Compare gadgets with Snapsort and Geekaphone

Here’s a couple of sites that I find really useful when I’m researching on gadgets that I want to purchase or simply for reference, only for cameras and phones that is.

Snapsort is a site where you can check the specs of cameras. Point and shoots, DSLRs, EVILs, they have a huge database including new cameras such as the Nikon V1 and the Pentax Q. When you compare two cameras, it will give you a detailed summary of the advantages one over has the other as well as recommendations for alternatives. Really, really helpful!


Geekaphone is a similar site but for mobile phones. What you would find of value here when comparing phones are the scores for each aspects such as processing power, battery life, camera, etc. Bear in mind that comparisons are automated so proprietary technology such as Sony’s Bravia Engine or Nokia’s ClearBlack screen are not accounted for.


You can also browse the sites for cameras and phones based on your needs (type, size, display, etc.). Although it won’t give you an honest to goodness recommendation as opposed to reviews, these sites serve well for a quick, high-level comparison with an easy-to-understand layout. Now where’s the site for laptops and tablets?


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