Cool Iris for Firefox, Safari, IE, and Flock

Snap has come up with different Snap Shots like PreviewShot (screenshot of a URL), WikiShot (text summary of a Wikipedia entry), MovieShot (pictures, bios, and recent projects from IMDB pages), StockShot (stock market information), VideoShot (incorporate videos from video sharing websites), PhotoShot (online album in a shot), ProductShot (Amazon listing of a product) and AudioShot (play audio files and view ID3 tag information such as artist, album, title of the track, and album art). But only websites that have the plugin installed in their websites will have this kind of feature. However, Cooliris Previews enables each netizen to preview weblinks and rich media.

Cooliris Preview is available for the following browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Flock


  • Preview any website, image or video link
  • Customize settings for preview activation
  • Enable/disable
  • Prefetch (optional)
  • Instantly email links (for Firefox and Flock only)
  • Bookmark temporarily (for Firefox and Flock only)
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  • This is another cool feature. I used Snap preview, and I like it a lot. However, the queue update time is longer than what it said in the Snap website which is supposedly 30 seconds. Even if they already crawled the site, some URL still have blank preview.