Creative Muvo TX FM Up Close

Having seen a markdown of prices on mp3 players, I decided to buy one. My choice: Creative’s Muvo TXFm, and got the 512mb version which is neither too big or small for my needs.

What I liked about it was its multi-functionality. It serves as an mp3 player, FM radio (with FM recording) and voice recorder. Also a plus is how it instantly converts into a flash drive.


The recorded tracks are saved on WAV format, so one does not need to worry about converting it from one format to another. And only one AAA battery is needed to run it.

The only downside is the scroller which I think could easily malfunctions with frequent use. It is used for the main menu, changing presets in the FM radio, and navigating through the songs. They could have designed it in such a way that the menu is different from the song navigator.
The volume control which is scarcely used, takes up more space than the controller.

But taking into consideration the price and the functionality, I am pleased with the Muvo TXFm. All in all, I think this is a decent piece of tech gadget.

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  • cArLo AnGeLo

    How much did you get ir for?

  • banana

    I’ve had one of those before I got my nano about 3 years ago, and I can attest that the navigator is very sturby as it has survived the trial of my song-fickle-mindedness. =P

  • I have a similar player, mine is a muvo v200. One of the toughest and reliable player I have.

  • harkonne

    i’m planning on buying one of those as well. based on your blog and the comments, it looks like a good choice. i think the brand itself is solid as well. all of the Creative products i got since years ago haven’t bogged down on me yet.