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Corning announces Gorilla Glass 3, three times tougher than previous version

If you’re the clumsy type of person who always drop your mobile phone, you might want to hold off buying a new phone and wait for those coming out this year that comes equipped with Gorilla Glass 3. Corning claims that the Gorilla Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance is three times more damage resistant than Gorilla Glass 2.

Gorilla Glass 3

Corning announced the Gorilla Glass 3 during CES 2013 which they say has been chemically strengthened at the atomic level, hence the Native Damage Resistance. This is a unique feature of GG3 and enables improved damage resistance and toughness compared to former glass compositions. This proprietary glass composition is better able to resist the deep scratches that cause glass to break.

Corning did a demo during the consumer electronics trade show where in they dropped a 130 gram steel ball onto a Gorilla Glass 3 glass which survived breaking or even scratches. The same ball was also dropped onto an aluminum plate which suffered a dent.

Check out Engadget’s video:

The company says the new glass will find its way in mobile devices in mid-2013.

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  • jared

    the moment they drag that screen along a sandy beach and NOT get any damage at all, I’ll get one lol

  • Griswold

    i wonder if there will ever be an all-Gorilla glass phone. if it’s tougher than aluminum, might as well make the body all-glass no?