Continuum turns your Windows Phones into PCs

Microsoft’s Keynote speech in this year’s Build Conference has a ton of great announcements, and the Continuum feature for Phones might be changing the way you use your mobile devices.


The Continuum feature will enable a user to use his phone in another way unimaginable: as a near-standalone PC experience. Once hooked up to a monitor and connected to a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, users can work on

Sure, it’s not the full OS that will be present, but key elements will be present such as the nearly-identical taskbar, a task switcher, and Microsoft’s array of Universal apps present on your device will work as their full-sized desktop versions.¬†“What we’re trying to show here today, is our unique vision for phones and enabling them to scale up to a full PC-like experience,” said Joe Belfiore.

While it’s just a simulation that’s been presented at today’s keynote, Microsoft still hasn’t given any concrete roadmaps on availability on Windows 10 for mobile builds aside from the fact that it needs new hardware to fully function well, and they plan to share more of that feature soon.


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