or more).

  • Hi vern,
    In my book, Google “killed” Yahoo search.

  • I got bored with Google search and switched my Firefox search bar to Yahoo!

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