Congratulations to the TOYM awardees!

Technology is something that I believe is a tool that helps our society in various ways. Some of this year’s TOYM awardees have shown that.

Paul Felipe Cruz was recognized in the field of aquaculture. A result of his research was the Marine Culture Park concept – “which institutionalized communal farming as a strategy to promote cost-efficient and environmentally-sound aquaculture.”

Edgardo Herbosa got an award for countryside development with his outstanding achievement which is the conceptualization and implementation of the E-commerce for Farmers Program of the Philippines:

Dr. Alvin B. Marcelo, the chair of the UP Med’s Medical Informatics Unit, has been a leader in his field. The MIU of UP Med has a project called CHITS (which has been entered in the Stockholm Challenge) is a web-based open-source health information system designed for rural health units.

Maria Corazon de Ungria got recognition her efforts in forensic science. She has been at the forefront of UP NSRI’s DNA Analysis laboratory, pioneer in the forensic analysis in the country. (Does that ring a bell to CSI fans?)

You could read all about it here.

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